Amazing Spider-Man: Spider-Verse Hardcover (Pre-Order) £17.67 @ Amazon

Amazing Spider-Man: Spider-Verse Hardcover (Pre-Order) £17.67 @ Amazon

Found 1st Jan 2015
For over 600 pages of comics this is a great deal. It's a hardcover comic book collecting the Spider-Verse event (does not include Edge of Spider-Verse Miniseries) This is probably a pricing error because Amazon US has the book listed at $50.

Amazing Spider-Man 7-15, Superior Spider-Man 32-33, Free Comic Book Day 2014 (Guardians of the Galaxy) 1 (5 page Spider-Man story), Spider-Verse 1-2, Spider-Verse Team-Up 1-3, Scarlet Spiders 1-3, Spider-Woman 1-4, Spider-Man 2099 6-8 .
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excellent deal thanks
Have all individual comics (pre ordered all that are not out) and still ordered this! Amazing deal!
Great deal.
ordered. bargain, $75 discounted to $50 in the US. Hopefully they'll honour it as it's been sitting there at this price for over a week now
Mine just turned up. Great post Bob!
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