"Amazing tees, always on sale" $9 tees from threadless.com
"Amazing tees, always on sale" $9 tees from threadless.com

"Amazing tees, always on sale" $9 tees from threadless.com

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Some great t-shirts from artists, usually the $9 tees are the older ones but still, very original tshirts for a generous price, Shipping to the uk alters depending on the price of your basket but still not offputting.

First post, if this is not your bag or not a good deal dont feel bad to vote cold.

*price from xe.com as of 12th jan 2010


Don't forget you might get taxed.

Keep it under £18 and you wont.

could they find anybody more geeky to model these t-shirts?

Ha ! its Louis from family guy!!


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Ha ! its Louis from family … Ha ! its Louis from family guy!![IMG]http://l.yimg.com/l/tv/us/img/site/46/71/0000034671_20061021010507.jpg?y=626&sig=CpSGZm3Y8igDQp1UdSBTkw--[/IMG]

I think these tees are meant to be geeky though, they have a whole geeky section plus who wears jokes on there tees... geeks, theres nothing wrong with that though but good call on the family guy likeness

Love their t-shirts and the way they support artists like me. I'm making a tshirt for them now. Hope it gets accepted.

Used Threadless just before Christmas and unfortunately got taxed as I spent more than the allowed £18, so it's a good point to mention this to people.

Have to say though the t-shirts are great. Did have an issue with the stitching on one, so wrote to them and got an immediate response with an apology, a refund, a replacement and a voucher! Couldn't have asked for more, so would definitely recommend!

I love Threadless and so does my teenaged son. I wouldn't get away without at least 1-2 Threadless T-shirts for xmas and birthdays. I've only been caught by customs once. Its not the duty or VAT thats the killer, its the £8 handling charge for reading a lable! I think that was the only time I ever let them come to me with a price on. I now select the `gift' option and it doesn't have a value on it, so unless customs are feeling bored enough to open the package to check the contents (and they haven't so far), they just let it slip through.

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wow thanks for the tip, thats sure to save us all a lot of money, it does kinda feel like they are robbing our money when they charge to 'handle' the order :x
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