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Amazon Basics 256GB microSDXC Memory Card w/ SD Adapter - A2, U3,100 MB/s - £15.67 / 128GB - £9.99 @ Amazon

£15.67£25.9940% off
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Even cheaper than it was during Black Friday I believe. The 256GB version is now only £15.67 and the 128GB size is down to £9.99

  • WIDE COMPATIBILITY: Compatible with smartphones, tablets, cameras, GoPro/action cameras, laptops, desktop computers, DSLRs, drones, Nintendo Switch/other portable consoles, much more, includes SD adapter
  • HIGH QUALITY STORAGE: Perfect for high resolution photos, for recording and storing Full HD/4K videos, any other data type
  • ULTRA FAST: Read speed up to 100mb/s, write speed up to 90mb/s (varies according to memory size), UHS, U3, Class 10, A2 speed classes for an optimal smartphone experience
  • LASTING RELIABILITY: Shock-resistant, IPX6 water-resistant, temperature-resistant (-10° to 80°), X-Ray, magnetic-resistance
  • The actual storage capacity shown by the operating system of your device may be less than the capacity indicated on the product label due to different measurement standards
  • Read, write speeds are based on internal tests conducted under controlled conditions, actual speeds may vary depending on device used, interface, conditions of use, other factors
  • Check whether your device is compatible with the MicroSD capacity, for example, if the device only supports a maximum capacity of 64GB, it may not recognize 128GB MicroSDs above
  • If you receive a product version without the A2 logo its performance is still A2 level. We are changing the product's printing and packaging to include the A2 logo
Amazon More details at Amazon
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    I got the 256Gb one for use recording 4K on a DJI Pocket 2 and I also bought 3 other brand cards of the same capacity. The footage from the Amazon Basics 256Gb does not play back so smoothly, no problems on the other cards. Seems to struggle keeping up particularly at the beginning of recordings. Maybe I was unlucky or maybe it was my playback devices. It is a U3 so should have been fine but in my experience not.

    Good price though so voted hot. (edited)
    Such memory cards aren't designed for constant writes, and rewrites, sorry.

    Hence your 'ills', basically?
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    Slightly off topic but can anyone suggest a phone app that can scan these for speed and size? Thanks in advance.
    CPDT Benchmark is a well reviewed free open source app for Android. It's not flashy but does what is says on the tin.
  3. Avatar
    Has anyone benchmarked the speed of these? Standard convention is to use a capital B for bytes and small b for bits. 100mb/s would be a 5th of USB2.0 speed.
    Not definitive but in the 3rd image it is in capitals
    *And just seen in Details it does state "Read speed 100 Megabytes Per Second"
    *And review images do suggest so also (edited)
  4. Avatar
    Can you use these on nintendo switch? Bought one for my kids for Christmas
    Read the review would of helped. Ordered thank you
  5. Avatar
    Wow nice one! Very tempted to get for my son's switch.

    Anyone seen best price for good 512gb? This seems better speed too so might just get this. His old 128 is full.
    Gonna buy. Thanks op! (edited)
    Got the Amazon’s Basics 512gb on Black Friday for around £32.99
  6. Avatar
    Can any crystal ball owners tell me how long this card will be available at this price!? Thanks in advance.
    Who knows? I'd be surprised if it's longer than 24 hours at most. (edited)
  7. Avatar
    512gb version was £32 on black Friday
  8. Avatar
    These are made in China by Longsys Electronics, please don't waste your money on cheap tat, you will lose your data / pictures.
    I'd imagine 99.9% of all sd cards ever manufactured originated in China so not sure what your point is.
  9. Avatar
    Any good for Nextbase 522GW?
  10. Avatar
    I really need to stop coming to have a ‘little look’ on HotDeals, I was buying things on here at 2am last night, then woke up to buy more things on here 😳 will somebody please delete the app for me because I’m not strong enough to do so?
    If all you are buying is similar to £15 memory cards and not ~£1k OLED TV's then you should probably be safe enough!

    Happy Spending! (edited)
  11. Avatar
    Crazy how cheap these things are getting now. Heat.
  12. Avatar
    Decent cards these, got one for my Steam Deck.
    Yeah just went for this deal for the same reason. Started running emulators on it and the ROMs soon add up space wise. Not found it too easy to transfer them from my PC/NAS to the deck so don't really want to have to keep deleting them to make space for Steam games.
  13. Avatar
    Fantastic, and got free delivery to my local Co-op which was a bonus
  14. Avatar
    Cheers, ordered to put Windows onto for occasional use on a Steam Deck.
  15. Avatar
    nice - will be good for my analogue pocket if the thing ever arrives.
    What's an analogue pocket?

    I'm assuming it's a drone thing of some sort or another, etc?

    Or ...

  16. Avatar
    It is cheap, but HD state, you need to include postage or prime, as I have to spend £20 for free delivery.
    Also write on heading, it is one per account (edited)
    Oh I didn’t even consider tcb due to them only doing it on Amazon devices
  17. Avatar
    Great price for a decent card. Ordered. Thanks!
  18. Avatar
    Got a switch other day
    Good timing to get this... Great price (edited)
  19. Avatar
    q&a says made by lexar

    Early years (1996-2006)[edit]Lexar was founded as an American manufacturer of digital media products based in San Jose, California. Products manufactured by Lexar include SD cards, CompactFlash cards, USB flash drives, card readers and solid-state drives.[1] Once a division of Cirrus Logic, Lexar leveraged its parent company's experience in building ATA controllers in developing its own flash controllers. Lexar was spun off from Cirrus Logic in 1996.[2] Lexar was created by Petro Estakhri and Mike Assar.[3]

    In 2005, Lexar was awarded $380 million in a lawsuit against Toshiba who copied Lexar's flash memory technology.[3][4]

    Under Micron ownership (2006-2017)[edit]Lexar was acquired by Micron Technology in 2006,[5] and subsequently merged with Crucial Technology under the name Lexar Media, a subsidiary of Micron. In September 2007, Lexar extended its agreement with Eastman Kodak Company to develop and market Kodak-branded flash memory products worldwide.[6]

    On June 26, 2017, Micron (the then-owner of the brand) announced it was to discontinue the Lexar retail removable media storage business and put part or all of the business up for sale.[7]

    Under Longsys ownership (2017-present)[edit]On August 31, 2017, the Lexar brand and trademark rights were acquired by Longsys, a flash memory company based in Shenzhen, China.[8]

    In 2018, Lexar reentered the flash storage market.[9]

    In January 2019, the company unveiled the first SD card with a storage capacity of 1 terabyte (TB).[10]

    In December 2019, Lexar demonstrated a prototype 7.5 GB/s PCIe 4.0 SSD which is set to be the world's fastest consumer SSD.[11][12]

    In April 2020, Lexar released its world's smallest memory card (nCARD) featuring Xtacking tech from Yangtze Memory Technology (YMTC).[13]

    In June 2020, Lexar announced its entry to the DRAM market by unveiling seven different DDR4-2666 memory kits for mainstream laptops and desktops. Lexar also plans to release faster, 3000 MHz and 3200 MHz memory kits in the future, along with kits "with heatsinks and RGB lighting", targeting gamers and enthusiasts.[14] (edited)
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    What is the R/W speed
    Based on the specs, sustained write is at least 30MB/s.
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    Whoa! Cheapest I've seen. I've got a couple lying around for when I need them, so have to refrain from purchasing. Have some heat. Wonder how low these can go...
    Any cheaper, and internal 'quality of product' may inevitably prove to be the price you pay for that, yeh?

    As in, INTERNAL cost, eg. compromising of transistor's, capacitor's, other IC's, and ...

    And on, and so forth.

    So ...


    Just saying.
  22. Avatar
    Ordered this morning... But status says "delivery date pending"... Soo... No idea when it will come
    Just realised mine is due sat 17. I saw it said say and presumed it meant tomorrow! Presume coming by royal mail and delays rather than Amazon logistics then? I ordered another item just now due tomorrow and checked if they would come together and then saw the date was next week!

    I ordered 809 am (edited)
  23. Avatar
    Thanks for this, I cancelled the switch 256gb I had on preorder :-)
  24. Avatar
    Thanks, just got a switch few days ago. Perfect Timing
  25. Avatar
    This week go nicely with the WiiU I've just bought
  26. Avatar
    Many thanks. Was about to buy the 128gb card a few days ago for close to this price but tardiness turns out to have been a virtue. Bumped it up to just over £20 with something else I needed, which qualified it for free delivery and then applied the £7 discount for picking it up from the Co-op next door to us. So the cost of the card was a little over £10.
  27. Avatar
    Haven’t bought a card in years and never an Amazon Basics card.

    How do these cards compare to their branded equivalents, like Sandisk or Kingston, etc in terms of reliability and performance?

    Indeed, do we know the brand of the official Nintendo card?
  28. Avatar
    A2 a waste of money for Switch? It can only run at A1 speeds in thought
  29. Avatar
    hotukdeals.com/com…728 Read and write. I bouth it last year and it's nowhere near speed of my old sd card. Amazon didn't respond on my complaint, so I won't buy any cards from them again
  30. Avatar
    Wow thanks, got it and still only £15.67. (edited)
  31. Avatar
    cheers OP
  32. Avatar
    Does anyone know if these work on the GameCube??
    Depends on the maximum memory card supported by those GameCube thing's, to be honest?.

    As, GameCubes are getting on a bit, so I'm not entirely sure it will support beyong 128GB even?.

    But, I could be wrong ...
  33. Avatar
    🔥 ordered
  34. Avatar
    I would err on side of caution here and buy one of the more reputable brands of memory cards.
    Scandisk,Samsung, Kingston rather than this brand.

    It,s Basic for a reason.

    Have used this before and nothing but issues with copying to card and playback issues etc.

    Could have just been unlucky but if you value your precious photos etc then go for better branded memory card.

    Others will disagree but hey ho...
  35. Avatar
    The 128GB version has gone up in price now.
  36. Avatar
    Heat from me..
  37. Avatar
    256gb as gone up now