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Amazon Basics 9kg Full/Queen-Size All-Season Cotton Weighted Blanket with 10 Built-in Loops - 152cm x203cm, Dark Grey £26.09 @ Amazon

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I am enjoying the Silent Night weighted blanket I bought on here last year. I thought i would look up some options for a spare and found this on sale.

Dark Grey only at this price

  • Full- or Queen-Size Blanket: 9kg / 19.8 pound blanket (size: 152cm x203cm); choose a blanket weight equivalent to 10–12% of your own body weight; select the lighter choice if weight falls between 2 sizes
  • All-Season: Heavy blanket for use in winter and summer; with breathable 7-layer construction with a 100% mercerised cotton sateen shell
  • With 10 Built-in Loops for Fastening a Cover: Heavy blanket can be used alone or with the Amazon Basics removable minky duvet cover (sold separately)
  • Evenly Distributed Weight: Made with a non-glue polyester padded lining and 2 microfiber layers filled with millions of premium micro glass beads for evenly distributed weight
  • Easy-to-Clean: Spot clean Amazon Basics Weighted Blanket with damp cloth only; do not bleach, tumble dry, iron, or dry-clean
  • Multi-Purpose: Weighted blanket for adults ideal for regular sleep schedule or an afternoon nap; can be used on a bed, sofa, couch or settee; suitable to help cope with sensory anxiety, insomnia and stress relief
  • Made in OEKO-TEX Standard 100 factory, an independent certification system that ensures textiles meet high safety and environmental standards

Info added by Rmcstar

AmazonBasics All-Season Cotton Weighted Blanket
Enjoy a restful night’s sleep every day of the week with the AmazonBasics All-Season Cotton Weighted Blanket. This innovative blanket provides a relaxing experience via evenly distributed weight throughout its surface. Perfect for your regular sleep routine or an afternoon nap, the blanket helps inspire a calm mood crossed with comfort, breathability and lush softness

  • All-season weighted blanket
  • Smooth cotton sateen shell with 7 breathable layers
  • Millions of glass microbeads to create evenly distributed weight
  • Built-in loops for attaching to AmazonBasics Minky Weighted Blanket Cover
  • Spot clean only; do not bleach, tumble dry, iron or dry-clean
  • Oeko-Tex certified

Multi-Layer Design
With a functional, dynamic design, the weighted blanket can be used alone or with the AmazonBasics minky duvet cover's built-in loop and tie system. An ideal blanket to use across all seasons, it features a breathable 7-layer construction with a 100% mercerised cotton sateen shell, padded liners, and 2 non-woven, leak-proof layers filled with millions of glass microbeads for evenly distributed weight. To care for, spot clean with a damp cloth only; do not bleach, tumble dry, iron or dry-clean.

Oeko-Tex Certified
Made in Oeko-Tex standard 100% certified factory, the blanket cover is approved through an independent certification system that ensures textiles meet high safety and environmental standards

Generally good reviews, other than the "lightweight" part.

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  1. mkja's avatar
    I meant to add that the Three Camels have this as the lowest price so far

    Three dromedaries

    Tank12345's avatar
    Wonder how many they sold at £103?
  2. jrawlins28's avatar
    Do people use this instead of a duvet, or ontop/underneath?
    Debbony's avatar
    Instead of during summer, on top of during winter.
  3. mwa's avatar
    A weighted blanket is one of the best purchases you can make. My wife detests ours so I get to double it up for double the weight and keeps her away from my side of the bed, wins all round.
  4. donibrascoz's avatar
    I have to say they are not very warming, I used to have sherpa one which was great, this one sometimes just makes you colder as during lower temperature glass balls inside get cold so ideally you need another blanket under.
    JoeKing5321's avatar
    I don’t use mine to keep warmer. It’s got other benefits. I place mine above my duvet. 
  5. Kb64's avatar
    Any good for people who have Fibromyalgia?
    Mich8ll8's avatar
    I have fibromyalgia and been using my weighted blanket for years and couldn’t do without it now….I find it eases the pain and keeps me from being too restless through the night so helps to keep me sleeping longer now.
  6. angleseyman's avatar
    Delivery drivers when they see this deal
  7. kannaiah's avatar
    I don't understand how the weighted blanket helps. Also this is not washable.
    scuttle's avatar
    Ever heard of Google?
  8. Laurynas_Misevicius's avatar
    Hmmm, wonder if having this being weighted would help my missus sleep better, she’s such a light sleeper
    Smm0's avatar
  9. Fankaria's avatar
    Why would amazon expect people to rate the lightweight aspect of a Weighted blanket? This gets 2.5/5 for lightweight rating
  10. Wibblefish's avatar
    How hot are these compared to say a 10tog duvet?
    99bakerc's avatar
    The ones at IKEA say tog 2.5, assume similar
  11. kerridge0's avatar
    One of the concerns with this type of product is whether the source of the weight (in this case, glass beads) stay in in one place or move, meaning that the weight isn't evenly distributed. If they do move, is it possible to move them back again. I had a quick look and at least two reviews state that the beads do move and it appears that they can't be moved back, at least easily. When that happens, it's not much use? So I haven't pressed fire on this just yet...
    matman050988's avatar
    If it’s anything like the picture and my goose down duvet (never again! I now HATE feathers) they are sewn into small squares. So even if they do move around in that area. You probably won’t notice.
  12. Psychic's avatar
    Great Price.
  13. youngchap's avatar
    Oz it actually really good and really cheap price too?
  14. Smm0's avatar
    Giving it a try. Only weigh 72kg myself...might be a bit much. Ms is only 40kg.. shes gonna get smushed by it. Oh well.
  15. Mani3d's avatar
    Any deals on a size fit for a king? 🫅
  16. robert_adamson's avatar
    Got a couple already but bought anyway as this is mega cheap
  17. Stormbringer2012's avatar
    I've been thinking about one of these for a while, I got sent a promotion from Amazon if I use a local pickup point I will get £5 off an order, so I've applied it to this so got it for £21
    Heat added
  18. mz13's avatar
    Should I get this for a single bed?
    Minty's avatar
    Depends what size bed you need it for?
  19. turbo_c's avatar
    If it's good enough for Bezos, then it's good enough for me (edited)
  20. youngchap's avatar
    Is this a good deal and price?
    mkja's avatar
    I thought so
  21. Reflective's avatar
    Ordered one to see what its like
  22. Weimaraner's avatar
    Might get one to try , already woke up in the night with sore joints/ muscles so guess it will either make it worse or better
  23. mchu6am4's avatar
    Never had one - what does it mean by loops for cover etc? The sizes seems odd from a normal double or kind duvet?
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