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Amazon Basics AAA Alkaline Batteries, Industrial Triple A, 5-Year Shelf Life, 40-Pack £8.30 (£7.89 via sub and save) @ Amazon

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In The Box: Pack of 40 1.5 volt AAA alkaline batteries with high energy density to deliver reliable performance5-Year Shelf Life: Ideal for long-term storage & emergencies. Power devices in the workplace, office, or outdoors
Device Compatible: Reliably power remote controls, flashlights, smoke detectors, wireless mice, headsets, clocks & more
Industrial Grade: AAA batteries with anti-corrosion components & zinc composition
Bulk Pack: Ideal for household, industrial, OEM and professional use. Cadmium, lead and mercury free
Single Use: Amazon Basics industrial Triple A batteries are single-use batteries & NOT rechargable

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Amazon Basics Industrial Alkaline AAA 40 Pack
4046618_1.jpgWhen Performance Matters
Ideal for industrial, OEM and heavy battery users, this bulk pack of 40 AAA batteries offers exceptional value. They're high-performance, leak-proof, long-lasting and suitable for all sorts of devices, and they contain no harmful metals.

For Everyday
Use If you or your business can never have enough batteries, then this bulk pack of 40 is the perfect solution. They're high-performance, and are suitable for all sorts of everyday devices, whether you're at home or in the workplace.

  • High-performance alkaline batteries
  • Bulk pack of 40
  • Leak-proof and long-lasting
  • 5-year shelf life
  • For all devices
  • No harmful metals
4046618_1.jpg4046618_1.jpg4046618_1.jpg4046618_1.jpg4046618_1.jpgBest price ever on Keepa was £7.10, but a decent average (Amazon prices only): keepa.com/
4046618-jw28S.jpgAmazon reviews:4046618_1.jpg4046618_1.jpg4046618_1.jpg4046618_1.jpg
Amazon More details at Amazon
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    Buy rechargeable
    They don't always work. The voltage on rechargeables is too low for some devices. (1.2 instead of 1.5 usually). Also a lot of rechargeables are slightly bigger and won't fit in some devices. (edited)
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    I've been using their AA and AAA size batteries since years now and can't complain. As good as overpriced Duracell's.
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    About the right charge for these really. Ample supply for an average sized ohm at Christmas.
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    I can find lots of tests and reviews for the Performance Alkalines, but not the Industrial Alkalines
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    What's the mAh capacity of these?
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    I have a laser disto that runs off 2 AAA batteries. ELB 1100mah rechargeables just don't seem to hold the charge in it. Anyone know if these will be a better option? (edited)
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    The AA got tested by the BBC against Duracell Optimum. The Optimum lasted 20% longer (5 hour fast drain test.)

    So maybe these are 10% behind standard premium brand batteries.
    I would think industrial would just be a different label for the Vasic label. (edited)
    be interesting to see the price difference. I suspect these work out much better value.