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Posted 28 February 2023

Amazon Basics AAA High-Capacity 850mAh NiMH Rechargeable Batteries (Triple A), Pre-charged, 8-Pack - £5.61 (£4.77 Sub &Save) @ Amazon

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4 pack - £3.43 on monthly subscribe and save
8 pack - £4.77 on monthly subscribe and save
12 pack - £6.89 on monthly subscribe and save
16 pack - £8.43 on monthly subscribe and save
24 pack - £11.42 on monthly subscribe and save

  • High Capacity: 8-pack of pre-charged AAA size rechargeable NiMH batteries for office or home use. 850 mAh, 1.2 Volts
  • Device Compatible: For TV remotes, alarm-clocks, toys, mouse, thermometers, keyboards, toothbrushes, shavers & more
  • Long Lasting: Can be recharged up to 500 times with minimal power loss. Provide consistent discharge performance
  • Low Self Discharge: Maintain 80% capacity for 1 year due to leak-free design. Ideal to power household appliances
  • Easy Use: AAA batteries ship in easy-to-open packaging For use at home, at the office, outdoors or while travelling
  • Recyclable: These AAA rechargeable batteries can be recycled at end of lifecycle. Note: Appearance of batteries may vary
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  1. DigiDevil's avatar
    Do these actually work out any cheaper than Amazon cheap disposable AAA batteries once you factor in electricity prices?
    CynicalNurse's avatar
    Yes. Allowing for some inefficiencies with the charger these take about 1.5Wh to recharge, or about 0.05p per recharge.

    To put into context how little energy these have if you wanted to run your tumble dryer for an hour using these you'd need 3000 batteries... 50 every minute.
  2. fastclau's avatar
    Good price, but a bit worried that it's only 850mah....most of them are 1100mah these days
    gravy_davey's avatar
    These are pre-charged. So will have a bigger separator that reduces self discharge. Pre-charged rechargeable batteries are often preferred for this reason. You can charge them, store them and they’ll still have a decent amount of charge when you reach for them.
  3. misterboumsong's avatar
    could do with a similar deal on the AA type rechargeables
  4. Chickfillet's avatar
  5. crack_shot's avatar
    solid batteries. Amazon sources the good stuff from peeps like eneloop and switch off the wrapper.

    can only say good things about amazon warehouse products based on my experiences
    BarnSt0rmer's avatar
    Did you mean Amazon Warehouse (customer returned goods sold again at a lower price) or just Amazon's own branded stuff? I've had good experience with Amazon's own branded stuff, it's all been decent quality, but have had some bad experiences with Amazon Warehouse purchases.
  6. matthlock's avatar
    Why would anyone subscribe to purchasing rechargeable batteries every month? Surely the whole point is to buy some and reuse them.
    SebK's avatar
    It's called monthly subscribe and save as you will have your products delivered every month, but you can choose which product you want each month, you can have delivery every 2 weeks up to every 6 months. The key to the success is to have 5 products on monthly delivery to enjoy 15% discount.

    You can also cancel product/s you no longer need without any problem. (edited)
  7. jamiesd's avatar
    went for the 24 pack, cheers
    sam.dhansay's avatar
    Same works out a little better
  8. hus53's avatar
    any way to tell if japan or china once they come? and any recommendations on good charger?
    crack_shot's avatar
    Even the chinese stuff is good enough. No bad options here. Japanese batteries are better but not as much better as you think.
  9. Weirdy's avatar
    Subscribe and Save on Rechargeable anything
  10. cms4444's avatar
  11. sminton9's avatar
    Was looking for some to go with the torch I just bought. Thanks
  12. Soiryk's avatar
    Can these be recharged in controller or need dedicated charging mount? I'm planning to go for AA for xbox but don't want it exploding in my hands.
    Jinxstar's avatar
    Don't see why not but correct me someone if I'm wrong. They sell low capacity rechargeables designed for garden solar lights so that's the same principle.
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