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Posted 28 January 2023

Amazon Basics AAA High-Capacity Rechargeable Batteries 850mAh 24-Pack Pre-charged (More pack sizes reduced in OP) £13.72 @ Amazon

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

All pack sizes reduced:-

16 Pack reduced to £10.13
12 Pack reduced to £8.28
8 Pack reduced to £6.40 (£6.08 or less using S&S)
4 Pack reduced to £4.60 (£4.37 or less using S&S)

About this item

Number of batteries - 24 AAA batteries required.
Brand - Amazon Basics
Recommended uses for product - Radio, Clock
Unit count - 24.0 count
Voltage - 1.2 Volts

- Pack of 24 AAA high-capacity rechargeable batteries
- Maintains 65% of original charge after being stored for 3 years
- Capacity: 850mAh (milliamp-hour), minimum 800mAh
- Pre-Charged using Solar Energy
Amazon More details at Amazon
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  1. Avatar
    Are Amazon still selling the ones made in China?
    I remember when I first bough some fromAmazon,they were made in Japan, Great quality, ranked alongside Enoloop, more than likely from the same factory.

    Quality has vasty dropped, and would not touch them. Ikea ones are my choice now, and they are made in Japan)
    Yeah, Chinese. There is only one NiMH battery factory in Japan, and it makes Eneloops. IKEA's cells are rebranded Eneloops if you want them a bit cheaper than the official ones.

    The Chinese ones can be good, they have some good brands. It's just that with Amazon Basics, you get whatever Amazon got cheap that week.
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    Anyone recommend a good charger for these? my energizer charger keeps saying there dead but if i swap the batterys round they seem to charge fine only about 8 months old so can't see it being the batterys
    Been using an Ansmann Powerline 4 Pro for 8 years, no problems. Does AA and AAA, can set the charge rate and charge / discharge / maintenance cycle, checks battery health, and more.

    There’s a newer-looking Powerline 4 Ultra for £59.32, which also does C and D cells.

    They also have an updated version of mine called the Powerline Pro 4.2 for £49.09, not many reviews on that listing but 200+ on this one

    Full blurb and tech sheet here:
    ansmann.de/en/battery-chargers/powerline-4.2pro (edited)
  3. Avatar
    Agree with above, Japanese (Eneloops, Fujitsu, Ikea Ladda, Sony 18650's ..etc) or South Korean (LG, Samsung 18650's) are the cells to get.
    Samsung 18650 cells manufactured in Malaysia are also amongst the best cells money can buy imho.
    Don't confuse Li-ion and NiMh cells...
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    Wow these are terrible. I ordered quite a few of these and even had Amazon send out replacement ones and they just didn't charge. Was using the Amazon basics charger alongside them and was sent out replacement charger too but still had the same issue. Have since purchased a Duracell charger and batteries and been spot on
    Is it possible you've been over discharging them? You should never discharge NiMH lower than about 1V minimum each battery. If you do, it damages the battery and chargers may refuse to charge them.
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    I've got loads of IKEA batteries and they're brilliant. Not dear either
    Same here, purchased for nearly £40 ikea batteries when they were on offer …superb quality
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    I have a smart digital readout recharger, but often it will show batteries having an error. As others have said they've been discharged too much. I just put them in a really dumb old slow recharger and it brings them back to life, has never failed me. Also do get an intelligent charger with digital readouts.Batteries need to be exercised or they start giving crummy performance. Charge refresh mode brings them roaring back. It keeps charging and discharging till the capacity reaches its max level. (edited)
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    These and the AA are both total crap. Half won't work properly... A proportion aren't quite the right dimensions so either the terminals wont sit properly or they might not fit in the slot because they can be too wide.

    Totally regretted mine... Felt like I was being fleeced with Eneloop but to be fair they are faultless.
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    Ordered a 8-pack for £5.44 with 15% s&s. Thanks @Frank30uk
  9. Avatar
    The AA version seems a bit expensive still... does it ever get lower or should I order some now?
    I ordered last time on deal 4x4 for £6.65 (edited)
  10. Avatar
    Great price for 24
    True, but some people have mentioned above & Amazon reviews that the quality has dropped since been made in China.
    Are they trying to get rid of them before more bad reviews, one wonders?
  11. Avatar
    This or some smaller pack but higher quality? Seems like 24 batteries would be overkill.
  12. Avatar
    Thanks although after reading the comments, will opt for the IKEA AA’s ..any suggestions for a good charger to go with these?
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    Bought a pack of these (the AAs), arrived today - don't work in anything I've got that uses AAs ... wish I'd spotted that they're 1.2v. guessing that's the reason. Not sure whether to try returning or just binning them as technically they're used now.

    Have the AAAs on the way too but I will return those unopened now that I know about the 1.2v 'sigh'
    That's the normal voltage of NiMH rechargeable batteries?
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