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Amazon Basics Emergency Seat Belt Cutter and Window Hammer - 2-Pack - £9.35 @ Amazon

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  • 2-in-1 emergency-escape tool provides a window hammer and seat-belt cutter; 2-pack
  • Hard tungsten metal double-head hammer for quickly breaking a car-door window
  • Sharp blade for easily cutting through a seat belt; bright-orange plastic handle provides a secure grip
  • Designed to help escape from a sinking, over-turned, crashed, or burning car
  • Protective bracket included for safe storage; store in center console or driver-side door pocket
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  1. Rod_SmithmPK's avatar
    Can you carry these in your bag.... For you know... Emergencies?
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    Genuine story, many many years ago when i was 18 years old i brought 1 from Halfords and had it in my glove box of my Fiesta.
    I used to regularly get pulled over for stop checks by the police and 1 evening i was pulled over by 2 cops that wanted a feather in their caps, and after they searched my car they found the hammer and gave me 2 options....
    1, sign it over to them
    2, get arrested for "going equipped to break into motor vehicles"
    I had no choice to choose number 1 !
    I had never been arrested so not like i was a known criminal.
    Nowadays i would choose number 2 and laugh at the cops but at 18 i wasn't confident enough to stand my ground.
    But anyway, i wouldn't carry 1 in your bag as i image its like carrying a knife.
  2. eddie.shaman's avatar
    I'm upside down in a ditch, and need to get out quickly. If I can't reach the seat belt release or get out of the car under my own devises, how am I going to reach the glovebox? Most folk would need to release their seatbelt to get to it!

    IMO, I'll wager that 99.99% of these gadgets never get used for their intended purpose...probably being generous with that figure too.

    If you are in a position where reaching your glovebox for one of these is your only chance of escape or even survival you're in a pickle of a mess.
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    Then put one in the centre compartment to your left, or put one fastened with a frangible zip-tie in the door compartment to your right, both accessible without moving.

    Not to mention that using them on yourself is only a tiny part of the puzzle. If you're in an accident and you're free but you need to get to someone in the back of the car? Or in a passenger seat?

    And THEN not to mention that if you happen upon an accident you have the tools to get people out of a car.
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