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Posted 12 December 2022

Amazon Brand - Presto! 4-Ply Quilted Toilet Tissues, 48 Rolls £20.78 / £19.74 Subscribe & Save + 20% Voucher on 1st S&S @ Amazon

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

  • Pack of 4
  • 12 rolls per unit
  • Luxuriously soft and strong
  • Quilted comfort
  • More absorbent and thicker than Presto! 3 Ply Quilted Toilet Tissue
  • 100% Virgin cellulose
  • 4 ply toilet paper takes more time to dissolve than 2 ply toilet paper. If you have an old toilet, bad pipes or a septic tank we recommend to use less toilet paper to prevent clogging
Amazon More details at Amazon
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    Apparently these clog up your pipes, which is why i didn’t post nor buy them. Been this price for atleast week maybe more
    As long as your fingers don't end up stuck up your pipe, you're laughing....... (edited)
  2. Avatar
    On the flip side, we like them. Been using them for months now and pipes seem fine (the house, not ours ).

    You can really tell the difference even when we use Nicky 3 ply - feel really flimsy in comparison.

    And I hope this isn't TMI but 2 sheets suffice not the usual 3 with 3 ply (Taps nose and winks)

    Edit: for context we did get an absolute shed load at 20p per roll before the madness started (the loft looks like a bog roll shop). Not looking forward to replenishing. (edited)
    Before the madness…? Sorry, but if you literally bought a loft full, then you were the madness!
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    This is still much costlier than lidl(floralys) 4 ply rolls. They are 3.09 for 9 rolls. Thats 16.48 for 48 rolls. Have been using them for over a year and three have been great. Just wished they came in larger packs. (edited)
  4. Avatar
    You probably aren't old enough to remember Izal brand. I wish I wasn't also (edited)
  5. Avatar
    Coming up as £10.58 for me!?

    Edit: just realised I had another £5 voucher applied. (edited)
  6. Avatar
    Nearly 40p a roll? One Below stores do 18 3 ply for a fiver, 27p a roll. Much better and decent
  7. Avatar
    Don't know why this is getting so much heat - it works out at £4.68 for 12 (and that's only for the cheapest S&S option) which doesn't seem terribly cheap to me.
    Had a Presto 48 pack before and it was OK, but certainly not premium.
    Roughly £3.37 for 12 if you had an additional voucher.
  8. Avatar
    Just came here to say: DO NOT BUY this.
    Just came here to say: MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone 
  9. Avatar
    Very poor quality yellow newspaper. Avoid. Worst Amazon product. Every time I regretted buying this newspaper 📰 disguised as toilet paper. (edited)
    Perhaps you're referring to the 2-ply ones? I buy the 3-ply quilted version of these & they are absolutely great/fine & nothing like newspaper or yellow for that matter: amazon.co.uk/Ama…18D (edited)
  10. Avatar
    The 3ply came in at £16.64 the other day.
  11. Avatar
    Not done s&s before, can I get this discount then cancel? When would I need to cancel? Thanks
    Yes you can
    Once item is delivered, just go to your subscription and cancel it.
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    £13.50 s+s and first order promo for me for some reason. So worth a punt for me at 28p a roll. Home bargains had run out of Nicky elite when I last went so this will make do for now. Cheers OP
  13. Avatar
    Tried this in the past, was like newspaper, added to my "Do not buy" list.
  14. Avatar
    Came in at £13.50 for me with a 20% off first time subscriber voucher and 15% off s&s wasn’t sure but went for it at that price. Thanks OP
    Same here 👌 👏🙏
  15. Avatar
    Nicky 3 ply Elite at Home bargains, 32 for £9.49.
    That's pretty much the same price if you can get the voucher price on this one
  16. Avatar
    Using water won't cost you much! Then use cheaper tissue for tap dry. 😁
    What do you do, sit in the bath every time you have a pony?
  17. Avatar
    £18.70 or 39p per roll for me. Not even close to being a good deal.
  18. Avatar
    24 toilet rolls for £6.79 Aldi, how do these compare
    This is 4 ply. Is Aldi one the same ply?
    I have this but not Aldi one so can't compare
  19. Avatar
    This stuff is terrible, every time I use it I’ve had to throw it away straight after
  20. Avatar
    I can remember cutting newspapers into squares and hanging it in the outside toilet on a hook.
    You have it so easy nowadays lol

  21. Avatar
    3 ply was a decent paper, so I assume the 4 ply is good. 2 ply I wouldn't buy again
  22. Avatar
    Nice one, op! Bought them a couple of months back for £11.46, as that was a good enough price to try them. Very good product, so happy to pay £18.70 this time around.
  23. Avatar
    I'm sure Nicky is better value
  24. Avatar
    Back when it was 'trendy' to have your shirt sleeves unbuttoned, I was so drunk I wiped my arse on my cuff. Also, while trying not to wake my missus, I got undressed downstairs and hung my shirt on the back of one of the dining table chairs....
  25. Avatar
    Simply not a deal at nearly 40p a roll.
  26. Avatar
    Ah remember when we were all scrapping for this stuff...
  27. Avatar
    This or Splesh?? (edited)
  28. Avatar
    £13.50 for me. Ordered, will give it a go. Some love it, some wouldn’t wipe their ars* with it.
  29. Avatar
    Worth it for £13.50, not more (edited)
    Can you find a link to a similar deal at £13.50?
  30. Avatar
    If for £1 you get 3 rolls then its a deal, if not then its not a good deal. Simpules
    That doesn't make sense? If your buying 2 ply then paying £1 for 3 rolls is expensive. When they are not on offer they cost less than that. On the other hand 4 ply is much more difficult to get for that price. It depends on the quality of paper as to whether £1 for 3 is a good price
  31. Avatar
    The 2 ply are better quality than these
  32. Avatar
    I was a bit disappointed in these - I thought 4ply would mean as good as Quality Andrex, etc - they are definitely NOT.

    Perfectly functional, mind! Just quite a distance away from what I was expecting.
  33. Avatar
    What the!, does anyone actually need anything more than 3 ply. Forget it, go and get yourself 4 x 18 rolls (quality 3 ply) from Farm foods £22.
    Be a savvy shopper, food on the table is more important than 4 ply bog roll. (edited)
    Would that be Little Duck brand?
    It gets mentioned a lot on these deals.
  34. Avatar
    Thanks! Some reason it was 25% off so was £15.58 for me
  35. Avatar
    15.6£ for me
  36. Avatar
    If you really need 4ply for a big job, can't you just use 2ply and double up? (edited)
  37. Avatar
    £13.50 for me. Good one!
  38. Avatar
    I've wanted to try this variety but it never comes up with a voucher for me (I'm on Prime).
  39. Avatar
    Only 160 sheets per roll?
    Costco rolls have 240 sheets.
    9600 sheets in Costco pack Vs 7680 here. Or 25% less!