Amazon: Claymore Collection [DVD] @£9.95

Amazon: Claymore Collection [DVD] @£9.95

Found 26th Nov 2011
The entire Claymore anime for under a tenner, amazing value for almost 600 minutes of footage.

This is an excellent anime 26 eps. in total.

A brutal scourge stalks the land. Yoma, monsters driven by a hunger satisfied by only one quarry - Humanity. The dark breed knows but a singular foe: Claymore. Human-Yoma hybrids of extraordinary strength and cunning, the Claymores roam from skirmish to skirmish delivering salvation by the edge of a blade.Thus continues the twisting tale of Clare, one such sister of the sword driven by pain in both victory and defeat. Whispers of conspiracy fill the air, but the gravest peril is not hidden. Enter Ophelia, a Claymore of joyful cruelty with a zealot s devotion to the massacre of all who have Awakened. And Clare will suffer as her prey. Flesh will fall from bone, but there will be no rest until Teresa is avenged.
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Good anime, good price.
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