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Amazon Echo 4th Gen(Full size NOT A DOT!) (L4S3RE) - Glacier White, B - £40 / £41.95 delivered @ CeX

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I was looking for a second to stereo pair.
I got a Grade A White for £42 and £1.95 delivered.
Arrived today, looks as new.
Currently £109 new.
Grades B £40.
I just kept checking back until a Grade A was in stock.
You can check store stock.
CeX More details at CeX
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  1. WhoLeftYouInCharge's avatar
    Just to be clear - this is the full-size Echo (4th Gen) - NOT the Echo Dot (4th Gen)
    Toneluck's avatar
    Which is £109.99 at Argos. So this is actually a hot deal?! (edited)
  2. gem5094's avatar
    Good price for full size. current prices new are taking the mickey.
  3. dealhunter6k's avatar
    That is an ok price but these are often on offer for £55 upwards and new. Regardless of the price I would not recommend buying this device. After 11 months of pure hell with two of them in a stereo pair John Lewis agreed to give me a full refund. You have to scream at them, they never hear you properly, they constantly drop-off wifi, they just stop dropping in on other devices. I've had every echo generation released and these are the worst by far. 3rd gen was best standard echo.
    dealhunter6k's avatar
    Blimey they've all increased, I'm glad I replaced all mine with Studios when they were £140 in Dec as they are £220 now.
  4. porkyone's avatar
    I bought an Echo this week from CEX, the description and the reviews made it clear it was the big one and not the Echo Dot.

    I received an Echo Dot.

    Edit: And it was a fairly grubby Echo Dot at that. (edited)
    Bunnster's avatar
    Well mine turned up yesterday, Grade A, looks brand new in original box, completely clean. Not set it up yet.
    Sorry to hear your issue.
  5. Toneluck's avatar
    Where do they tell you the difference between grades A, B & C on the CEX website, can't see it for looking?!
  6. Bunnster's avatar
    I don't understand why this is going so cold? Is it because I picked the Glacier White?
    Hearnia_2K's avatar
    It's because the picture shows an Echo Dot, and £40 is a terrible price for a used one. The model number in the title is also the one for an Echo Dot. (edited)
  7. Neostar's avatar
    Cold cold freezing cold 🥶
    Toneluck's avatar
    Why? It's a full size Echo, not an Echo dot!
  8. Toneluck's avatar
    Has anybody paired a full size echo with an echo dot, to get stereo, or is it better to pair like for like?
    Hearnia_2K's avatar
    I thought pairing for stereo only works with identical models?
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