Amazon Echo Input (Black) from Amazon Renewed £18.37 delivered from Amazon France

Amazon Echo Input (Black) from Amazon Renewed £18.37 delivered from Amazon France

£18.37£34.4747%Amazon France Deals
Posted 1st NovShipping from France
For some reason Amazon no longer sells black Echo Inputs in the UK, only white ones so this may prove useful to anyone who needs a black one like me! The Echo Input has no built-in speaker and consumes less power than other Echos. You plug it into another speaker via 3.5mm cable or Bluetooth and the sound quality is better than the line-outs from other Echo speakers apparently. Price is 16.99 Euros plus postage which equates to just £18.37 delivered in the UK (at today’s 1.16 exchange rate). Stock arrives 1st November with delivery about a week later. They are in high demand in the UK in black and command a hefty premium on eBay.
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will it come with an EU plug?
Heisenberg2101/11/2019 14:09

will it come with an EU plug?

Most probably ! But it’s only a micro usb cable surly ??
good point !
Yes this works from a Micro USB cable and has low power requirements so should work from most USB ports. It will come with an EU plug but I find these quite useful when on holiday!
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A bit odd Amazon UK no longer has the black version as @thedraper stated.

Both colours are $19.99 on so this deal seems to be a good price.

Out of interest what makes it better than the lineout connections? Are those of poor quality in the smart speakers or just that this is a dedicated device with better components?

Some reviews I read a while ago seemed to think these echo input devices have limited Alexa capacity and the smart speakers can do more. Anyone able to comment?

Could Amazon be launching a redesign of the echo input?
I don’t think they are replacing the Input any time soon - Amazon have announced their new speakers and nothing there... only thing I can find missing from the Input functions is ‘Drop In’. In terms of sound quality I don’t know why it is better but I read from Amazon I think that it was - not very helpful I know! Nice recent review here:…put
Would this work with Yamaha hs7s
CEX have Echo Inputs in A condition with warranty for £18
wakkaday01/11/2019 15:03

Would this work with Yamaha hs7s

Will work on anything with a 3.5mm audio input or stereo RCA inputs with a 3.5mm to red/white lead...
Would these be able to cut in to a soundbar when it is already connected to something over hdmi?
Trying to think of a way it could be used without a dedicated always on speaker...?
I use mine with a soundbar which switches to the active input automatically (or manually) but you would have to check for your specific model.
A lot of French speaking ppl in here
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