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Amazon Echo Show 15 Smart Display 15.6 Inch With Alexa White £189.99 + possible 25% trade in @ Amazon

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Dropped now at Amazon to a low of £189.99, for the Amazon Echo Show 15 Smart Display 15.6 Inch With Alexa White . Also possible 25% off with trade in of a qualifying Echo device e.g echo dot, echo show. You can wall mount the Echo show 15 or there is an option to purchase an Amazon Tilt Stand (cost is around £30).

Amazon Echo Show 15 Smart Display 15.6 Inch With Alexa White £189.99

  • Alexa can show you even more—with a 15.6" Full HD (1080p) smart display and 5 MP camera, family organisation and entertainment will look brilliant. You can choose portrait or landscape orientation.
  • At-a-glance organisation—use Alexa-powered widgets to keep the family on track with calendars, personal sticky notes, to-do lists, shopping lists and reminders.
  • Alexa can help feed the family—get daily meal ideas, follow step-by-step recipes hands free, or add ingredients to your shopping list.
  • Keep an eye on things—see a picture-in-picture view of compatible camera feeds while multitasking, so you can check the front door camera while watching your favourite programme.
  • So much entertainment—catch up on your favourites with Prime Video, Netflix and more. Stream radio stations, podcasts and audiobooks with Amazon Music, Spotify and Audible.
  • Your memories in full screen—with the Photo Frame feature, you can use your Echo Show 15 to display your albums from Amazon Photos or Facebook.
  • Your day, your way—family members can create personal profiles and use visual ID and voice ID to see their specific appointments, reminders, recently played music and more.
  • Designed to protect your privacy—built with multiple layers of privacy control. You can electronically disconnect the microphones with the press of a button or slide the built-in cover to close the camera.

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  1. Avatar
    You won't be able to trade in a device and get gift card before offer expires shame 
    Tried it - got the discount immediately - have you tried it? tempting as I got the trade on a echo dot lying in the drawer doing nothing
  2. Avatar
    Traded my old alexa around prime day and been waiting for this price drop to get a further 25% off.
    Heard that amazon will also refund the 25% if you buy and tell them you are trading in. (edited)
  3. Avatar
    I got my discount as soon as I started the trade in process for a 2nd gen Echo Dot.

    Also, if you are planning on getting the stand for it, it is worth going on chat before purchasing. I managed to get that reduced to £19.99 from £29.99.

    What did you say so they knocked a tenner off the stand then ?
  4. Avatar
    Just out of interest, what happens if you don't send the trade in device?
    Or gets lost in the post :/
  5. Avatar
    Interesting that Amazon are looking at the future of the digital assistant as it’s a massive loss maker for them.
  6. Avatar
    I was very interested in this but the vagueness surrounding the Fire TV update in the UK is giving me pause for thought.
  7. Avatar
    I have tried multiple times to get this to work and won’t for me unfortunately. Good deal for those who managed it though
  8. Avatar
    Mine arrived tonight, must say it’s a great bit of tech. Perfect as a smart hub for all my cameras, plugs, bulbs and house alarm. It was slightly laggy at first but now it’s all updated and running no issues so far 
  9. Avatar
    They took their time discounting this! Thank you for posting. I managed to order this for just under £138 including the 25% discount and £5 off for sending back an old echo dot
    Yeah me too, happy days
  10. Avatar
    Will be getting upgraded to fire TV experience soon hopefully
    Not so sure..... on looking at the reviews this was posted yesterday (of course the rep may be wrong) -

    "Just spoken with an Amazon chat representative. He said that the uk version wont be getting the fire tv update. Only in the US will get this up date . So uk buyers don’t bother Amazon are ripping the uk market off yet again."
  11. Avatar
    How does the 25% off work exactly ? Does it come off straight away or when they receive the traded item in a few days ? Also do they send me a free shipping label. Never done this before 
  12. Avatar
    Can you use Google duo/meet with this?
    Don't have any Alexa devices nor particularly want one, but this looks very good (edited)
  13. Avatar
    How are people getting the 25% off instantly? - I just opted for the trade in deal but the email says I'll only get the 25% discount once the device is posted and I'm not currently getting it at checkout.
    I'd like to know this too!
  14. Avatar
    So I can buy a new £20 echo and trade it for the 25% discount on this?

    The reviews of this seem very average because it promised new skills and features over the cheaper ones but never delivered? (edited)
  15. Avatar
    the 25% trade in terms say not applicable to show, anyone successfully bought the show 15 AND used it AND paid?
  16. Avatar
    Heat, traded in a 1st Gen Echo that had been sitting in a drawer for ages and got this for £122.49.
    48822494-QzrmK.jpg (edited)
    Did your 25% come straight off then
  17. Avatar
    So I got the a £5 gift card and 25% off for an old echo dot. They applied straight away and i got the show for £137.
    If I don't send in the dot do I just ge5 charged the £5 trade in value
    Ahh this is the grand question 
  18. Avatar
    Seemed a bit flakey to me, first time round didn't work (I think possibly because when I got to my basket I had something else in there). Even tried to do a 2nd trade in with an empty basket with no luck and got in touch with support.

    They advised
    however you'll be getting the discount after the device reaches the warehouse and its graded.

    That didn't sit right with me from the screenshots above. I then cancelled off all the trade-in's emptied my basket and started over again and it worked bringing the price down immediately. 48822872-Hh1J0.jpg
    what did you trade in? I am trading a echo dot 2nd gen but its not letting me take the 25% discount.
  19. Avatar
    Cheers picked one up for £137, it even took the £5 voucher straight off aswell as 25%
    Hi, what did you trade in? It doesn't seem to work for me. Did you clear your history and cookies?
  20. Avatar
    What can this be used for?
    Best to watch a YouTube video , too much stuff to list 
  21. Avatar
    Thanks. Traded in an old dot so got for 137.47 and will be delivered tomorrow.
    Was this via app or browser?
  22. Avatar
    For the trade in, does anyone know whether you send them just the main unit or do you have to send the plug and cable as well?
    I sent All items
  23. Avatar
    I am quite interested in the form factor of this Echo in part as a wall mounted digital photo frame, but I think I will wait for v2… the screen seems pretty mediocre.

    Of course, there may not be a v2 with the cuts Amazon is making to their Alexa division!
  24. Avatar
    Sadly I have also tried many many times and it simply won’t work. Such a shame. Odd that it does for some.
  25. Avatar
    I spoke to customer service. First thing they asked was if the device I want to trade in is registered to my account (mine was not) so maybe that’s a key factor???
    I’ve been offered to buy the show 5 then they will apply the 25% off as a discount later once the trade in device is sent in. So going to try that.
    Yes all my echo’s was listed as trade ins so this must be the reason it’s not working for some people 
  26. Avatar
    Amazon have emailed me to say once the trade in has been completed they will send the discount back. 
    Apparently there’s a delay is processing the trade ins , we have until mid January to send the echos anyway 
  27. Avatar
    Is this more powerful than the Echo Show 10? I have the first generation Show and it’s super laggy now.
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