Amazon - Filter out the Market Place Sellers

Amazon - Filter out the Market Place Sellers

Found 19th May 2008
I know there have been a few tips on how do do this but they seem to be sporadical in if they work, so here's another way that seems to work.

1. From the homepage type in your search (for this I typed in "Panasonic Lumix....")

2.The results page then displays all of the items. As in here :-…mix

3. On the left hand side there is now an list of further filtering options, one of them being filter "by seller...." Select Amazon (if Amazon isn't displayed then click on >see more......

4. This then gives you the Amazon only stock items...... as in here:-…mix

I've tried it on a few things and it seems to be pretty consistant.......

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hmmm, tried this and I don't think it works as well as the shipping options one.

Your example gives…e=1
when is selected as the seller.

But for some reason this still includes items NOT sold by amazone. e.g. no 17 in the search (left as 'by relevance) is this:…-17
sold by 'lizardprice'

The filter laves 40 items.
If you filter by shipping option, you get 27 items

I wish the sort by lowest price would only work on the amazon price, rather than the 'us seller really cheap but massive postage' sellers, though...
I run an online toy business and sell via amazon so sorry had to vote cold. Some sellers do overcharge postage but many of us business sellers charge very reasonable prices. If you were to simply look at what amazon stock then you are limiting your choice enormously. All depends on whether you want latest items or items no-one else wants that amazon regularly clearance.
How come dealers selling through Amazon actually sell items cheaper than the shop direct ?

Hughes Direct sell an item I want £30 cheaper through Amazon than they do direct !!
Don't know about that one. My prices are the same regardless of whether they are sold on e-bay, amazon or direct.
Amazon fees are huge so would've thought they would have sold them at higher price?
Interesting thread. Damned shame Amazon Prime doesn't include marketplace purchases. As a buyer, it's the postage charges that put me off buying more things from Marketplace.

But as a Seller, the postage charges are sometimes the only way you can make even a small profit on something.
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