Amazon Fire 7" 16GB Tablet with Case and 32GB microSD Card - £69 @ Tesco

Amazon Fire 7" 16GB Tablet with Case and 32GB microSD Card - £69 @ Tesco

Found 30th Jun 2016
Amazon Fire 7" Tablet on offer with £30 off. seems good deal as it's the 16GB model and comes with an extra 32GB microSD card and case.
My local tesco had stock and deal is online too
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I'm confused over these tablets. My girlfriend has an old 8gig model that is getting unusable and would like to upgrade. I read on here somewhere the 16g isn't just a storage upgrade but runs better, but I can't find evidence of that online in comparisons. I'm also seeing the rrp of 16g models quoted as £60 online, whereas here it's closer to £100.

Help a Luddite, please! Would this be a significant upgrade for my OH who loves her currently dying Kindle, or exactly the same with more storage?
A good tablet. Just beware of 'bloatware'.
yes op a good deal,but already posted.
Weren't these £35 last year on black Friday offers? If so, this is a rip off price, considering the closed system and bloat.Not everyone is keen to root and fiddle around with memory.
The bloatware makes them usable as normal tablet rooted the cheap one on Black Friday not bad for cheap price. I would advise advise you to go buy a standard android tablet Lenovo are cheap.
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