Amazon: Four for £10 on Kids' Activity Books

Amazon: Four for £10 on Kids' Activity Books

Found 29th Nov 2017
A great range of books and activity sets, several around the £10 price point on their own.

£10 for four.
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Some good finds within this promotion:

Where's Wally?

Where's Wally?
Where's Wally? Santa Spectacular
Where's Wally Now?
Where's Wally? the incredible Paper Chase

Direct link to the Wally books HERE.


Woooooaaah, thanks OP! I have some Promotional credit left to use, so four books for £10, including Wheres Wally? is PERFECT!

Heat added!
Great spot @pototea - fab Christmas present bargains
great deal, 4 books at nearly a tenner each ! thanks OP more xmas prezzies sorted - heat added
Thank you! Saved £23!
Good deal, thanks.
Heat, great little extra for Xmas .
Btw, ordered and it was dispatched within 15 minutes ! ,
Great thanks for the post, got some nice little stocking fillers for the kids!
great deal - perfect for xmas
Just a heads up, there where's Wally Santa Spectacular has only one actual search and the rest is stickers and activities.
Ordered. Excellent find , heat added
Fab find! I loved where’s wally as a kid, so this will be some perfect nostalgia this Christmas
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Good find, heat added
This is fantastic. Heeeeat
Brilliant offer!
Pototea of DVD forums fame?
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user.name12 h, 37 m ago

Pototea of DVD forums fame?

Haha that was years ago. Good memory!!
Impressive, huh? I'm still on there winding up the locals
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