Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 16GB, WiFi + 4G/LTE, Black £166.78 delivered @ handtec

Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 16GB, WiFi + 4G/LTE, Black £166.78 delivered @ handtec

Found 3rd May 2016
Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 16GB WiFi + 4G/LTE - Black (53-001770)
USB 2.0 Cable
9W Kindle PowerFast Charger
User Manual
Designed to be light weight
Buy the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 16GB WiFi + 4G/LTE from Handtec. It weighs only 384 grams and this makes it 34% lighter than the previous model. Amazon integrated the capacitive touch layer directly into the glass display and made a unique magnesium uni-body from a single piece of machined magnesium to make it light weight. This is also blended with glass and nylon to create a light, heard wearing and portable tablet.

Slim and Optimized Design
Lose yourself in the viewing experience with the 8.9 Kindle Fire HDX. It has been designed and manufactured for increased usability and features the new design with a smaller bezel, cleaner lines and optimized charging port placements.

Breakthrough Display
Have an incredible media experience. The Display has been designed to feature over four million pixels for vivid. The 8.9 inch has the highest resolution and the best pixel density as compared to its other Kindle fire counter parts. Your Kindle Fire HDX displays life like images that goes beyond standard HD.

Displays Perfect Colour
Your 8.9 inch Kindle Fire HDX displays perfect colour for images. It displays images and videos as a photographer or video grapher.

Dynamic Image Contrast
The dynamic image contrast feature is also included in the HDX Display. This feature is designed to automatically optimize the colour of each pixel on the amount of light in your surroundings. With this feature, the images and videos are easier to see under any lighting conditions whether indoors or out doors.

Your Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 16GB WiFi + 4G/LTE features a 2.2 GHz quadcore Snapdragon 800 processor. This provides three times more power than the Kindle Fire HD. Moreover, a 2GB RAM is included providing faster app launching time and quicker website loading time. It also provides smooth multi tasking and better overall performance.

Console-Quality Graphics
For console quality graphics and high frame rates your Kindle Fire has the new Adreno 330 graphics processor. This out performs the previous version by four times.

For an amazing audio experience, your Kindle Fire includes Dolby Digital Plus. The Dolby Digital Plus technology is designed to adjust volumes, create virtual surround sound and makes dialogues in the films easier to understand. Moreover, your Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 16GB WiFi + 4G/LTE will optimize the audio profile automatically depending on what you are doing such as watching films or listening to music or using Skype.

Uncompromised Battery Life
New high-resolution 8MP camera, plus a front-facing HD camera capture beautiful photos in seconds, shoot stunning 1080p video and connect with free HD video calls.

Your Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 16GB WiFi + 4G/LTE features the 8 mega pixel rear camera and an HD front camera. Now capture beautiful images in seconds and shoot 1080p videos or use it to make HD video calls.

Rear-Facing Camera
The 8 mega pixel rear camera in your Kindle Fire 8.9 allows you to capture high resolution pictures and shoot 1080p videos. The rear camera is accompanied by LED flash, Electronic Image Stabilization to reduce camera shake, a wide aperture lens and it also supports panorama and HDR imaging. The camera also has photo editing feature and a new camera mode with film strip.

Camera Case
The Origami cover with your Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 16GB WiFi + 4G/LTE boasts the customized sliding feature that quickly exposes the rear facing camera and launches the camera application automatically.

Front-Facing Camera
Your Kindle Fire 8.9 also has a front 720p HD camera that is perfect for making HD video calls on Skype or taking pictures to share within your social circle.

Edit & Share Photos
You can also use the beautifully designed photo app that makes it easy to view albums or watch personal videos. Furthermore, sharing your photos has never been easier, simply tap on the image to email it. Editing photos is also very simple. Just select a photo and begin editing.

Live Amazon support
Your Amazon Kindle Fire also features the Mayday button so that you can get free assistance from an Amazon expert. The expert will guide you about any feature by drawing on your screen and teaching you how to do something yourself or the expert might just do it for you. The Mayday assistance is available 24/7 365 days a year. The best part is that it is free. Through out the assistance process you will see your Amazon Tech advisor live on your screen. the response time goal for Mayday is 15 seconds or less.

Your Kindle fire features the dual band, dual antenna WiFi. With this you will enjoy fewer dropped connections and faster media streaming, Moreover, this will also allow you to go further away from your WiFi hotspots than your other tablets.

Your Kindle Fire will deliver faster mobile broadband speeds letting you stream, browse and even download at faster speed than the WiFi. The 3G/4G connectivity supports multiple bands ensuring that you always get the best possible connection.

The Operating System
Your Kindle Fire HDX features the Fire OS 3.0 Mojito. This has new upgrades, Amazon exclusive services, plat form updates and more.

Fire OS "Mojito"
The Amazon Kindle Fire is powered by the Fire OS 3.0 Mojito. This OS starts with Android and adds cloud services. The Fire OS 3.0 prioritizes content, has built in media libraries containing productivity app and low level platform enhancements to integrate Amazon digital content and improved performance.

Easier Content Management
Content management is easier with the Kindle Fire HDX. The Tap archives would free up space on your tablet by identifying the items that have not been used recently and with only one tap will move them to the Cloud for later retrieval. The optimized download ensures that the performance of your app is not affected by the background downloading activity.

Faster Access to Apps and Info
Access apps faster with the Fire OS. This includes an enhanced content prioritizing Home Screen, allowing you to switch between viewing recent content and apps in Grid or carousel view. To move between multiple apps the Quick Switch feature is designed which allows you to switch multiple applications or individual content using a side swipe gesture without navigating to the home screen.

Accessibility Features
The Kindle Fire HDX allows blind and visually impaired users to use accessibility tools such as screen readers, Explore by touch and screen magnifier.

Amazon Silk
Your Kindle Fire HDX also features the cloud optimized web browser known as the Amazon Silk. The latest version of Amazon Silk is faster and has new features. The reading view is designed to remove the unnecessary clutter for clean and easy to read version of the site. Moreover, the left panel menu makes browsing easier to navigate. For ease of finding and accessing web content the Amazon Silk includes most visited, book marks, trending now and many others.

The Email app
The email app is designed to make sending emails easier. It also allows you to easily view attachments, have group conversations by subject and sync contacts. This app provides full support for Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, AOL and may others.

Facebook & Twitter
Your Kindle fire is fully integrated with Facebook and Twitter. It makes connecting and sharing with your friends easy via the social apps.

Watch your favourite videos on Youtube app.

View and share
View images in HD easily with the exclusively designed photo app. Relive those moments again by watching the videos. Moreover, sharing photos would never be easier, just tap on the individual images to email or post them on Facebook and Twitter.

Import and Edit
Keep your favourite photos and videos at hand with the Kindle Fire. Download your albums form Facebook or add photos and videos upto 20 minutes long to the Cloud Drive . Editing on your Kindle fire will be just as simple. Just select a photo and use one of the popular editing apps from the amazon app store.

The Amazon app Store
Enjoy the app store where thousands of apps, games and even in app items are free. Play the most renowned games free of cost.

The Best HD Games
Kindle Fire is built for gaming, with tilt, turn and multi-touch controls. Enjoy best-selling HD games such as FIFA 14, Angry Birds Star Wars 2, Minecraft - Pocket Edition and Plants Vs Zombies.

The Kindle Fire features tilt, turn and multi touch controls. It is built for gaming. Enjoy your favourite HD games such as FIFA 14, Angry Birds, Star wars, Mine craft etc.

Better Gaming with GameCircle
The Amazon Kindle Fire also allows you to view and share scores with friends and on the world's global leaderboards. The GameCircle titles with the Whispersync to store your progress automatically. This way you never lose an unlocked level or a saved game even if you delete the game from the device.

The Best in Film & TV
With the Kindle Fire you can also rent or purchase popular movies and tv shows and then download them or stream them to enjoy.

The Whispersync allows you to start stream a film, pause and then resume right from where you left it. The Whispersync remembers the last scene you watched and saves you from the frustration of having to find the right spot.

Mirror Your Screen
You can also mirror the screen of your Kindle Fire HD and a midcast enabled certified accessory or TV. View on your TV whatever is on your tablet screen.

Huge Music Selection
Listen to music that you bought from the Amazon's Digital Music Store. The purchased music is saved to the cloud for free and you can play and download it whenever you want.

Moreover, you can also import your music library to Amazon and play it wirelessly. Just tap music on the Homescreen to get started. You can browse and search your library and even create and manage play lists. You can also play your music from the cloud or download it to play offline.

Your Work E-Mail and Docs
Use the Activesync to provide robust Exchange email experience. With this feature you can check and reply to work related emails on the go. Also view word, excel and powerpoint files.

Print from Your Tablet
You can also use your Kindle Fire HDX tablet to print documents, spreadsheets and presentations , photos and emails via your home or office wireless printer.

Use it at work
You can even use the Kindle Fire at work. Just connect it to your office wifi and download files, submit expenses and do much more.

Stay Connected
Your Kindle Fire HDX allows you to stay connected using the remote VPN. You can access your company's network on the go and keep the corporate data secure with encryption.

Fire for Kids
Use the Fire for Kids to make your kids use the Kindle fire. You can use the Advanced time limits to set daily educational targets for reading and playing while blocking the entertainment content till the educational needs are met. Parents can also set different time limits for different days of the week as well as set a new bedtime so that the Fire for kids mode only works in the day. On your Kindle Fire the kids can also access a collection of their favourite books such as Rio. Smurfs and UP.

Free Cloud Storage
Get free cloud storage with the Kindle Fire HDX. Get unlimited and free cloud storage for all your Amazon content and rest easy by knowing that will never lose the content important for you.

Your Kindle Fire HDX 8.9-inch provides advanced power management technology. Through this it delivers uncompromised 12 hours of reading, websurfing over wifi, watching videos and music playback. When reading the Kindle fire HDX powers down the unused system components automatically extended battery life.

Technical Specifications:


8.9" HDX Touchscreen display
2560x1600 Resolution at 339 ppi
100% sRGB Colour accuracy
Video playback up to 1080p
Max. brightness over 400 cd/m2
Dynamic Image Contrast
Reduced glare
Advanced polarising filter
231 mm x 158 mm x 7.8 mm
384 grams (Actual size and weight may vary by configuration and manufacturing process)
2.5 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 CPU
Adreno 330 GPU
16 GB (10.6 GB available to user) internal storage
Free unlimited Cloud storage for all of your Amazon content
Battery Life:
Up to 12 hours of reading, web surfing over Wi-Fi, video watching or music playback
Up to 18 hours of battery life when only reading.
(Battery life will vary based on device settings, usage and other factors, such as web browsing and content downloads. Actual results may vary)

Charge Time:
Fully charges in under 4.5 hours using the Kindle PowerFast power adapter included
Slightly longer with other micro-USB power adapters that you may already have
Wi-Fi Connectivity:
Dual-band, Dual-antenna Wi-Fi (MIMO+HT40) for faster streaming and fewer dropped connections than standard Wi-Fi.
Supports public and private Wi-Fi networks or hotspots that use the 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, or 802.11n standard with support for WEP, WPA and WPA2 security using password authentication; does not support connecting to ad-hoc (or peer-to-peer) Wi-Fi networks.
USB 2.0 (micro-B connector) port
3.5 mm stereo jack
Integrated stereo speakers with Dolby Digital Plus audio engine
Content Formats Supported:
Kindle (AZW), KF8, TXT, PDF, unprotected MOBI, PRC natively, Audible Enhanced format (AAX), DOC, DOCX, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, Dolby Digital (AC-3), Dolby Digital Plus (E-AC-3), non-DRM AAC, MP3, MIDI, PCM/WAVE, OGG, WAV, M4V, MP4, AAC LC/LTP, HE-AACv1, HE-AACv2, MKV, AMR-NB, AMR-WB, HTML5, CSS3, 3GP, VP8 (WEBM)
Ambient light sensor
Gyroscope, GPS (4G)
Camera Specs:
Front-facing 720p HD Camera.
8MP rear-facing camera with LED flash
Electronic Image Stabilisation
Wide-aperture 5P f/2.2 lens
Location Services:
Location-based services via Wi-Fi.
4G model also uses assisted GPS
Additional Features:
External volume controls
Built-in dual microphone
Built-in Bluetooth to support a variety of different wireless accessories, such as keyboards or controllers, with support for A2DP-compatible stereo headphones, headsets and speakers
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Nice screen but 16GB.....
Ipads available at this price!

Ipads available at this price!

and lol not everyone wants fanboi apple

Ipads available at this price!

Which run on a different platform so would have to rebuy apps, but also older ones will be redundant soon as ios updated and older models not supported.

Ipads available at this price!

Apple - Simple things for simple minds.
Is this the previous generation (3rd gen)? The specs are not quite clear, but it seems that way from the EAN.
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