Amazon Kindle Paperwhite @ Amazon £69.99 using code (READ40)

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite @ Amazon £69.99 using code (READ40)

Found 13th Nov
Just been sent the following email. Seems a generic code, rather than account specific:

We have an exclusive offer just for you.
For a limited time only, get our best-selling Kindle Paperwhite for only £69.99 - £40 off the list price.

Kindle Paperwhite includes a built-in adjustable light so you can read day or night and our highest resolution, glare-free display with over twice as many pixels as our original e-readers. Enjoy a thin and light design, a battery that lasts up to 6 weeks, and storage to hold thousands of titles so your entire library is with you wherever you go.

Just enter the code "READ40" at checkout. Happy reading!

Ts and Cs
  • This offer (the "Offer") applies to eligible customers who purchase a Kindle Paperwhite, and enter the promotional code READ40 at checkout. As part of the Offer, customers will get £40 off.
  • Amazon reserves the right to modify or cancel the offer at any time.
  • Offer good while supplies last.
  • Quantity limit 1 per customer.
  • Offer only applies to select Kindle devices sold by Amazon on The Offer does not apply to purchases made from Amazon’s Warehouse Deals or from third-party sellers on Amazon’s Marketplace.
  • Shipping charges and taxes may apply to discounted items.
  • Offer limited to one per customer and account.
  • Offer is non-transferable, may not be resold, and may not be combined with other offers.
  • To redeem this offer, please enter the promo code during checkout.
  • If any of the products related to this offer are returned, your refund will equal the amount you paid for the product, subject to applicable refund policies.
  • Use of the Kindle device is subject to the terms found here.
  • If you violate any of these terms, the offer will be invalid.

Code doesn't work account specific

The promotional code you entered cannot be applied to your purchase.

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Thanks! Looks like they're sending out different codes. I got a READ60 code for 55% off -…743

Codes only work for those that were sent them. They presumably already know about it, so there is no deal here.

Account specific!!!

Just few days back my post was rejected stating the same reason but now the same rule is being relaxed! Well done mods!

Mod had commented thanking OP in this post!
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Thanks for trying buddy

READ40 worked for me, no email from Amazon.

Sumanth2 h, 22 m ago

Account specific!!! Just few days back my post was rejected stating the …Account specific!!! Just few days back my post was rejected stating the same reason but now the same rule is being relaxed! Well done mods!Mod had commented thanking OP in this post!

I was told my offer was being withdrawn as Amazon didn't have enough items in stock to cover deal. Was fuming as there was at least 7 Argos "deals" below mine were every comment was cannot find stock

No email - READ40 worked for me. Prime user.

I didn't get an email, but this works for me. I have student prime.

Doesn't this version have ads on it, or 'Special Offers' as Amazon call it?!! If so, no way.

Argh.. I'm a Prime User but didn't work for me :-(

Prime here, neither code worked.

Student prime and didn't work

daBluone19 m ago

Student prime and didn't work

Snap, would probably have got one for that price.

I didn't receive the e-mail but tried the code and it worked. Not buying it though because I'm still happy with my 2012 model.

Have Prime & no email code...didn’t work for me.

Student prime, worked for me but I did not buy it. I want 60% off.…743

contacted them to ask about it and:

Huwaida: I understand your concern about the promotional offer on Kindle Paperwhite purchase.
I would like to inform you that the promotional offer READ 60 was for the U.S customers only.
Due to an error, it has been sent to few of the UK customers as well.
Hence, only the customers who have received the automated email with the promotional offer get the discount on purchase.

Code does not work

Yep, code expired.
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