Amazon - Lego City 7639 Camper - £10.90

Amazon - Lego City 7639 Camper - £10.90

Found 4th Nov 2010Made hot 7th Nov 2010
I couldn't find this posted, but appears to be a good price from ones I have looked for recently.


That looks pretty cool

Excellent - it'll go well with the house I bought last week from Amazon thanks to the HUKD post. I wish I was 8 years old again...!

You don't need to be 8 again to enjoy lego!

Great find! That's a pressie sorted, thanks:)



You don't need to be 8 again to enjoy lego!

No check this set out - there is something a bit creepy about the bloke in that photo...[email protected]/1655776834/

Don't forget Boots have 3 for 2 on ALL lego at moment BUT most of good sets are out of stock

Thank you - Great Christmas pressie.

£14.76 now

It's still £10.90 from Amazon, under more buying choices on right side. But, availability is 1-2 months so does that count as OOS?... (Will try to report and see what mod team say).

This is back at £10.90 so needs un-expiring.

Just bought one :-)
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