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Arlo HD Smart Home Security Cameras | Wire-Free | Night Vision | Indoor/Outdoor | HD £259.13 at Amazon
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Arlo HD Smart Home Security Cameras | Wire-Free | Night Vision | Indoor/Outdoor | HD £259.13 at Amazon

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Posted 23rd Feb

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Seems like a good deal for 3 cameras and a hub plus basic 7 day recording.

NETGEAR VMS3330 Arlo Smart Home - 3 HDSecurity Camera Kit, 100% Wire-Free, Indoor/Outdoor with Night Vision - Workswith Amazon AlexaArlo smart home - 3 HD security camera kit, 100 Percent wire-free, indoor/outdoor with night vision by netgear (VMS3330-100EUS).

No Cords. No Wires. No WorriesThe Arlo camera is completely wireless, with HD smart home security camera you can get exactly the shot you need - inside or out. The Arlo camera is weatherproofand includes motion detection, night vision and apps. It can capture clips and send you alerts whether you’re at home or away for round-the-clock peace of mind.

Motion Detection Made Easy
  • Arlo records and alerts only when motion is detected so no battery power ever goes wasted
  • Optimal camera placement is 7 feet above the floor, aimed slightly down
  • The better area for motion detection is 5 feet to 20 feet (1.5 to 6 metres) from camera position
Take a Bite Out of ProblemsYou’re always just a tap away from making sure the TV’s off, the homework’s done and all is well.

See Who’s at the DoorWhether you’re on the couch or at the office, Arlo can alert you when someone’s coming. And show you who it is.
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I’ve had this set up for the best part of 3 years. Have returned all 3 cameras as a result of the IR not working under the 2 year warranty. If you want a really simple wireless CCTV system then this will suffice.
The motion detection is a little hit and miss, however you can adjust the sensitivity which helps a little bit.
The App is great, no issues to report on an Apple device.

Good spot OP.

Alternative the Eufy 2C two camera unit is currently £200 and additional camera for £70 but a newer unit with better features. Offline recording to.
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Is this the 720p model
I bought this almost two years ago for £250. Plus official covers and the brackets so they can be used at a 90 degree angle to the house.
Batteries are expensive and don’t last particularly well. Motion detection is awful if you walk directly at the camera. My one positioned where people would walk past from the side would pick up, but by the time it had woken and begun recording, at normal walking pace a person would be 2/3 of the way across the camera view.

Positive notes were the 720p HD compared to Ring Doorbell’s 720p was much sharper.
For about £1.50 per camera, per month, you could add motion zones, and person detection which worked so much better than Ring. It would also send a screenshot of what caused the motion, with the cause highlighted, as part of the notification, so you could see what it wasn’t without the need to open the app.

I sent mine back just before Christmas due to the issues. I would not recommend this product to anyone again (I did to two people who have ended up in the same position and are trying to return theirs), but would say maybe consider the Arlo Pro 2, as I believe some of the issues I mentioned have since been ironed out.

For anyone who’s budget is around the price of this camera, and can’t push to the Pro 2, I would still suggest you look at alternatives, as the product doesn’t work well, and in my opinion I was better off without this due to the hit and miss issues i had.
I bought a 3x camera system last year, it's good if you want some smart functionality and easr of placement (great if you want to move it somewhere else quickly). Now for the downsides:
- Very slow to connect to.
- If a target person or object moves fast, most of the time you will not even manage to capture them with the motion detection as it won't start recording in time.
- Battery life is hit and miss, wouldn't say that it was terrible but don't expect it to last over 3 months.
- They changed the subscription model, now you don't get any motion zones for free, it's just using the PIR. If I knew this was going to happen I would not have bought them.
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