Amazon No 1 seller FUSION5 XTRA COMPACT Tablet PC - 10.1" Screen £109.49 + £4.59 UK delivery @ F5CS LTD (Amazon)

Amazon No 1 seller FUSION5 XTRA COMPACT Tablet PC - 10.1" Screen £109.49 + £4.59 UK delivery @ F5CS LTD (Amazon)

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Found 11th Dec 2013
Been watching this one , it gets great review's and its dropped price

CPU - ARM DUAL-CORE Cortex A7 (MAX 2 x 1.5Ghz)
Screen - 10.1" 1024 * 600 Capactitive Five point touch screen
Memory (RAM)- DDR3 1GB
Storage - 16GB
External Storage - Supports upto 32GB tf-Card (micro sdhc card)
WiFi - 802.11b/g/n
Camera - FRONT 1.3MP and REAR 2MP - Dual Camera
G-Sensor - YES
Battery 5000mAh
HDMI - Standard Mini HDMI port
USB - Micro USB port
Earphone - 3.5mm earphone jack
£4.59 delivery
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£4.59 P+P

plus it is not Amazon, so you don't get their protection
No 1 Best Seller
Slow tablet!
Honestly - do not touch this company. (They were formerly known as A1CS, but changed their name for entirely *unsuspicious* reasons)
(They also only offer 6 months warranty on the majority of their tablets - there is a good reason why this is the case)

I bought my wife a Tablet from their Amazon store last November - ready for Xmas. The power charger didn't fit properly. I sent it back (at my own expense) and apparently they fixed it. What they *actually* did was provide a charger with a slightly shorter 'nib'. I should have smelled a rat at this point...

It stopped charging in about June - I looked into it and there was a KNOWN issue with the power connectors coming off the motherboard. Apparently, it just couldn't take the regular in and out of the charger nib.

You can buy spares on Ebay it's such a well known problem:…752

Anyway, A1CS/F5CS didn't want to know - the tablet was out of the six months warranty (by about a week). It could not charge - so it was useless. £100 down the pan. Okay, that's the warranty but learn from my mistake - these items do not have a long life. My 11 year-old daughter received a 7" Onda tablet the same time - which is still going strong after a year and after much rougher treatment.

* This Xmas there have already been a number of reviews mentioning cracked screens.
* The wifi on their tablets is also, in my experience, very poor.
* IMO, far better to go for one of the Argos CNM tablets for about the same money on Ebay.

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