Amazon Price Matching Argos Toy Sale + £15 off £60 spend

Amazon Price Matching Argos Toy Sale + £15 off £60 spend

Found 24th Sep 2014
As you all know, Argos is running a 3 for 2 on all toys ( To price match this, Amazon has reduced the price of all toys SOLD BY AMAZON by at least a third.

For example:
Argos Price: £16.99…htm
Amazon Price: £11.00…AA/

Argos Price: £54.99…htm
Amazon Price: £39.96…8Q/

I compared the prices of about 5 or 6 toys each time, amazon won!

Combine this with £15 off £60 spend (, its time to stock up for christmas!
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all toys? i have 46 toys saved in my amazon basket to see if they would reduce any , and none have come down in price
none have come down in price either for us
They probably have to be sold by amazon not other sellers on amazon
Is this just baby toys? Got excited when I saw the title but none if the toys I'm looking at have changed price.
some baby toys have been reduced and the voucher is for baby too
the £15 off £60 wont work
None of the toys I want hVe been reduced, in fact one costs more than Argos cold from me I'm afraid
Nothing I want reduced or price matched.
none of mine are cheaper either
as I said, its a price match deal, i.e. it must be sold by both Amazon on and by Argos.

it you do find instances where the price has not been cut, please reply back with the item and I will expire this thread
what is the code please I cant make it see.
example: kiddizoom twist plus, it's £10 cheaper at Amazon and sold by Amazon but hasn't come down in price at all. Barbie Colour Change handbag, £27 in both shops, again sold by Amazon...
Nope non of the bit's i've been after have been reduced
None of the ones I want changed price either. I've been checking all day. I'm going to Keep checking back throughout the week.
What's the code? Thanks
same here , not one reduced and one (sold by amazon) has gone up ! been checking all day and no camelcamelcamel too - disappointed
on camelcamelcamel that should say
on camelcamelcamel that should say
I have 96 in my basket about 80 of which are sold by Amazon and include Lego and Leap Bands etc... not one price reduction and believe me I have checked and been waiting.
Freezing from me argos wins at Least it's on everything
Yep all amazon as the seller. I've been waiting all day for the slightest deduction on items and nothing
That code is only on baby items (wish I knew it yesterday) and Amazon aren't price matching most toys
I'm trying to find a deal on some original lego starter kits like 10662 or 6177 - but they both shot up by a fiver!
Most of what I had in my basket increased in price
my saved stuff seems to be going up too
What's the code for £10 off?
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