Amazon Pride And Prejudice : Complete BBC Series WAS £19.99  NOW £7.98

Amazon Pride And Prejudice : Complete BBC Series WAS £19.99 NOW £7.98

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saw this and thought it may help some of the peeps out there with there xmas shopping its a must for any hopless romantic lol !!

In spite of the quality of the more recent Keira Knightley-starring big-screen interpretation, its the mid-90s BBC mini-series of Pride and Prejudice thats still regarding by many as the definitive telling of Jane Austens classic.

Featuring, as many swooning admirers will already know, Colin Firth in a career-topping performance as Mr Darcy, Pride and Prejudice is the timeless tale of seemingly impossible romance. On one hand, theres the wealthy, single Mr Darcy, and on the other is Elizabeth, a woman Darcy believes is beneath him. Across six sumptuous hours of this classic mini-series, their story then slowly bubbles, aided by some excellent supporting performances. Nods must go to the likes of Jennifer Ehle, Susannah Harker, Anna Chancellor and Julia Sawalha, to highlight but a handful.

Its not just in front of the camera where Pride and Prejudice scores, though. The production values are absolutely outstanding, with this really a watermark for BBC costume drama production. Add in Simon Langtons diligent direction, and this is one of those rare occasions where everything seemingly effortlessly falls into place, with outstanding end results.

Over ten years since it was first broadcast, the particular take on Pride and Prejudice remains as vital, moving and compelling as it was first time round. And if its ever topped, its going to take something really, really special to do it


6 hours of quality tv for a rainy day , voted HOT

Good deal, but its slightly cheaper at The Hut, LoveFilm and ASDA.


Good deal, but its slightly cheaper at The Hut, LoveFilm and ASDA.

You'll at least get it within 1 week with Amazon :thumbsup:

I'm sorry but this shouldn't be a hot deal. It's cheaper, albeit slightly, on four other websites…htm

It really doesn't matter where you buy it from - at this price this is an absolute must. One of the best, if not the best, BBC costume drama ever. And Jennifer Ehle too! mmmm

fantastic mini-series, one of the best period dramas the bbc has produced.

For those who enjoy this series it maybe worth spending more on the Blu-Ray version, we rented it earlier in the week and looks fantastic in comparison to the DVD version - the colours on the DVD are flat and muddy, so much so I've just sold my DVD version in hope for a cheap Blu-Ray, so far 17.99 at MovieMail is the cheapest

Amazon had it for £6.98 last week when I ordered it.
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