AMAZON PRIME DEAL Shopkins Skyanna's Playjet RRP £49.99

AMAZON PRIME DEAL Shopkins Skyanna's Playjet RRP £49.99

Found 27th Sep 2017
Amazon Prime deal only, new this year and probably to match the 3for2 at Argos. This will be high on the Santa list. Cheapest so far on CCC
Also had Happy Places School down to just over £25 but I think it was posted cheaper at Asda.

Join the Shoppies world vacation! Welcome aboard Shopkins Air! A real

high-flying jet setter, Skyanna's always got her head in the clouds

daydreaming about her next exotic destination. But when she's on the

flight deck she makes sure her passengers are ready for some First-Class

fun! Load your luggage into the overhead compartment then sit back and

relax in high-flying style as the Shopkins serve up a flight full of

fun! Introducing the new fabulously fashionable travel Shoppies

Dolls! The Shoppies Skyanna's Jet playset comes with an exclusive

Skyanna pilot doll, 3 exclusive Shopkins characters, a Jet plane

playset, a suitcase, an exclusive luggage bag, a cart, a suitcase, a

passport, a hairbrush and a VIP card to use with the free World Vacation

app. Skyanna the pilot doll can fly her friends around the world

with her Jet Playset. The Jet can hold 3 jet-setting Shoppies dolls, has

rotating seats for extra comfort and an overhead compartment to load

their luggage. Also included are 3 of Skyanna's Shopkins friends: Fizzy

Soda, Lynn Flight Meal and Captain Zoom. Contents: 1 Jet Playset, 1

Shoppies Doll, 3 exclusive Shopkins, 1 suitcase, 1 exclusive luggage

bag, 1 cart, 1 passport, 1 hairbrush and 1 VIP card to use with a free

app! Suitable for ages 5 and above.
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Thank you OP. I have ordered both the jet and the school. I was on the look out for both of these, and the Argos 3 for 2 didn't really have the selection that I needed. Heat added
Price now £49.58, I picked it up in the 3 for 2 with Argos but stock is limited
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