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Amazon Prime Video Weekly Deals (To Buy) From 99p 25/1/23

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About this deal

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Some offers are still live from last week so please check last week's list.
As before, titles are a mix of SD, HD and 4K

Unlike iTunes there is normally a lot of crossover between weekly deals, I've tried to pick out the newer ones!


The Invisible Men
Creature from the Haunted sea
14 cameras
Mr in-between
Between Something and Nothing
Come Follow Me
Albanian Gangster
The Battle of The Somme
Christopher Plumber: a man for all stages
The God Who Speaks
Elvis Presley: From The Beginning To The End
Explore the Wildlife London: Amazon: Secrets Of The Golden River
Oscar Peterson: Keeping The Groove Alive
Teri Diwali Meri Christmas
Ace of Hearts
Hirail Layouts
The Incomparable Rose Hartman
Sick: Survive The Night
Cyber zone


After Effect
Eaten by Lions
Kingdom Come
Dracula Reborn
Black Widow
Area Q
No Man's Land
Be My Valentine
No manifesto
A Doggone Adventure
Painted Horses
Ambulance Girl
Feed The Gods
The Crying Dead
Come on Eileen
Where the Bears Are 4
Bulldog For Christmas
Cyber Crime
Sobre ruedas- Rolling Elvis
Putin: A New Empire
The Longest Knife
Whiskey Throttle
Sins Of The Father
The World's Largest Ball Of Twine
This is Breslau
Maya The Bee Movie
Red Island
Harbor From The Holocaust
Michael Madana Kama Rajan
Teri Diwali Meri Christmas


The Modern Way
Decline of an empire
Broadcast Signal Intrusion
Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street
In the Electric Mist
The Flying Deuces
10th & Wolf
You may not kiss the bride
The Wake
Struck by lightning
Triple Dog
Citizen Gangster
Ali and Nino
The Power of Few
Good Tidings
The Devil Bat
The Contestant
Christie Malry's Own Double Entry
Fear and Desire
Hansel vs Gretel
Journey to the Centre of the Earth (2008)
The Prophecy II
Chloe & Theo
Summit Fever
Little Men
The Forgotten
Love and Honor
Dog Gone
LA. Slasher
Double Wedding
Aces N' Eights
Abominable Christmas
Occurrence At Mills Creek
God of Thunder
Investigation 13
Area Q
Adventures of a Teenage Dragonslayer
The Untold Story
On the Trail of Bigfoot
The Short Game
Home Team
UFO Conspiracies
The Psychic
The Love Letter
Crazy Creatures- Short Films For Kids
Favourite Nursery Rhymes
A Single Frame
Code of Silence
The Secret Mummies of Lisbon
Man of the hour
The Radicalization of Jeff Boyd
Figure it out: on The Hayduke Trail
Summer Camp
Meeks Cutoff
Touchy Feely
Queen Crab
Weiner Dog Nationals
A Texas Funeral
Easter Bunny Adventure
Alien outbreak
My Sweet Monster
Along Came The Devil


Reasonable Doubt
Howling III
Krampus: The Reckoning
Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension
Women's Prison Massacre
San Andreas
Journey 2 the Mysterious Island
The Modern Way
Night Shadows
Hell house LLC
Judas and the Black messiah
Hard To Kill
Girl, Interrupted
10,000 BC
Jurassic Hunt
Must Love Dogs
Love and Honor
White Vengeance
Hollywood Sexwars
The Unseen
Enchantinals: Finding Home
Astronaut: The Last Push
Cause for Alarm!
Two Heads Creek
Monkey in the Middle
The V.I.P.s
Lily & Kat
Wicked Ways
Lost lake
Soldier of God
Lost & Found
Bad Guys
Tady Hlidam Ja
The Square Ring
Elvis lives!
Ben Bailey: Road Rage
No Looking Back
Marie in Milwaukee
One direction: reaching for the stars part 2: the Next Chapter
Flying Paper
Fire ants: The Invincible Army
Perfect Break
Van Cliburn in Moscow vol 1
Finding Hope
The Mason Brothers
Code of Silence
The Secret Mummies of Lisbon
Paul Ogata: A Collection of My Favourite lies
Langhe Doc
Africa Fusion
Ace of Hearts
In Memoriam Alexander Litvinenko
One week ' til Doomsday
Bad Grandpa
Howling 3
10 rules for Sleeping Around
The Expendables 2
The Swarm!
Caged No More
Alien Autopsy
Song Bird
Amanda And The Alien
Magic in the Moonlight
Exorcist II The Heretic
AK 47
The Motel Life
Young Einstein
Team Hot Wheels: Build The Epic Race
An Intrusion
The Complex Lockdown
Robot Apocalypse
Taking Stock
See no Evil
Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Pictures
Don't let him in
Elvis: home movies
Why Stop Now?
Last, Love, Lost
The Brain Hunter

My Pick Of The Week: The Swarm! £3.99 SD
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  1. Avatar
    If this was a bargain bin of physical discs I would walk by.
    With the exception of the original Papillon hopefully, as that’s a classic.
  2. Avatar
    Occasionally I'll trawl through Prime Video and select a few documentary type things to watch later.
    The majority of my selection turns out to be unavailable or, available only if you 'buy'; not included in the Prime subscription.

    I've come to the conclusion Prime Video is mainly a shopping portal; kind of like how it used to be wandering around Blockbusters.
    I totally agree, Prime Video has always been guilty of, I think making what's available as a 'prime' member hard to distinguish between what you get included and what you have to pay for.
    They seem very fond of allowing you to search for a film, giving you the results, only to find the film is bundled with another subscription within a subscription!

    I am sick and tired personally of subscription film sites. They serve a brilliant purpose don't get me wrong, but it does seem harder and harder nowadays to find the film you want without it being behind an actual paywall rather than just a subscription.
    I've personally found buying the physical disc on bluray or 4K sometimes cheaper than a digital copy!

    I like and enjoy collecting movies, whether that be digitally or physically. As I've grown older🫣 I've come to appreciate having my favourite film on tap to watch when I please, and not held to ransom on Netflix, Prime, Now TV etc.

    There was a comment made on last week's post about how buying the films is just like throwing money away. I disagree, I like to rewatch classic films and you just can't get that guarantee with the subscription services.

    I'm also fully aware of how licensing agreements could also affect digital collections. However, as far as I can see those have been quite limited incidents.

    So, for now I'll continue collecting and buying my films, I know the list above is generally bargain basement rubbish, but there are a few gems.

    In defence of Amazon video, recently I went on a splurge of buying digitally some classic films and it was only Amazon video that either had them available or significantly cheaper than iTunes or Google Play.

    I like digital, especially how cheap the 4K versions are, fantastic picture as far as I can see with my 43 year old eyes and sound, not to mention the storage space I save!
    iTunes in particular for the extras as well, which would do Amazon and Google play no harm in adding that feature. (edited)
  3. Avatar
    Not heard of a single film (except invisible man) in the 99p-£2.99 range …Even Pluto TV has some stuff I’ve heard of
  4. Avatar
    Regularly trawl through the charity shops and get dvds and even Blu rays for 4 for £1, even box sets. I would rather rip my digital into the cloud so that I’m not tied to watching it through a service that may later disappear (edited)
    I'm also on the cheap dvd bandwagon with literally hords of dvds from charity shops and auctions in my house, well over 1000 films, I'll join prime or netflix when the supply runs dry and i've watched them all in about 10 years or so
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