Amazon: Razor A5 scooter £35.99

Amazon: Razor A5 scooter £35.99

Found 11th Aug 2013
Awesome scooter, I missed out when it was this price in January. Great reviews and you'll not find this cheaper anywhere else.

Edit: this has dropped even further from its sale price of £40, now £35.99

TCB now offering 9.45% on sports categories
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Camel camel showing Amazon's cheapest at the moment. Get it before it goes up in price again

Camel camel
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Why cold? Don't understand HUKD sometimes. If any of you voted cold can find a cheaper deal or similar performance scooter, I'll accept the coldness.
Have some heat, these scooters are quite expensive. Just got one the other day.
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Thanks chalky, I suspect people are voting cold because this is expensive for a scooter regardless how good it is. I know this has been debated like a million times, but I thought HUKD is about finding the cheapest of something on the net and therefore post it.

Just because people consider its too expensive for that item, does not justify it being cold. If that were the case many heated deals would be cold due to them being heavily priced.
Thanks got one for my Girl.

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Jazzy, no problems.

Bought one myself so I can "scooter" to work. Probably get weird looks why a grown man on a scooter but hey it's a popular thing in Europe like France, us Brits should try too - provided the weather is good
It's gone - now £62.99. :-(
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Still £39.99 but only one left in stock.
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Out of stock now. Now selling from 3rd party. I've expired this. Good job who bought at the cheaper price
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Deal is back on at amazon.

TCB have upped their cashback to 7.35%
Just noticed the price has dropped even further - now £35.99
By far the cheapest its ever been and half it's usual price on amazon.

I've just ordered one - hope it's as good as the reviews say.
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Well spotted Nathan. Had mine for about a week, it's cut my work journey by 10mins. Great fun. Had alot compliments and micky take from colleagues lol

Price updated.
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