Amazon Treasure Truck - UE Boom 2 - £49.99

Amazon Treasure Truck - UE Boom 2 - £49.99

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Awesome price for UE boom 2 on Amazon treasure truck.

Locations in London are:

10am - 11am: Ealing Christian Centre
10:30am - 11:30am: Ibis Hotel Car Park
12:30pm - 2:15pm: The Lodge
12:45pm - 2:30pm: Commercial Road Car Park
4pm - 6pm: Hackney Old Police Station
4:30pm - 6pm: LSE Hair and Beauty
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very tempting at this price


Essentially a local deal though, the amazon treasure truck inly visits certain towns for a limited time

Great price though if you can get it
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Just beat me to it. A cracking speaker at a great price.
Where is it today?
Birmingham, St Martins Square
It's in London too. I'm in London today, but have appointments that are putting me at the locations at the wrong time. 😫
nougat24 m ago

Where is it today?

just click through the link to get the locations for today
Not near me
mattmerch24 m ago

just click through the link to get the locations for today

Thanks. but it doesn't tell you on the PC. I have already looked. Title has now been updated and it appears it is in London
Edited by: "nougat" 15th Mar 2018
Leeds, West Yorkshire too
No love for Plymouth
Southampton to
Got mine from London a couple of hours ago - they have graffiti artists doing free personalisation if you want too!
any other free stuff available
nuttyginger2 h, 7 m ago

Birmingham, St Martins Square

Today? Any information?
dave11119 m ago

any other free stuff available

dont think these speakers are free
Sold out on the app now
They are in Reading still
How do you get this? Buy in app and collect from the truck?
Smoking hot. Almost bought jbl flip 4 from o2. Cheers op

Tenex35 m ago

How do you get this? Buy in app and collect from the truck?

That’s what you have to do
piosur15th Mar 2018

That’s what you have to do

you need to sign up for notifications for the treasure truck

How Treasure Truck WorksWhat is Treasure Truck?At Treasure Truck, we hand-pick our favourite new, trending, local, or delicious items, load them on the Truck, then cruise around town spreading joy for everyone with a smartphone and an appetite for fun.

Every time you swing by the Truck, you’ll find something new to enjoy, like games, giveaways, tasty treats, and other surprises.

Is Treasure Truck coming to my area? If not, can I order from Treasure Truck anyway?We’re (super) excited to be coming to the UK, but our lips are sealed on where we are going. You will have to be in one of our areas to collect your order, but if we’re not coming to your area (yet!) be sure to sign up for text alerts and we’ll let you know if we head your way.

How do I find out what's on the Truck each day?The very best way to find out about offers is to sign up for text notifications.

We’re also always updating our social channels, so be sure to follow us!

I tried to text "TRUCK" to 87377, but I am getting an error message. What's wrong?Some carriers, such as Plusnet, don’t support texting to short codes. You can sign up in the free Amazon Shopping app: find Treasure Truck in the main menu under “Programs and Features”, and tap “Treasure Truck”.

Are Treasure Truck text messages free?Amazon does not charge for Treasure Truck text messages, however, your carrier’s standard data and message rates may still apply.

How do I buy from Treasure Truck?If it’s an offer day, all you need is an iPhone or Android and the latest version of the free Amazon Shopping app. Then, find Treasure Truck in the main menu under “Programs and Features”, and tap “Treasure Truck”. When you’re ready to buy, simply tap “I want this”, choose your pickup location, and come collect your treasure!

Ok, I just ordered. How do I get my goods?Step 1: Find the Truck
Step 2: Show your QR code (and ID if you are buying alcohol!)
Step 3: Get the goods

At any point during your collection window, come meet the Truck and we'll be there to greet you. Simply show your order confirmation (the QR code in the Treasure Truck confirmation email or app page) to one of our associates and you'll have the item in your hand! If you’ve ordered an age restricted item, don’t forget to bring your ID!

We’ll often be taking photos and filming the Treasure Truck fun! Look out for your picture on and our @TreasureTruckUK social media channels. If you don’t want to be on camera, please avoid the relevant areas as, if you’re in them, we’ll assume you’re ok being on camera.

How do I change my area?Once you’re on the Treasure Truck home page in the Amazon Shopping app, tap the settings gear icon in the upper-right hand corner of the page, tap the first menu item showing your location, and choose a new location from the Treasure Truck areas listed.

Do all areas run the same offer at the same time?Not always! We like to shake things up a little, so sometimes the Truck may be out in one area, but taking the day off in another. You can always find out what’s going on in your area in the free Amazon Shopping app.

How often is the Treasure Truck out?Not every day is an offer day, but once you sign up for text alerts, you’ll always know when there’s something new on the Truck.

How do I find the Truck itself?If it’s a Treasure Truck offer day, you’ll see collection locations and times on the app for you to choose from before making your purchase. Once you’ve purchased your treasure, you can return to the app or confirmation email for the address of your chosen truck location.

I tried to order today’s product, but it’s not available. Why?We can only fit so much treasure on the Truck at a time, and since we’re selling awesome stuff, we tend to sell out quickly. If you see something you love, don’t hesitate—get yours before it’s gone!

Can I buy more than one treasure each offer?Since our products have limited availability, there’s a maximum quantity of one treasure per customer, per day. Share the love!

Can I collect treasure for a friend?Yes! As long as you have their name and QR code, you can collect for them.

Can I cancel my order?If you’ve changed your mind about a purchase before you’ve collected it, you can cancel it by tapping the “Cancel order” button on the Treasure Truck homepage in the Amazon Shopping app or via

What if I missed my collection location?If you missed your collection location and time, your order will be automatically cancelled once the collection window you selected has ended, and you won’t be charged.

Do you accept returns, including on perishable items?Treasure Truck returns are just as easy as returns on anything else you buy from Amazon, and our items follow the general Policy. You can return your items by visiting “Your Orders” on or Amazon Shopping app. Need help? Visit Contact Us.

I’m interested in selling my product on Treasure Truck. Who can I talk to?Exciting! Let’s get to know each other better. Please tell us about your product by emailing

I’m interested in Treasure Truck using my outdoor property as a collection location. Who can I talk to?Can’t wait to see it! You can tell us more by emailing

Can I share my general feedback?Yes! We’d love to hear from you. For any suggestions or questions, please email

I have some more questions. Who can I talk to?We know it’s a lot to take in! Visit Contact Us and one of our Amazon associates will help you out.

it says sold out???????

does anyone know if this is just in London as my location is set to there. I might get a mate to pick it up for me in Birmingham.
Always changes location and products. Limited to 1 per prime account. You can also pick up friends and family as well just print out the code.
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