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PEARL JAM Ten - Vinyl 150 gram £13.95 @ AMAZON UK - PRIME
Found 7 h, 27 m agoFound 7 h, 27 m ago
Had this on my Wishlist for a while and seems a good deal for a great album on Vinyl £13.95 Free Delivery for Prime members Includes FREE MP3 version of this album Debut studi… Read more

Seminal album. Joy to listen to. (y)


Heat for the price but be aware this the remastered version of the album. I personally prefer the original version.


One of those albums where every song is a masterpiece.


Been on my list for years but always well over £20 when I've looked. Great price - heat.


I’ll give this a go at this price, I have the original release but overplaying and the curse of the 90s vinyl era has taken its toll on the poor thing

Fuel 10k chocolate or golden syrup protein porridge pots 8 pack £4 prime / £8.49 non prime @ Amazon
Found 7 h, 40 m agoFound 7 h, 40 m ago
Cheapest price it's been and cheaper than any deals I've seen elsewhere. Link for golden syrup flavour non prime @ /B01N5VSX4A/

2 for £1 at jack fultons too


Thanks ... ordered :D


Bowl of Scottish porridge oats, scoop of PhD cherry bakewell, cup of semi skimmed milk. Takes 120 seconds to make, much better macros, tastes great and cheaper.


Yes, but gains :p Seriously, most of the produce that's got "added Protein" branded is mostly a con though - just add a scoop of isolate powder and avoid all the sugars!



Haribo Sweet Medley Gift Box, 540 g (Pack of 3) £5.00 prime / £10.48 non prime @ Amazon
Found 7 h, 54 m agoFound 7 h, 54 m ago
A sweet treat to share with friends and family Made with high quality ingredients Free from artificial colours Great for kids parties or as a treats A perfect gift for any occa… Read more
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Thank you


Affirmative. BBE Oct 2018


yep, bit like marmite a.c, whether good or bad one things for sure he/she gets the attention they so crave.


Classic a.c.


Looks like best before date will be Oct 2018 for these items.

Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard for Windows, Mac, Chrome, Android, iOS and Apple TV - QWERTY, UK Layout, Blue £24.99 @ Amazon - Lightning deal
TODAYTODAYFound 8 h, 22 m agoFound 8 h, 22 m ago
Smart: Simplify your life; with the K380 wireless keyboard, type on and switch among any three Bluetooth devices Convenient: Compact, lightweight keyboard makes for easy use, anywh… Read more

I have the Logitech K811 backlit keyboard and it's the best wireless mini keyboard, by far....but Logitech stopped making them, which was a crazy decision. Pity.


Let's take a look...


So it has no backlight?


Couldn't click the link to check? Here you go, even 'backlighted' it for you:


Does it have backlight?

RAVPower Micro USB cables - 5 Pack in Assorted Lengths (1ft, 3ftx2, 6ft, 10ft) £3.49 Prime / £7.48 non prime @ Amazon / Sunvalleytek-UK
Found 8 h, 22 m agoFound 8 h, 22 m ago
Ideal for 'Primers' or those topping up baskets for min spend etc - Noticed the recent post on the powerbank by @SR1234_2013 (nice find) and thought i'd check if these were back … Read more

Ace deal, 5 cables for £3.49 and my prime ends tomorrow so chose non rush and will be gifted £1 promotional digital credit too so you could say £2.49 for five usb cables. 50 pence a cable is excellent.


Had these before, definitely recommend for that price!


Slow and fragile. But if that's OK, it's a good deal. If it's as a power lead for a fire stick or something that basically stays put, it'll be fine.


I've got syncwire ones they have been solid so far


Great deal, Thanks OP :) usually buy Aukey cables but will try these ;)

RAVPower 15000mah solar power bank £16.99 prime / £21.48 non prime Sold by Sunvalleytek-UK and Fulfilled by Amazon
20/08/2018Expires on 20/08/2018Found 8 h, 48 m agoFound 8 h, 48 m ago
Has a voucher which can be collected (just below the price on the website) for £3 off. If you don't have prime you'll have to add more stuff to make it worth it. Specs: 15000mah c… Read more
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I'm pretty sure it says that the power bank charges at 5V 2A so the solar panel would charge the power bank at 5 volts also?


Yea, I'm not sure the solar panel is linked to the battery at all, I can't imagine it would do it a lot of good trickle charging it non-stop especially while using it. The 25,000 mAh RAVPower from a few days ago has a similar sized panel and the back of it shows 5v 300 mAh. Now I'm not an expert but if the panel were to charge the power bank it would be designed to put out 4 volts.


Waste of time and money.


Looking at reviews I would say that the purpose of the solar panel on this is not to recharge the battery bank itself, but to slowly charge your phone in an emergency when both the battery bank and phone battery are empty.


I bought ravpower 25000 mah all proof for £18.00 i dont have prime, free next day delivery

Found 8 h, 57 m agoFound 8 h, 57 m ago
Been cheaper from Curry's at £19.97 I believe but this is the cheapest currently for physical copy. Amazon are selling this at this price because they have price matched Curry's wh… Read more



Still charging this sort of money for an unfinished game. Think I paid around £11 when it first came out years ago...


Curry's now sold out so Amazon price match won't last long


On the Xbox One it does.


This is a very unoptimised game, expect poor framerate

Crucial MX500 CT250MX500SSD1 250 GB Internal SSD (3D NAND, SATA, 2.5 Inch) £54.92 @ Amazon
Found 9 h, 1 m agoFound 9 h, 1 m ago
Brand name: CrucialItem Weight: 99.8 g Product Dimensions: 10.3 x 0.7 x 7 Model number:CT250MX500SSD1 SeriesCrucial MX500ColorMetalliqueForm Factor2.5" SSDHard Drive Size250 GBHar… Read more

This is faster as it uses DRAM to speed up performance rather than memory on the drive itself (hence the smaller size for cheaper drives) to cache information. Also it will give you more total writes before failure and subsequently has a longer warranty - 5 years rather than 3. Whether this is worth a £14 premium is up to you. I have a combination of Crucial and cheaper ones, determined by the price difference between the two. At this price difference I would go for the Adata, for a larger size SSD where there is less than a £5 difference I would choose the Crucial.


As much as I like Crucial, this is a hard sell for me when another ~£13 gets you 480GB


As long as it's from a trusted brand, most are pretty much the same, there will be differing read/write speeds but I'd say crucial SSD's tend to be the most robust as well as reliable


Any idea how this compares to the ebuyer one (240gb 3d nand) for 39quid

Ready Player One Soundtrack on Cd for Just 23p from Amazon!
Found 9 h, 37 m agoFound 9 h, 37 m ago
Seems a great soundtrack! Tracklist is: 1. "I Wanna Be Your Lover" - Prince 2. "Everybody Wants To Rule The World" - Tears For Fears 3. "Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me)… Read more
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It's mental, there are honestly a hundred better fan made soundtracks on Spotify than this.


I honestly have no idea! Its the first song of the films when it introduces The Stacks! I knew Blue Monday would be on, its been abused the past few years on films and adverts


How is Van Halen - Jump NOT on this?


gutted what a find


Its a glitch that was posted 10-15 mins ago. Managed to scoop quite a few bargain cds

Extinction PS4 (pre-owned) £6.53 @ Boomerang via Amazon
Found 9 h, 42 m agoFound 9 h, 42 m ago
Far from glowing reviews but can be traded in for £12 voucher/credit at Cex and GAME at time of posting this Might place this next to 'Troll and I' on the shelf of shame Xbox also … Read more
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Darn missed out, heat anyway!


Thanks good shout. Just bought a copy.


Same price available to buy pre-owned for xbox


Would have give it ago if it was the Xbox version. Don’t think I’ll have to wait long for the price to drop.


Give it a go for £6

Amazon CD 2 for £15  Misprice? +£2.99 p&p non prime members Availbale from £0.85p Each!
Found 9 h, 56 m agoFound 9 h, 56 m ago
Went to buy Love is Dead and saw it was incorrectly in the wrong section and for the wrong price. Be quick! Deals on CHVRCHES, Years and Years, Lana Del Rey and many more! EDIT: … Read more
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Dispatched for me too (y) thanks OP


How many? Lol




FROST #### 8)


Glitch over, but well spotted OP.

Western Digital Green 240GB SATA M.2 2280 Internal SSD 240GB £43.49 @ Amazon
Found 10 h, 8 m agoFound 10 h, 8 m ago
Also have 120GB for only £27.98: ENHANCED STORAGE FOR YOUR EVERYDAY COMPUTING NEEDS For fast perf… Read more
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LOL, my 2012 Crucial M4 whips it!


If only it would fit my Macbook Pro mid 2014


Good price but a relatively slow 4 year old OCZ arc100 whips it!

John Williams: A Life In Music CD £1.65  (Prime) / £4.64 (non Prime) at Amazon
Found 10 h, 15 m agoFound 10 h, 15 m ago
First post. Some of the greatest movie themes all on one CD. Obviously if you don't have Prime then you have to pay for delivery unless you spend over £20.

Excellent deal when you got it! He's fantastic 😁


Yeah price is back up to £8.




Nice find. (y) Shows as £8 when adding to basket now though. :(


I've never heard of him, or his music. Is he a bit like that Ed Sheeran?

Robert Frederick Musical Gift Set in a printed Box - Harlequin, Assorted, Ages 7+, £4.42 (Prime)/£8.91 (Non-Prime) @ Amazon
Found 10 h, 23 m agoFound 10 h, 23 m ago
Says "1 In Stock (More On The Way)". I suppose this is for the toy box and then you put it away at night, so your little one doesn't surprise you at 5am! Music set Availabl… Read more
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Oh dear, more on the way then it totally deletes the listing! Sorry, guys, I thought it would simply revert to temporarily out of stock. Amazon bamboozles me sometimes.


Out of stock!

High As Hope by Florence + The Machine £1.65 prime / £2.64 non prime @ Amazon
Found 10 h, 24 m agoFound 10 h, 24 m ago
Released less than two months ago and £1.65 with prime! Maximum order quantity of 3 (Free delivery without prime with order over £20)
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So does he 😄


She looks like a man


Half decent songs spoiled by her dreadful foghorn voice. I fully agree with Liam Gallagher when he said she "sounds like someone's stood on her foot"


Might have been a glitch, all CDs back up in price now. Got this before the price change.


Is it me or does she look like a man?

Inateck 13-13.3 Inch Laptop Sleeve Case, Felt Laptop Bag  (for MacBook Air 13.3 Inch/13" MacBook Pro / Surface Pro) £9.99 Prime / £14.38 Non-prime Sold by Inateck and Fulfilled by Amazon
26/08/2018Expires on 26/08/2018Found 10 h, 41 m agoFound 10 h, 41 m ago
Stylish looking felt laptop carry case for anyone looking. Perfect for a 13" (or thereabouts) device such as a MacBook Air / Pro or a Surface Pro. Additional frount pouches make i… Read more

Brilliant thanks!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D


It's a cold from me I'm afraid


lol, was thinking the same


good idea, i will put jacob cream crackers in mine, when it arrives. I will be coolest dude in camden


Not sure its that ugly but your right it will wear like crazy. I bought a felt laptop bag from Amazon. Big mistake. Felt is an absolutely rubbish material. To the best of my knowledge it used to be a lining material and thats about all its good for.

Samsung 27inch 2560x1440 144Hz 4ms GtG VA panel Monitor  pre-order £219.99 Amazon
Found 10 h, 48 m agoFound 10 h, 48 m ago
Maybe I am missing something blindingly obvious, but this seems like a good deal to me. As far as I can tell this monitor is almost exactly the same as the one posted in this link… Read more
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For the price I think it'll be a considerable upgrade on my 23" asus tn.


It's VA, so between IPS and TN. It'll be ok, for there's no substitute for IPS if you're not going to game though.


For day to day development work what's this going to be like? I don't game and occasionally use a second monitor for music production? It's not IPS is it?


GTX 1080 will run both without too much trouble (the ultra-wide is about 30% more pixels though mind you). I ended up selling my 34" ultra-wide. For productivity it was immense, but not so much for gaming.


This ok for xbox one x?

Sony ILCE6000LB  A6000 Compact System Camera  with 16-50, £449.10 + £100 cashback at Amazon
Found 12 h, 0 m agoFound 12 h, 0 m ago
Sony have doubled their cash back on the A6000 today, along with Amazon being £50 cheaper than other retailers mean that you can get the A6000 with kit lens for £349.10 after cash … Read more

Tempted by the rx100 mark 3, works out at £350 after cashback


Ah didn't realise that. I've saved the T&C's just in case.


It was doubled to £100 in June (see screenshot taken June 20th), then went back to £50 at some point in July, now back to £100. Its up and down like a YoYo. The tracking still shows my cashback as awaiting validation but I received £50 from "Link" which was the cashback.


On the A6000? I was under the impression that they only doubled it to £100 today. Although that’s only because I got a newsletter from Wex advertising it: The sony cashback site has been updated to reflect the £100 cb on the A6000. Can’t see why they wouldn’t pay £100 unless you’d claimed when it was £50. Edit: Their T&C’s for the promo have been updated as well. Section 5b is new: Between the 15th Aug and 2nd sept it lists the items eligible for enhanced cashback (I.e. £100).


Nice deal Dazzla, well spotted and thanks for posting (highfive)

SanDisk SSD PLUS 960 GB SSD - £171.31 Amazon
Found 12 h, 55 m agoFound 12 h, 55 m ago
Yet another SSD

Intel Optane? Yikes. Not too sure about that one. LinusTechTips did a video on it a while ago, you should check it out, the performance was massively underwhelming if I remember correctly, unless you have a specific use case for it.


I'm looking for a large ssd, too go with an Intel OPTANE 32 GB on a x470 build using StoreMI, so i wouldn't need the big drive be that fast, what would be a good drive to use, this? Or something else.


This is also not that good a price for a 960/1tb ssd. They can easily be bought for 150 or less, for instance this 960gb adata su650 for £140 here


If you are going to spend this amount of money on an SSD you might as well buy a good one - samsung or crucial. This is a very basic cheaply built drive. I have one and wouldn't buy a Sandisk again until they up their game. It uses older technology, no dram controller, less warranty, less total writes and weaker components than most of the other drives I have.

Peppa Pig Book Bag £4.49 Free delivery @ Amazon sold by ramsdensdirect
Found 12 h, 56 m agoFound 12 h, 56 m ago
Description Product Description Ideal for those first days at school this cute bookbag comes in pink and features peppa pig on the side, a great way to encourage your little one to… Read more

Yeah most probably.


They probably noticed an increase in traffic so are trying to cash in.


Okay will change post thank you.


Gone up to £4.49 now



DeWalt 18v XR Reciprocating Saw - £87.45 for Amazon Prime members
Found 13 h, 28 m agoFound 13 h, 28 m ago
I was just about to purchase the one for £100 someone posted from Powertoolmate when I spotted this. It's an extra 4.49 for postage for non prime members which is still really good… Read more

I may be mistaken but I'm sure it mentioned £4.50 delivery for non prime members.


cheers op nice find, ordered & have some heat :)


Looks like it is prime only. You could get a free 30 day prime trial?


Re the Dewalt jigsaw Got a £10 amazon voucher code for using the amazon app for the 1st time with a new account/email last week, when I took up the 30 day free prime offer. Jigsaw worked out at £103.99 at the time direct from Amazon.Not sure if account specific. Maybe still on if it helps?


Yea. 10v fine for me. Can do with having it lightweight

HP Deskjet 2630 All-in-One Printer, Instant Ink with 3 Months Trial £24.99 @ Amazon
Found 13 h, 55 m agoFound 13 h, 55 m ago
Hp Printer deal that's £5 cheaper than posted before. First time post so forgive me if there are any errors.
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I bought mine from AO for £20 ( £30 original price and £10 cash back)


I'm really happy with my Instant Ink and my HP printer in general. You can get extra free Instant Ink months if you use a code from an existing user + some promotional codes that are available "out there".


No matter how hard you try, this is true.




Sorry I was caught using my phone at work so I rushed the posting.

Gillette Fusion ProShield Chill Razor with 3 Razor Blades Starter Pack £5 - amazon pantry. £2.99 delivery
Found 13 h, 56 m agoFound 13 h, 56 m ago
Gillette Fusion ProShield Chill Razor with 3 Razor Blades Starter Pack
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no stock ;(


That was a close shave....


Managed to get the last one (y)


Great bargain,I am a convert to Gillette Proglide. Those cheap buy 10 for a quid throwaway blades are a false economy. :{


Bought two, thanks.

WD 4TB Elements Portable Hard Drive £84.99 @ Amazon
Found 14 h, 29 m agoFound 14 h, 29 m ago
Seems to be the cheapest price around for a 4TB portable drive - beating the the Seagate at 89.99 which has been the cheapest for a while

Nice one


The 3TB one is on at £58.97 though which seems a cracking price!


Seems so



Nest Learning Thermostat, 3rd Generation £169.99 (sold by The Electrical Showroom) via Amazon
Found 14 h, 51 m agoFound 14 h, 51 m ago
Nest 3rd Generation sold by Elextrical Showroom via Amazon £169.99 delviered. Auto-Schedule: No more programming With Auto-Schedule, Nest learns from you and programs itself Au… Read more

I'd rather wait, pay less and have it installed and get a full refund if it can't be installed for any reason


You may well be right, but many wouldnt even want to attempt something like this


If you have a combi with a wireless thermostat fitting the Nest yourself is extremely easy. No need to pay anyone.


£5er cheaper direct... oops.


Ring Spotlight Cam (Battery & Wired) £169 Amazon
Found 15 h, 3 m agoFound 15 h, 3 m ago
This is £30 less than they normally go for. Price has dropped at Argos and Amazon. It may be the new lower price as it’s not showing as a deal on either location. Worth knowing abo… Read more

It has been £149 & £179 in the past, which were both good prices (especially at £149!) I would definitely recommend the Floodlight cam over the Spotlight Cam. The spotlight cam is ideal for smaller areas or if you wish to be a little discreet (like the front of your house). Out of the two, I prefer the Floodlight cam.


Yip thats the one Im waiting to drop below £180


The only niggle for me is that each recording is a 40 second snippet from the start of the movement being picked up by the sensor. It's a lot of money to spend on something that only records up to 40 seconds at a time! Same for the doorbell too, I mean I wouldn't change them because they do give me peace of mind. I've heard they are looking into this issue as there have been lots of complaints about the time of each recording. Shop around, see what works best for you and also keep in mind the additional cost of cloud storage if you wish to keep recordings


You are thinking of Nest and their setup. The Ring wired version of the Spotlight, is a mains cable with a 3 pin plug at one end and the light adapter at the other. This still makes life difficult, unless you have an outside mains socket, however I cut my plug off and fed the cable through a much smaller drill hole.


Thanks for that, it seems to be the general consensus. It's maddening why they attached such a large USB connector to the end of the wired version - it makes drilling a hole to feed the wire a bigger job because you have to account for the size of the usb connector (annoyed)

Logitech Spotlight Presentation Remote (Wireless Presenter, USB, Bluetooth, Magnify on Screen, Range 30 m) - Slate/Grey £64.99 Amazon lightning deal
TODAYTODAYFound 15 h, 25 m agoFound 15 h, 25 m ago
Highlight and magnify on screen: Use the advanced presenter pointer system to precisely highlight / magnify areas of focus in pixel-perfect detail. Visible to audience in-person an… Read more

I like it - great for the classroom. Thanks for posting. Heat from me.


Assistant can be a fan from the crowd depending on the type of presentation you're giving. This can be done for free. Alternatively, smartboards nowadays make it a doddle to navigate using your hand. If it's a HUGE presentation screen, one can just go to their laptop/computer and navigate from there. My point remains, there are cheaper ways to get around this.


How much should I pay the assistant each day?


thanks for your valuable input.


Keep an assistant at the desk and use a £1 toy laser to navigate.

Oyster 2 Mirror Chassis & Seat Unit £199.31 @ Amazon  sold by Direct2Mum
Found 15 h, 38 m agoFound 15 h, 38 m ago
Lie-Flat Recline making the stroller suitable from birth 4 Position, adjustable handle XL extendable hood with a built in sun visor (UPF 50+) Puncture free tyres made of PU rubber … Read more

I’ll ask her and let you know


Who's in charge in bed


But Amazon showing double price


All depends where and what you use the pram for IMO. I had a cheap imoov by kinderkraft travelset which I LOVED, all 4 tyres are air inflated which was perfect for country walks, only downside was the car seat wasn't isofix compatible. I got the oyster 2 Ltd edition in wolf grey from toys r us when in the sale and visually it's beautiful but practically I don't rate it. We even purchased the rear inflated tyres and it doesn't make a great difference on steering. Be careful of your fingers when folding the pram to put into your car aswell! It's not all bad as once you buy the car seat adapters it's a handy peice of kit for around an extra £15. If you're not bothered about a name brand or the isofix option I highly rate the kinderkraft imoov especially when they go on places like Groupon or precious little one with the voucher code


Ah awesome. Thank yooooou 8)

LEGO Dimensions 71202 - The Simpsons - Level Pack £7.51(Prime) / £10.50 (non Prime) at Amazon
Found 15 h, 48 m agoFound 15 h, 48 m ago
Attach Homer to the LEGO® Toy Tag and place him on the LEGO® Toy Pad to see him spring to life in the game. Activate his Sonar Smash and Big Transform abilities to overcome obstacl… Read more

You've posted lego deals yourself. Weirdo.


Make sure your kids grow up to be dumb. HOT Less competition for my own kids


Nice one. Ordered and heat added.


Brilliant price, no Simpsons theme tune though :/

Pre-order  Microsoft  Surface Go 10-Inch Tablet-PC on Amazon £379.99
Found 22 h, 7 m agoFound 22 h, 7 m ago
the higher specification model is £509.99. Our smallest, lightest Surface yet, new 10" Surface Go starts at just 522g and fits easily in your bag. It's also a full laptop any ti… Read more
Get dealGet deal

A lot of other people post pre-order items as well.


I was thinking about getting one of these, but the price jump for pen and keyboard cover put me off. Looking through reviews I found this one that goes in depth and shows how the tablet handles eveyday stuff. It's a good watch to see it in normal use rather than review use. If this is normal price though, as someone mentioned, i dont know how it can be posted as a deal.


Fake news :p


For people thinking about getting this but unsure about the 4gb ram model, check this out - an actual review of the 4gb version as opposed to reviewers just slating it and telling you to buy the 8gb version. Looks like a great value option as browsing and video watching product.


Au contrasts, I saw a review of the 8gb model that revealed that in fact everything they showed was the 4gb model. Naughty

Spear & Jackson - Traditional Border Fork £18.80 @ Amazon (£4.49 delivery non prime)
TODAYTODAYFound 23 h, 36 m agoFound 23 h, 36 m ago
Traditional border fork, shaft is 71.12 cm Mirror polished stainless steel head Rust resistant with minimal soil adhesion Weather proofed hardwood shaft for greater durability … Read more


Would this be ideal for leading mass protests, chasing scumbags and general pillaging ?


Fork off

Nilfisk D140 home and car pressre washer £189.99  @ Amazon ( deal of the day )
TODAYTODAYFound 23 h, 39 m agoFound 23 h, 39 m ago
Powerful 2400w motor is able to pump high water flow of up to 550l/h at a great working pressure of 135bar to give high cleaning impact. Cleaning 40sqm/h This powerful Nilfisk high… Read more

I know, it saves them a job that's all (y)



Thanks. Its already in the title deal of the day which means 24 hours only. :D . Also here we have very active happy helpers called MOD to fix things up.


@Baz417 If it helps you, within the options for posting the deal, there is the expiry option for the deal (today or 15/08), that way other users know when it ends. Otherwise the deal will still appear live, when it has ended come tomorrow. Thanks for posting!


Hot baz cheers. Sent you a cheeky trade request (embarrassed)

Integral 128 GB premium high speed micro SDXC memory card plus SD adapter with A1 app performance up to 100 MB/s, class 10, UHS-I, U3, V30 £27.99 @ MyMemory Amazon
Found 23 h, 58 m agoFound 23 h, 58 m ago
I was searching for a SD card capable of doing 4K on my Go Pro and found this... Integral 128 GB premium high speed micro SDXC memory card plus SD adapter with A1 app performance … Read more
Get dealGet deal

So far I've just been confirming that it works in a PC (via Kingston USB 3.0 card reader). It does, but as I mentioned the read & write speeds are significantly lower than the advertised spec. If anyone else gets one of these, could you post read/write speed figures? E.g. use CrystalDiskMark or H2testw


I didn’t think to check for cash back through MyMemory. I’ve ordered mine now so hopefully there’s no issues in my GoPro. What have you used yours in and any issues there?


You can go via TopCashback to MyMemory's site directly (not Amazon) for possible 4% cashback. I bought one of these a few days ago from MyMemory on eBay (when there was a 15% off eBay promotion). It arrived the other day, and I'm not really impressed so far. Testing in two different USB 3.0 readers, both read and write speed seems to be limited to ~68MB/sec, not the claimed 100/90.


Thanks, hopefully I'll be less sluggish than Samsung evo sd card


Heat added. So much storage for your money. Definitely recommend it to any Switch owner that hasn't got an SD card yet.

Cardhu Gold Reserve Single Malt Scotch Whisky, 70 cl - £25 (Prime members) @ Amazon
Found 14th AugFound 14th Aug
I know it's regularly been at this price, but good to stock up when it is! Decent enough malt.

YTD count =16 then. I will be sure to add this info again when this next gets posted (sometime in the next 2 weeks i suspect).


This has been posted 16 times in less than a year. Why would you stock up on something when it can virtually always be had at this price or less? Not worth £25 IMO, especially when you have Old Pultney 12 and Strathisla 12 often in this price bracket or less.


If you know anyone going to Spain, ask them to pick you up a bottle of the 12yo, it works out about that same price as the gold reserve and is readily available there 👌


Beautiful stuff.


The_Bounty_Bear: WARNING -...This is a Cardhu Gold deal police alert. The posting of a £25 deal for Cardhu Gold will alert the Cardhu Deal police because. It's nearly ALWAYS £25 somewhere. It has a artificially high RRP that makes £25 seem like a huge discount. It has numerous postings on this site in which comments will tell you it's worth £25. Please search the word Cardhu to see how often this gets posted at £25

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