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PhD Nutrition Diet Whey Protein Powder, 2 kg, Belgian Chocolate - £19.48 (Prime) £23.97 (Non Prime) @ Amazon
TODAYTODAYFound 3 h, 59 m agoFound 3 h, 59 m ago
Cheapest it's ever been
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 UK Version Single SIM 64GB + FREE 64GB Card from Amazon UK - £476.76
Found 4 h, 0 m agoFound 4 h, 0 m ago
Seems like a pretty decent price for a new Note 8 from Amazon with the free 64GB card? This is obviously the previous gen flagship from Samsung, but the spec is still pretty darn … Read more

got a note 9 for this price albeit not new but note 9 in excellent condition


I use it heavily (mainly professionally, but for casua use too), and also know many others who use it. It's a gimmick for some, but for those who use it, it's an extremely handy tool. But you got to know how to use it, otherwise, it's pointless.


Yes, looks like a bot dropping the price until it gets some bites? They probably do this all the time, as I have seen patterns like this before.


Price has shot back up. If as you summise it's all priced by algorithms, I guess a sudden rush of sales (due to the low price) has put the price back up?


I suppose it's slower which might be less of a strain on the battery. Could just use a lower power wired charger in that case (1A or similar)

AUKEY CC-Y4 USB C Car Charger 27W Dual Ports Car Adapter £4.99 delivered (+£4.49 non-prime) Sold by FD europe and Fulfilled by Amazon
Found 4 h, 4 m agoFound 4 h, 4 m ago
AUKEY CC-Y4 USB C Car Charger 27W Dual Ports Car Adapter £4.99 delivered (+£4.49 non-prime) Sold by FD europe and Fulfilled by Amazon 2 years Warranty Collect 50% off voucher f… Read more

I cant recall if mine lights up or not. which means if it does its very subtle


Piece of tape !


Its with led light ? I looking for something without light.

The Gro Company Gro Anywhere Portable Blackout Blind with Suction Cups DEAL OF THE DAY £17.99 (Prime) / £21.98 (non Prime) at Amazon
TODAYTODAYFound 4 h, 4 m agoFound 4 h, 4 m ago
RRP £34.99
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Great idea, thanks!


These are brilliant if like myself you work night shifts. I don't use the suckers to attach it though because it takes too long to get a complete blackout plus we have vertical blinds that get in the way when fitting it, what I did was stick a few small pieces of adhesive backed velcro around the outer window wall in the same places that the blind already has Velcro sewn in and now it only takes seconds to attach and get total darkness in the room.

Aerocool Aero-500 Gaming Case with Window and Card Reader Mini ITX/Micro ATX/ATX  - White, £28.89 at Overclockers on Amazon
Found 4 h, 40 m agoFound 4 h, 40 m ago
Free delivery. Superb gaming case aimed for great airflow performance. Specially designed top metal cover with extended depth to easily install 240mm water… Read more

Great deal - the mesh front makes a big difference. Shame there's no PSU shroud, but for the price this is a steal!


Thought that was a paper shredder at first!

Pot Noodle Original Curry 12 pack £6 prime / £10.49 non prime @ Amazon
Found 4 h, 46 m agoFound 4 h, 46 m ago
Do you use subscribe and save if so you could get these Pot noodles for £5.10 I hope this helps somebody I just thought it was not to bad a deal and I haven’t posted anything for a… Read more
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Good idea I will need to try add veg. I suppose it is saving money at the same time especially in the summer when you have tons of the same vegetables out of the vegetable patch in the garden we always have to many courgettes. Thanks for the ideas x


Thanks for the info I posted the deal but I didn’t order it because I like chicken and mushrooms and I’ve been looking for them at 50p so Iceland hear I come x


That isn't making it healthy. It's still got all that salt and palm oil etc in it, no matter what you add. Adding vegetables doesn't counter the rubbish that's in them. If you're going to the extent of adding things to a pot noodle just make yourself a fresh noodle salad!


You can always make them healthy by adding green vegetables, like peas, edmame beans kale, spinach, mixed vegetables, avacado etc. Otherwise they are just white flour, palm oil, salt and chilli etc. Green vegetables are full of fibre, minerals and vitamins.


short of throwing it away and not eating it, you can't make a Pot noodle healthy,

Corsair Vengeance LPX 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR4 3000MHz, £211.54 at Amazon
Found 4 h, 53 m agoFound 4 h, 53 m ago
Each Vengeance LPX module is built with a pure aluminium heat spreader for faster heat dissipation and cooler operation Available in multiple colours to match your mot… Read more



I know right, I’d love my ram to be multi coloured so I can overclock it further than non rgb ram!!


If only it had RGB! 😝

Big Discounts on LIFX Bulbs on Amazon UK. Smart light bulbs just like Philips Hue e.g LIFX (E27) Wi-Fi Smart LED £36.80 @ Amazon
Found 5 h, 22 m agoFound 5 h, 22 m ago
Big discounts on Amazon UK for LIFX which are smart bulbs just like Philips Hue. Up to 33% off the price for these bulbs and no hub is required. Only the bulbs and wifi! Best Pr… Read more
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Good price, I opted for Hue a few years ago and wish I had gone for LIFX, the integrated smart light switches and sockets are an area Phillips seem to be neglecting with Hue.


Ouch GU10s are still very expensive


"just like Philips Hue." Yet worse in every conceivable way.


Ya, they become addictive, I definitely did not buy them all at the same time. I still have another 20 until all the lights are Lifx (waiting for the GU10's to drop in price) Its when you make recipes like a "Live light" red light outside your office. I work from home so when my calendar has a busy meeting in it the light at my office door goes red until it is over. The number of times it has saved me because I forgot about a meeting and was making a coffee....


2 years ago I also thought that will need just couple of smart lights... Now just couple of dumb left :)

L'Oreal Men Expert Barber Club 3-in-1 Beard, Hair & Face Wash, 200ml £4.20 prime / £8.69 non prime @ Amazon
Found 5 h, 37 m agoFound 5 h, 37 m ago
Good deal for people with beards!
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Hot! Got some for the wife...


I use this from Savers (high st store) is usually 99p -


Necessary, no. But like many people I find shampoo to drying for my beard. This L'oreal product didn't suit me either and I found the best thing to wash my beard with is hair conditioner. We are all a bit different and what suits one may not another so there will always be trial and error in the beginning (and wasted products).


I purchased quite a few of these and other similar products of the loreal brand from Sainsbury's in burton on Trent for 20p each. I've used it but can't say I've noticed a huge difference.


I have been using it for 2 months now and absolutely love it. It is foamy so a bottle lasts ages, doesn't dry out the beard and you get a nice manly smell, but not too strong which is just perfect. This is usually £10 in supermarkets but Amazon often do deals on it so by the time you finish the bottle, it will be £4-5 again. Just to warn you - people complained about their beard oil in another thread. Apparently it contains alcohol, which is dries out the beard instead of moisturizing it. If that is true then avoid the oil, pointless.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day (4K UHD) £2.99 Amazon prime
Found 6 h, 13 m agoFound 6 h, 13 m ago
Terminator 2: Judgment Day (4K UHD Amazon prime.

Regret not buying the 4k fire stick now


Just saying but I have an 80mb connection and 4K streaming is awesome and as far stream over internal WiFi even better in 4K. Perhaps it’s a service or internal home issue that is hindering you.


IME all the 4K stuff is rubbish on Amazon (in fact any streaming service). You just can't get the speeds to get decent frame rate full 4K to your TV over the web. Crikey I can't even stream over internal WiFi fast enough, only way I can get proper full on 4K to the TV fast enough is on a fast memory stick in the TV's USB drive.


Thanks, purchased. Now I need to stop thinking about the plot hole.


My Hisense TV has the Amazon app and playes 4K media from Amazon

MSI GAMING X TRIO OC 2080 £654.99 @ Amazon
Found 6 h, 26 m agoFound 6 h, 26 m ago
Cheapest it’s been on camel, very good card
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got mine a month ago for £820, very good card, very pretty LED system too


Don't want to start an Intel vs AMD war here, but may worth waiting a couple of weeks (7th Feb) on the new AMD Radeon 7 and see what it brings on the table. It may even push the NVidia GPU card prices down further (not by much I guess).


I swear this is the most HUKD has cost me yet... Thanks OP... I think.


What i like most about these RTX cards is DLSS. I have seen a 30% FPS increase with 5% less VRAM use in an online comparison with a 1080Ti. Clever stuff like that is what makes these cards interesting. Still the price is sill high so wont be looking unless they drop in price or i can grab a bargain somewhere.


As has been said, good price for an overpriced card. If there was any form of competition in the high end gpu market this would be £500 with the 2080ti at £800. Then I would maybe consider buying one.

Anker PowerCore Speed 10000 QC, Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 £20.99 Delivered Sold by AnkerDirect and Fulfilled by Amazon
TODAYTODAYFound 6 h, 50 m agoFound 6 h, 50 m ago
Amazons deal of the day and a decent price for the spec of this powerbank. QC 3.0 means a lightning fast charge to compatible devices. Lower price for today only, no code needed! :… Read more

Not the same model? No QC3.0


Does anyone know if the QC3.0 chip allows quick charge both ways? My iPhone doesn’t support QC, but if I were using a QC3.0 wall charger for the power bank does it charge quicker than normal 2A wall charger?

mohammedali786 £14.99 @ MyMemory (+ 4% topcashback)

Greatest Showman, Jurrasic World Fallen Kingdom, Blackklansman and other films - digital editions £2.99 on Amazon Prime Video
Found 7 h, 1 m agoFound 7 h, 1 m ago
Amazon have reduced a number of recent films on prime video to £2.99 to own. Films include Greatest Showman Skyscrapper Blackklansman Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Deadpool 2 Sic… Read more

Directly on your TV: Yes as long as you have the App Download on your PC: No its not possible to do that, the only way to download and watch later is if you have a Kindle fire tablet. (as far as i know)


Damn you! Too many films! I noticed you can rent the commuter for £6.99 or buy it for £2.99. Tough choice.


A couple of stupid questions.... 1. Could I watch directly on my TV, Samsung NU8000? 2. Is it streaming only, or can you download to watch offline, on a PC?


Terminator 2 is £2.99 for the 4K version on Amazon.


It's just HD not 4k.

Kingston DT100G3/32GB DataTraveler 100 G3, USB 3.0, 3.1 Flash Drive, 32 GB, Black  £4.40 (Prime) / £5.39 (non Prime) at Amazon
Found 7 h, 6 m agoFound 7 h, 6 m ago
Kingston DT100G3/32GB DataTraveler 100 G3, USB 3.0, 3.1 Flash Drive, 32 GB, Black £4.40 on Prime

The g4 version is a bit faster and is often available at a reasonable price.


I have loads of pendrives. This is the only one that has died on me so far.


This is slow, but I must admit my DataTraveler has been going strong for years. I remember buying it back in uni and it was abused quite bad back then. Quality product and if you don't need transfer speed, it is a steal for £4.40. Hot!


I look at these and similar ones as 32GB stick for cheap and for non urgent transfers where I can be patient. Cheap but not fast. Faster cost more.


Reviews don’t look great... can anyone recommend a faster USB Flash Drive for similar price? Thanks

Joules Women's Coast Coat £31.22 prime (RRP £89.95) Size 8 Amazon
Found 7 h, 18 m agoFound 7 h, 18 m ago
This price is for the Red Size 8 - other colours and sizes are available but at a higher price. Great reviews!
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They have two versions on Amazon red sky and Red red sky, the redder looking one comes under red sky the pink red red sky.


They do have a red model but this noted as red sky in the Colorado and if you Google that it how's pink versions. Review photo also shows pink


I’ve seen these in our local shop and they’re definitely red


Thanks ordered Size 12 only £33.63!


:/ Review say it's actually pink..... Red would be good but not pink not sure whether to risk it

TaoTronics Magnetic Wireless Bluetooth 4.2 Sports earphones with Mic - £10.49 Prime / £14.98 non prime @ Amazon / Sunvalleytek-UK
22/01/2019Expires on 22/01/2019Found 8 h, 21 m agoFound 8 h, 21 m ago
Nice discount, especially for non-prime members, which is about 50p less than the last offer. ideal for gym goers / runners (better than cables getting in the way) For this price,… Read more

I bought something similar a few months ago, accidentally snapped them lol


Had two pairs of this, both had a battery issue. Great while they lasted, but I would consider them disposable to an extent. 3-9 months of daily commute.


This is why I come on hotukdeals. Been looking around for a pair for gyming. Thanks!


Just got a pair of these and very impressed. On offer at the moment too. Slightly better reviews/spec for not a lot more (y)


I've got these and a pair of Bose QC30 QuietControl. Obviously not a straight comparison, but with the QC30's basically falling to pieces (Bose have agreed just this morning to swap for a new pair) I would suggest anyone with an active lifestyle use these during their active times.

Anker 49.5W Wall Charger - PowerIQ 2.0 / USB Type-C Power Delivery upto 30w £20.79 delivered at AnkerDirect / Fulfilled by Amazon
Found 8 h, 49 m agoFound 8 h, 49 m ago
Amazon Deal of The Day - This looks pretty good for £20.79. This one is up to 30W PD USB-C and up to 19.5W output via USB. No codes or promo drop downs to click. just add to baske… Read more

Nice to see Power Delivery USB Type C wall chargers coming down in price. Have some heat OP!


Reviews indicate it charges the Nintendo Switch while playing undocked. Looks ideal for my needs, thanks!

Split £2.49 HD on Amazon Prime Video (Glass in Cinemas Now)
Found 9 h, 16 m agoFound 9 h, 16 m ago
Writer/director/producer M. Night Shyamalan returns with an original thriller that delves into the mysterious recesses of one man's fractured, gifted mind. Though Kevin (James McAv… Read more

Well, if a bad film is 'cheap' it doesn't matter. I'm still not going to buy it even for a penny. So both!


Film or deal? I agree the film isn't great.


This ain't great...


You don't need Amazon Prime to purchase this!


I know James Macavoy is in this film so why is Tom Hanks on the cover :/

The Legend of Zelda Tri Force Heroes (Nintendo 3DS) £9.68 (Prime) £12.67 (Non-Prime) Delivered @ Amazon
Found 9 h, 42 m agoFound 9 h, 42 m ago
In the visual style of the critically-acclaimed The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds game comes a new adventure. In this journey, three players team up - each as Link - to co… Read more

Thank you.


Ahh, thanks. Actually Metacritic was unusually helpful on this one, "Play it with friends in person its a 9-10. Play it with friends online and its a 8-9. Play it with good strangers online and its a solid 8. Play it with trolls and laggy idiots online and its a 6-7. Play it alone and the game is at its worst and around a 6" - Alexiace


I have played it. You control all of the little links one at a time to complete puzzles. The single player works better than multi imho. That said, it’s the only Zelda game in the whole series I have never felt inclined to finish. It’s a good zelda themed game, but is it a zelda game? Probably not.


I have not played it myself. But the user score on metacritics is 7.5, I take it it is a good game.


I've always avoided this game, without knowing a great deal about it. It says there is a single player campaign, but is it any good? I'm certainly a big LoZ fan, but on this occasion I'm thinking more of my children (ages 6-12).

Fireblitz BETA Aerosol 1.1kg (950g of poweder) fire extinguisher for £8 sold by Safelincs at Amazon
Found 11 h, 26 m agoFound 11 h, 26 m ago
Great little fire extinguisher from a trusted manufacturer for a resonable price (According to camelcamelcamel: Average = £14.05, Lowest = £11.07)
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Poweder is a powered up :(


If you already have a powder fire extinguisher then remember to give it a shake every year to stop the powder compacting.Powder is good for many types of fire so is quite versatile🔥 :D




Camel prices look like my mood swing chart.


I’m getting £17.26. Probably the highest price it’s ever been.

PHD Diet whey 2KG All flavours REDUCED! £19.49 (Prime) / £23.98 (non Prime) at Amazon
TODAYTODAYFound 11 h, 28 m agoFound 11 h, 28 m ago
Is this a better protein for losing weight from my tummy whilst retaining my biceps? (cheeky)
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I managed to get it to work But tried all the combinations for it to happen


25% off seems to be the 1Kg bags only, and they're over double the price of the 2Kg bags


Some have the 25% off if you spend £50 If you look under the price. Hope it helps Good price and product


Great price. Also if you subscribe and save as low as 16 pounds odd.

The Gro Company Gro-Egg Room Thermometer, £11.99 at amazon(+4.99 delivery non prime)
TODAYTODAYFound 13 h, 49 m agoFound 13 h, 49 m ago
Deal of the day. Easy-to-use room thermometer that changes colour to indicate temperature Reminds you at a glance to adapt the baby's bedding or room environment Provides a so… Read more

Totally agree regarding the plug socket. With its size, would have assumed it was rechargeable but its not. And the size of the charger cable at the point its plugged into the device is rather excessive too.


These are simply useless. Not bright enough for a nightlight and the Temp is questionable. At it consumes a plug socket when it looks like it could run for weeks on a single battery.


Nope, no remote ability.


Meh, we have one of these and the temperature seems way off and the light has barely enough power to light anything.


Can you see what the room temperature is remotely from these?

Max Factor Miracle Glow Duo Pro Illuminator, Creamy Highlighter, 1-Light @ Amazon Deal Of The Day £6.39 Prime £10.88 Non Prime
TODAYTODAYFound 17 h, 17 m agoFound 17 h, 17 m ago
this can also be added to subscribe and save for as little as £5.43 Soft, creamy, lightweight formula Healthy looking glow to boost skin's radiance Right side shade contains mi… Read more
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thanks polar :)


Great deal.. I know my daughter's really into highlighters right now.

Simple Kind to Skin Shower Gel Refreshing 500 ml - Pack of 6 @ Amazon £7.20 Prime £11.69 Non Prime 15% voucher see post
Found 17 h, 28 m agoFound 17 h, 28 m ago
not quite as cheap as my November deal but still great value here.add the 15% voucher to subscribe and save.then you can get a further 5-15% off for having 1-5 items in your subscr… Read more
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thanks dee :)


thanks zeek :)


(embarrassed) (embarrassed) (embarrassed)


Thank you, another bargain for the Uni box (y)


Thanks @amazoncrazy got mine for £5.04 with S&S

Oral-B SmartSeries 6500 CrossAction Electric Toothbrush Rechargeable £69.99 Amazon
TODAYTODAYFound 17 h, 29 m agoFound 17 h, 29 m ago
Toothbrush Rechargeable Powered By Braun, 1 Black Connected Handle, 5 Modes Including Whitening and Gum Care, 4 Toothbrush Heads, 1 Smart Guide, 1 Case Bluetooth communication b… Read more

paid this price for the 9000

LED Lenser LED9807 T7.2 Tactical Torch, 320 Lumens £28.99 Amazon
TODAYTODAYFound 17 h, 32 m agoFound 17 h, 32 m ago
Powerful, 320 Lumen LED torch with a 260m Beam Range Speed Focus enables smooth single-handed beam focusing Fast Lock - locks the beam position and prevents accidental refocusing… Read more

I've got a lenser and this The poor lenser gets lost in the shadow of it.


Heat added, I purchased this model back in 2016 after dropping a cheap torch and it breaking. Ive dropped this numerous times without any issues, great torch.


Yep good price for a good quality well engineered product. I have the T7M which has some nice added features, high intensity rapid strobe and flashing SOS mode


Great torch, had the previous model for years in all weathers. Great price too. Heat.


Good price. People voting cold because it’s not as cheap as the Chinese rip offs for £2 delivered. Not slating those cheaper versions but they aren’t comparable. Lenser torches are great for what you pay for them especially at this price.

Rimmel Magnif'eyes 12 Pan Eyeshadow Palette, Spice Edition, 14 g @ Amazon Deal Of The Day £5.82 Prime £10.31 Non Prime
TODAYTODAYFound 17 h, 40 m agoFound 17 h, 40 m ago
12 skin tone complementing colours ALL-IN-ONE eyeshadow, liner and highlighter palette High-shimmer, ultra-smooth, blendable formula Create an endless combinations of looks Per… Read more
Ends Today: Silicon Power 240GB S55 2.5"7mm SATA III Internal SSD, Read up to: 520MB/s, 3K P/E Cycle Toggle for £24.69 Delivered @ Amazon UK
TODAYTODAYFound 17 h, 41 m agoFound 17 h, 41 m ago
Use the further 5% Voucher as well. Dispatched from and sold by Amazon. Gift-wrap available. Remarkable read/write speeds up to 460/370 MB/sec Enable short boot time and qu… Read more

That's strange, i bought it but the total was 26.99.. no way


Just purchased one and the voucher is still there, going to put music on it and stick it in the car.


Provided your internet is decent yes. But I don't want to stream my entire music library...


The voucher is no there anymore


Does anyone actually still download porn in 2019? (lol) Honestly, 240GB will be enough if you don't work or game on your PC. We live in a world of cloud storage and streaming, embrace it - it is really convenient! (y)

ManCave Essentials Wash Bag Set - Amazon Exclusive @ Amazon Deal Of The Day £17 Prime £21.49 Non Prime
TODAYTODAYFound 17 h, 44 m agoFound 17 h, 44 m ago
Set contains: Cedarwood Shower Gel 200ml, Caffeine Shampoo 200ml, Original Moisturiser 100ml, Face + Stubble Daily Cleanser 100ml & Eucalyptus Deodorant 75ml Vegan-friendly &a… Read more
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thanks tall :)


This isn't a bad deal if you will use all of these products. But until the end of January, you can use the following deal to get all this (minus the bag if you don't need it) for £12.20. Plus you might not want all those products, so can switch some for ones you do this way.


Why have I got a notification for this ? Not a keyword notification, its as if I've commented.

Silicon Power USB Flash Drive 64 GB Ultima U03 with Retractable USB Conn - Black for £9.39 prime (+£4.49 N P) Delivered @ amazon Uk
TODAYTODAYFound 17 h, 44 m agoFound 17 h, 44 m ago
White for £8.99 Dispatched from and sold by Amazon. Gift-wrap available . Compact and retractable USB connector Operating temperature 0° C to 70° C Certification : CE/FCC/BSM… Read more
Ballistix Elite 8 GB (DDR4, 2666 MT/s) Memory £41.38 @ Amazon
Found 18 h, 28 m agoFound 18 h, 28 m ago
Ballistix elite 8 GB (DDR4, 2666 MT/s) Memory £41.38 @ Amazon Only 5 in stock
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:S :S


Funnily enough.. Hmmm, I actually haven't checked whats in mine.


Then we should pray for all the Nvidia 2xxx owners (y)


I've only ever had 2 sticks or ram die on me and one was a Crucial Balistix (Crucial replaced it with a bog standard budget stick!) The other was a micron or elpida laptop ram iirc. Samsung and Hynix chips are best.



Full HD Dell Inspiron 15 3000 15.6 Inch laptop with 1 TB harddisk, i3 processor, full HD 1080p - £379.99 @ Amazon
Found 19 h, 59 m agoFound 19 h, 59 m ago
Full HD dell 15.3 lnch laptop with 1 TB hard disk, i3 processor DVD inbuilt and HD graphics amazon provides 2 years accidental and protection for extra 65 pounds (not mandatory) pr… Read more

We bought 2 of these on black Friday 3 years ago £199. They have never reduced them since.


What do you want? A blueray player? How else are you going to store that essential download of a MS disk an emergency boot disk or some really good film. 8.5GByes is a good size to keep a high quality copy of an HD film. Or play a CD. Hard disks may fail after 5 years or so. Ok, you may have a USB DVD drive, but who wants to carry a portable with a seperate external drive and wires when they always used to be built in. The only excuse for not having them included is an ultrabook where the sides are simply too narrow to fit them in.. Actually, I think it's an attempt to reduce still further the periferal connections to laptops. To save them minute amounts of money. Hopefully no-one will notice.


Ooh a laptop with a dvd drive? What year is this I wonder!!!




7th generation i3 unfortunately

RTX 2060 VENTUS 6G OC. OOS currently for £327.59 at Amazon
Found 20 h, 11 m agoFound 20 h, 11 m ago
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This is why democracy is a terrible idea.


Seems more likely that the 1660 (if released) will perform lower than the 2060 by some margin. You’d be crazy to buy a 2060 if the 1660 was much cheaper and still performed the same just without RTX or DLSS, but we can hope. My guess is that the 1660 will slot in at £250 ish and just beat the RX590. (But what do I know, I’m usually wrong).


I'm not sure about the 2060 the 2080 can struggle with retracing enabled, and if you're not going to be running RTX enhancement you may be better off waiting on the rumoured 1660


I would take it's a choice from the usual two on the go just now. Scan has it, but i dont know for sure with Amazon. I am only seeing 2070's with the promotion.


İs there any game with this gpu? Btw my payment screen shows 5000 dollars shipping price. its like i am living at the moon :)

AmazonWarehouse - Miele Complete C3 Cat and Dog Powerline Bagged Vacuum Cleaner £158.58
Found 20 h, 17 m agoFound 20 h, 17 m ago
I'm guessing there is only 1 of these available on Amazon Warehouse. Hands down an amazing vacuum, made to last. Normal price is £220-£260 for brand new. Chances are this is in … Read more
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Excellent vac cleaner. Bought this maybe eight years ago when we had our last dog a dark haired Collie cross. Cleaned up after her perfectly. Still works well. Recommend.


Used - Acceptable is the condition Amazon lists it as.

OnePlus 6T A6013 McLaren Speed Edition 10 GB/256 GB Smartphone - Speed Orange @ (Amazon Warehouse - Used but Like New) - £636.02
Found 20 h, 27 m agoFound 20 h, 27 m ago
Wanted to buy one of these when they were released and noticed that one is available to buy from Amazon Warehouse in a used but like new condition for a little less than the previo… Read more
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brilliant, there are local to me so ordered online and picked up from their store in bolton. Returned without any issues even though it was opened and played with


Any ideas what scan are like as a company?


available here new and in stock


Thanks, heat


Weird considering I would have thought that this phone would only be bought by OnePlus fans who knew EXACTLY what they were getting for that much money.