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NESCAFÉ Gold Cappuccino Original, 8 sachets, 136g (Pack of 6, Total 48 Sachets) £7.50 @ amazon prime exclusive
Found 6 h, 35 m agoFound 6 h, 35 m ago
NESCAFÉ Gold Cappuccino Original, 8 sachets, 136g (Pack of 6, Total 48 Sachets)
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I really like these. our Asda has them for £1.50 a box


Add a scoop of instant coffee and this taste great like the original flavour.


No the usual price is £9.


Sure they are only 99p a box in home bargains. My mum and sister love them I think they're awful.


IMHO, this is terrible product. I have tried it and hated it. Not voting either way as each to their own taste. If you must have this then get the Kenco version. That is much much better.

Bosch ALS 2500 Electric Garden Blower and Vacuum £44.99 @ amazon
TODAYTODAYFound 7 h, 1 m agoFound 7 h, 1 m ago
Variable blowing speed up to 300 km per hour for light sweeping to remove sticky, wet leaves 2500 W motor gives powerful performance with up to 800 cu m per hour volume flow rate;… Read more

Raking up leaves is one of the few, low-impact garden chores that I almost enjoy.......and now they want to take even that away from me. :(


Bought this a couple of weeks ago after our B&D one died (give Homebase their due though they did refund after 10 months) Much more powerful and a decent bag...bit fiddly to change from blow to vac but happy so far.


Not a bad deal but I think I will leaves it

MSI RX580 8gb Armor £229.99 Amazon
Found 7 h, 32 m agoFound 7 h, 32 m ago
Prices are starting to come back down so it may be worth holding on for a better price but I thought this isn't too bad for an MSI rx580.

To be honest I do not particularly think this is an amazing deal. The Armor series heatsink/fan is extremely budget in comparison to the gaming x series of the MSI range. For the Extra £4 it is worth getting one, alongside 3 free games [here] from eBuyer. For those that do not mind buying used then it is worth looking for bargains on RX480s on eBay, with only minor improvements with the RX580 you can get some very good bang for buck deals on RX480s.


Of course, if like me you have a freesync monitor.


And Freesync support!


In the same PCI-E slot x16 :p Serious answer, comparable to the Nvidia GTX1060 but with more texture detail.


Where does this fit compared to Nvidia cards?

Tanquery Rangpur Gin 70cl £20 @ Amazon
Found 7 h, 48 m agoFound 7 h, 48 m ago
Distilled four times with Tanqueray’s standard gin botanicals of juniper, coriander, angelica and liquorice. Then rangpur, ginger and bay leaves are added to provide an easy-drinki… Read more

I got a litre of Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla on the plane on the way out to Lanzarote after recommendations. It's rather nice too, delicate and definitely orange-y! Half of it came back, still working my way through it :D


It's one of my absolute favs. Just finished a litre bottle from Alicante duty free (party)


Nice gin, tried it in an airport recently. Also £20 at Asda a.t.m.

Bury Them Cheap - Hardcover - £1.50 (Prime) / £4.49 (non Prime) at Amazon
Found 7 h, 51 m agoFound 7 h, 51 m ago
EXPIRED. ! somebody got a bargain. The book describes how to make various shrouds and coffins both cheaply and easily. None of the shrouds and coffins described in the book … Read more

Nourish the back garden and delight the wildlife, always hide this book after a domestic.


Dead good! Heat


The seller just saved thousands burying a loved one and wants more so sells their book. Poor form seller


Why bury when you can melt them down!!!


"The perfect gift this Christmas"

Crucial Ballistix BLS2C4G4D240FSE Sport LT 8 GB (4 GB x 2) DDR4 2400 MT/s DIMM 288-Pin Memory Kit £32.95 @ Amazon
Found 8 h, 2 m agoFound 8 h, 2 m ago
Crucial Ballistix BLS2C4G4D240FSE Sport LT 8 GB (4 GB x 2) DDR4 2400 MT/s DIMM 288-Pin Memory Kit 13Left on Amazon after I stole 2. 16Gb for £65 if your motherboard has 4 slots, … Read more

A sign of things to come I would not be in a rush to buy there will be more opportunity


Mine have been dispatched too


I was stupid enough to opt in for £1 no rush delivery credit lololol


Mine was dispatched so hopefully it will arrive tomorrow :D


dang wish the 1x8GB was this price

Tanqueray No 10 Gin 70cl £24.35 @ Amazon - Prime exclusive
Found 8 h, 16 m agoFound 8 h, 16 m ago
Cheapest it has ever been on Amazon for a single bottle. Normally £32 ish in the supermarkets, down to £27 in Tesco at the moment. Very cheap for this lovely gin.

I think I missed the other deal because I searched for Tanqueray 10 as apposed to ten.


The earlier deal was for £25 a bottle, with a further £10 off the £50 if you buy two. So £40 for two bottles or £20 a bottle. I didn't see that deal. And camelcamelcamel doesn't only take into consideration the price before voucher. My search on here didn't bring up that deal, but I stand corrected.


Hendricks is the best gin!


The same could be said for buying bread, milk, and just about anything at a supermarket. To make simple syrup you have to boil water. I like to be able to want a drink and then take the first sip within a few minutes, not the time it takes to boil and then cool water. Each to their own though.


Are you insane? Why would buy simple syrup when it's about 10p to make?! Also way to ruin your drink

Samsung MZ-76E500B/EU 500 GB 860 EVO £76.95 @ amazon
Found 8 h, 27 m agoFound 8 h, 27 m ago
Cheapest i've seen these.
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Maybe its the cheapest. But If you are gamer then Ebuyer has better deal. Because they add latest Assassins Creed game worth at least 35 pounds for free


I've learned the hard way to buy only when the seller is Amazon. YMMV Voted hot, because it's no skin off my nose who you buy from.

[Nintendo Switch] Super Mario Odyssey £40 from Amazon with free delivery
Found 8 h, 45 m agoFound 8 h, 45 m ago
Super Mario Odyssey game for Nintendo Switch from Amazon with free delivery. I know it is still quite expensive, but could not find cheaper.

My predictions are based on last year's Black Friday.


the recent upward trend in pricing begs to differ.


Actually Nintendo Switch will almost certainly have Black Friday deals. Here's my predictions: - Nintendo Switch with game for £250- - Nintendo Switch Messenger Bag for £16-


Yeah every post on here for the next month will have someone giving it ‘hurr durr Black Friday’ even when it’s stuff that’s unlikely to drop in price


So many people say this each year and it’s just a big disappointment of trash that companies can’t sell.

Adidas Essentials Logo Large hoodie hoody grey Large £12.62 prime / £17.11 non prime @ amazon
Found 9 h, 10 m agoFound 9 h, 10 m ago
Adidas Essentials Logo Large hoodie hoody grey 12.62 @ amazon

Managed to get one, arriving Saturday. Thanks, OP. On another note, it's £13 for an Adidas hoodie. It's hot.


Pure tack


Yeah, you do get some strange ones on here nowadays.


It would look fine under a nice Gilet. Badge would be hidden.


Yeah, I'm sure they're nice really, they'll grow out of it, they're just having a laugh, right?

Jack Daniel's Gentleman Jack Tennessee Whiskey, 70 cl - £20 - Amazon Prime Exclusive
Found 9 h, 14 m agoFound 9 h, 14 m ago
Great price. It was 50p more than this on Prime Day and around the same price this time last year. Also £20 at Asda but no cheaper anywhere else.
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Have a Kleenex errr mmm extra large, yes extra large :{


Step away from my privilege, bruh.


Cold from me This sexist, offensive rubbish should be removed from their shelves immediately. I am going to go straight onto Twitter once I have posted this and will make such a big song and dance about this, so other idiots can retweet and show everyone how disgusting this is being we are now in 2018.




Got the Makers Mark for £20 a few days ago. Probably prefer Gentleman Jack.

Sapphire Pulse Radeon RX 580 8G GDDR5 Dual HDMI/DVI-D/Dual DP Graphics Card - Black £248.98 @ Amazon
Found 9 h, 31 m agoFound 9 h, 31 m ago
SAPPHIRE Technology is a leading manufacturer and global supplier of innovative components and solutions for PC systems for both consumer and professional applications. From its or… Read more

Great GPU but I have paid same sir my RX 480 nitro + 2 years ago so niw it should be well under 200 mark to be competitive. Thus time cold even if AMD deal.

Ussasx32 XFX RX 580 8gb GTS XXX Edition is £219...


With the MSI Armor RX 570 8GB with 3 free games for under £160 last week, this is far too expensive. I wouldn't pay more than £200 for an RX 580 8GB now, even if it's a good one like this. RX 600 rumours that it's out soon as well (die shrink of this). Also just noticed it's not even the Nitro+ cooler, just the Pulse. Way too expensive...

'71 Blu Ray £3.88 (Prime) / £6.87 (non Prime) at Amazon
Found 10 h, 33 m agoFound 10 h, 33 m ago
Harrowing urban survival thriller, set during the peak of the Troubles in Northern Ireland. Deals with the growing fear and paranoia and conspiracies brewing in those awful times, … Read more

What's mdf?


Jack O Connell= MDF....Awful film


Voted cold..... Expected 71 blu rays (poo)


Great film. My dad was a soldier in Northern Ireland in 1971 and he said he could really relate to this film, and the tension that was brewing at the time.


I had a brand new one from Poundland.. Might be worth checking to see if any still have it in stock.

Alien Anthology (1-4) Blu Ray Box set £9.99 prime / £12.98 non prime @ Amazon
Found 11 h, 33 m agoFound 11 h, 33 m ago
The first four movies including director's cuts of 1 and 2 and a HD restored version of the assembly cut of 4. Minimal extras though the first two include awesome commentaries. A/v… Read more

Good price but me personally think this one is better for a extra £3.50


Heat added. £9.99 (prime) and including the director's cuts (of which Aliens) is brilliant - is a good price.

Cardhu Gold Reserve Single Malt Scotch Whisky 70cl £25 Amazon
Found 12 h, 10 m agoFound 12 h, 10 m ago
Cardhu Gold Reserve Bottling Note Cardhu is the latest Diageo distillery to have a little core range shake up with the launch of a no age statement single malt (or two). Created us… Read more

Ive ordered this from amazon before never arrived so the delivery driver must have liked it......


It's already hot 😁


Cardhu Gold or Cardhu Cold, this is the question. :/


It’s a very drinkable whisky and I wouldn’t be disappointed if somebody bought me a bottle, but as others have said, its probably only just about worth the £25. Wish they wouldn’t try and deceive people with inflated RRP’s


Bulleit, Maker's Mark, Buffalo Trace and Woodford Reserve are great places to start. Wild Turkey 101 is my favorite affordable bourbon, but it's a fair bit stronger than many scotch drinkers are used to.

Lego 41597  BrickHeadz Go Brick Me Construction Character £19.50  (Prime) / £23.99 (non Prime) at Amazon
Found 12 h, 46 m agoFound 12 h, 46 m ago
With prime. Lowest listed price on Amazon according to Camel Camel Camel. Product Description Come and join the LEGO BRICKHEADZ family. Build yourself, friends and family or coll… Read more

Deal has gone now boooo


Thanks. Been waiting for this


Just bought 5!


Great set, if it drops further I'll grab two and recreate the family in Lego (y)


Create your own Brickheadz? Awesome!

Christmas at Battersea: True Stories of Miracles and Hope (Battersea Dogs & Cats Home) Kindle Edition/E-Book 99p @ Amazon & Google Play
Found 12 h, 50 m agoFound 12 h, 50 m ago
Not sure if it's a bit early to be spreading some Christmas cheer (skeptical) but came across Christmas at Battersea: True Stories of Miracles and Hope (Battersea Dogs & Cats… Read more
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Also 99p for the E-Books from Google Play books should you prefer to buy from them: Lost and Found: True tales of love and rescue from Battersea Dogs & Cats Home:


Also available for 99p on the Kindle is the following Battersea book: Lost and Found: True tales of love and rescue from Battersea Dogs & Cats Home:

5pk of Micro USB Cables Various lengths £3.49 Prime / £7.48 Non Prime Sold by Sunvalleytek-UK and Fulfilled by Amazon
Found 13 h, 2 m agoFound 13 h, 2 m ago
These are back down in price again. There's a few different lengths, from 1ft - 10ft. Obviously works out really well for Prime members, so might be worth a go if you missed it bef… Read more
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Look up Volutz cables on Amazon, they're different colours, braided cables, rugged ends, can't miss them. Much more expensive but they'll probably outlast the sockets.


I bought them, all of them stopped working within 8 months one by one. Get Belkin usb cable they are good quality and long lasting


I bought these before and never had a problem, i always test cables with a fluke just incase and these seem fine, again maybe i just got lucky


I suggest everyone should own one of these, and test every cable you have. When I first used mine I found all my non-brand cables were only 20 - 50% of the stated power. All my samsung and apple cables are still going strong. Also, even branded cables will fail after a few years from internal wear and will take longer to charge.


Thanks for the honest reviews, you guys saved me £3.49. I was tempted by the cheap price, but I think I will stick to the better quality ones with lifetime warranty

Issey Miyake L'Eau D'Issey Intense Eau De Toilette for Men, 125 ml  £18.95 (prime)  / £23.44 (non Prime) @ Amazon
Found 13 h, 27 m agoFound 13 h, 27 m ago
Issey Miyake L'Eau D'Issey Intense Eau De Toilette, 125 ml This is the bigger 125ml
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Managed to order this earlier today direct from the world of Amazon (y) Thanks for posting and a steal at this price for a big bottle :D It's deffo the 3rd parties you have to be careful about where fakes are stung by o e on a bottle of eternity. Amazon refunded though (y) ....Great story ;)


I've never had a fake so far direct from Amazon. Not sure what this is like but at this price it's worth a punt. Nothing will come close to the original which is probably one of the best all time greats




Have to say this fragrance disappointed me. Not as nice as the original and not that strong...


Expired. Damn.

Seagate 6 TB Backup Plus Hub USB 3.0 HDD £114.99 @ Currys / Amazon UK - Prime Exclusive
Found 13 h, 38 m agoFound 13 h, 38 m ago
Been looking around for an additional drive to use for cold storage and this seemed to be quite a good price / GB - Comes in at £1.92 which is a little cheaper than the 8TB deal p… Read more

And an online service that's likely to be kept running, not used to lure punters in then shut down


An external USB drive is a good place to start for backing up your data. The conventional wisdom by tech experts on backups is known as the 3-2-1 method. Basically you want: 3 copies of any data you don't want to lose. 2 different mediums it's stored on (so 2 different drives in your computer, for example). 1 copy kept offsite, to prevent against disaster.


Correct... Question: Which features are being removed? Answer: Mobile BackupSocial (Save and Share)Cloud Backup


good price ! hot from me


sorry but as far as I am aware Seagate discontinued this service back in May. To be honest you are better off just using One drive to sync your important documents.

Dragon Quest XI Echoes Of An Elusive Age (PS4) £27.98 Delivered @ Amazon
Found 13 h, 39 m agoFound 13 h, 39 m ago
DRAGON QUEST XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age tells a captivating tale of a hunted hero and is the long-awaited role-playing game from series creator Yuji Horii, character designer Aki… Read more

What a bargain! And here I was waiting for £30 lol


Cheers mines on back order delivered 31st - 1st Nov


Cracking price!


Brilliant game, jump at this price

Maclaren Techno XT Black/Silver £200 with 20% applied voucher @ Amazon
27/10/2018Expires on 27/10/2018Found 15 h, 9 m agoFound 15 h, 9 m ago
Ideal for newborns and children up to 25kg/55lb Basic weight of 6.1kg/13.5lb Fully recline four-position seat with memory position extendable legrest Exclusive Newborn Safety Sy… Read more
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If you add it to your baby wishlist and use the code WISHLIST10 at checkout you get another 10% off


Bargain brilliant peaks last for along time with a lifetime warranty too !!

Oral B Disney toothbrush heads £7.48 Amazon Prime Exclusive
Found 15 h, 18 m agoFound 15 h, 18 m ago
Cheap if you have prime.

Price gone up for the Star Wars one’s now (mad)


Thank You


They have the Star Wars ones too if if you don’t have prime, they are price matching superdrug, free c&c


Is it weird that I have oral as a keyword?

Plan B - Heaven Before All Hell Breaks Loose Vinyl @ Amazon £10.37 Prime (£13.84 non-Prime)
Found 21 h, 38 m agoFound 21 h, 38 m ago
Free delivery for prime members Plan B: Heaven Before All Hell Breaks Loose 2xLP - double vinyl album/LP (12" size), released 2018 in the United Kingdom by 679 (9029571680), Barco… Read more
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Fantastic live too.


Queue jumping is my favorite track.


I agree :D


Fantastic album

LucidSound LS20 Powered Universal Gaming Headset -  £22.99  Sold by Fair Shop For All Fulfilled by Amazon
Found 21 h, 55 m agoFound 21 h, 55 m ago
Bought these for £39.99 when they was last on offer went looking around to buy another pair as a gift and found they have dropped loads on Amazon. Very underrated headset perfect… Read more

I also bought some from the Ebay Outlet for my kid to game with. The instructions were quite confusing and not hugely helpful, so I also struggled to get them working properly. But after some fiddling around they are working very well, apparently. They certainly feel good quality and sounded acceptable to me, but they do seem to have poor user ergonomics.


Got this from Argos outlet ebay for £16.45. It's good set of wired headphones, battery powered for a mic boost and possibly bass boost but no Bluetooth which is fine for PS4 as you need proprietary ones if you want Bluetooth headphones on PS4. I did initially have problems with the Mic but after constantly playing around with the PS4 sound settings and restarting both the headphones and console it finally worked! One other interesting thing is that it has three seperate profiles for PC, Xbox One and PS4. Oddly you have to hold down the power button for around 2 seconds to change between them which with most powered headphone would turn them on/off. Other than that, good sound and great other features like pressing the left cup for muting mic and very comfy.


I had issues with the mic on mine and had to return them. Hopefully it was a faulty product (not voted)

£85 - Makita LCT 204 2 x 1.3Ah 10.8v Cordless Drill Plus Impact Driver - Blue @ Amazon
Found 22 h, 34 m agoFound 22 h, 34 m ago
Cracking deal - I already own Bosch professional 10.8’s so not needed by myself,but posting for fellow hukd users :D Small, compact 10.8V li-ion twinpack with drill driver and… Read more
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Thanks for explaining.


Well, for one thing using the nominal voltage is more useful. Two batteries could have the same nominal voltage (let's say 24V) but different maximum voltage (let's say 26V and 28V). Referring to them as 26V and 28V would be silly because it would imply that one is more powerful, when it really isn't. Secondly, if we use their stupid marketing terms, then the likes of Makita are more likely to follow suit.


An impact driver is much better at applying high torque without rounding out a screw or battering your wrist. If you get a chance to borrow one, do so, or watch a YouTube video how they work - it'll make sense :D .


It's not that the tool can deliver a peak of 20V when it needs to. That's what most people seem to think it means. If it did, then marketing them as 20V would be fair enough. What it means is that when the battery is full, the voltage is approximately 20V. This is only for a short time though. For most of the battery's power cycle it delivers approximately the nominal voltage of 18V. So 18V is what it delivers in the real world. 20V is meaningless. This is why almost all types of battery, from AA/AAA to camera batteries, use the nominal voltage.


Absolutely (y)

Lego 76104 Hulk Buster Smash-up @ Amazon (Prime deal) - £19.99 / £24.48 non-Prime
Found 22 h, 39 m agoFound 22 h, 39 m ago
This was recently £15.99 but the deal has expired. I have just spotted this deal as I wanted to get one for my son; kicking myself because the price went up but noticed that Prime … Read more
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Yep was that price two days ago. £19.99 still overpriced for this set. Cold


I seem to remember a delivery charge, unless I was looking at a different seller's set... Maybe I wasn't logged in to see the Prime deal then. Curses. I'm still saving a tenner so never mind


Got it for £15.99 yesterday from amazon but still a decent saving.:)


Prime members didn't get charged an extra £4 for anything yesterday. It was only none prime members who got charged extra.

Free eBook - The Narrowboat Lad, by Daniel Brown - Amazon Kindle Edition
Found 23 h, 20 m agoFound 23 h, 20 m ago
Dan, of, lives on a narrowboat and has authored a couple of short books. There's one available for free at the moment ('today', he said on Instagram .. but … Read more
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Thanks OP, just downloaded it. Looks like a nice bit of escapism.


You're welcome @balmots - hope your day continued brightly!


that’s brightened up my morning, thanks very much


Ha! Thanks @pooool ! I read his Instagram post and excitedly went "OOoo!! I could post that!!" :D - and then was instantly prepared to be disappointed that it had already been found... But no! (party) It's pretty niche, but it IS free, and I know that's what a lot of people's Kindle libraries are made up of (my own included!).


Good first post - THANKS!!! (highfive)

Seagate 5tb backup plus portable external hard drive with 2 months free Adobe cloud photography plan 2 Year Warranty £106.47 Amazon/Ebuyer
Found 23 h, 22 m agoFound 23 h, 22 m ago
Great price for this drive (shock) hopefully see sub £100 soon :/ Ebuyer link: The Sea… Read more
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From description "Install the free Seagate Mobile Backup app on an iOS or Android mobile device to back up all of the pictures and videos fromthe device to your external drive or the cloud." How does backup for mobile work. Does it work like personal cloud? Don't think this connects to a router.


I'm not sure for this specific model, but certain drives use SMR for their surfaces, which decreases sustained read/write quite significantly, so that's another factor on top of the 5400RPM these drives operate at. That said if it was a huge problem or if you were needing something necessitating high performance you'd probably be using an SSD in the first place, so it's somewhat irrelevant to most people.


Errrr, without wanting to challenge this ^, its absolute rubbish! This is a slower 5400 drive but is perfectly OK for use as an extra day to day drive, its perfectly OK to rip this drive out and use it in a desktop/laptop for daily all the time use, to say its just for once a day backup is rubbish, there are still many drives around at this price point that are 5400 drives and they work fine, hell some manufacturers still use these high volume low speed drives in new kit....Its a Seagate drive, its 5400 it have a 2 year warranty and its just like all the other drives out there, this isnt a fragile little flower to be mollycoddled!


Lots of people seem to be getting confused over the price for this drive. It's cheap for a reason. (Granted it's a good price for this kind drive) The clue is in the name. It's for backups. This means it's slow, and won't handle lots of activity, like what's needed for game play / video editing. It's really meant for once in a while usage. Say, backing up your work at the end of the day. I wouldn't bother sticking it on a PS4 / XBOX One.


Thanks. Yes, meant 2.5.. typo

Ferrero Collection, 48 Pieces for £11 Prime /£15.49 Non Prime @ Amazon UK.
Found 23 h, 42 m agoFound 23 h, 42 m ago
Ferrero Rondnoir - A delicious combination of tastes and textures from fine wafer and rich creamy cocoa filling to a dark chocolate covered hazelnut at its heart Ferrero Rocher - … Read more

It would cost me the difference in petrol to jump in the car...Amazon it is.


I'm just gonna get naked and eat these alone on the sofa...!


Still too expensive in my view! Sorry !


I'm happier to pay an extra quid tho where I don't have a tesco near by and I know if I go to one, I'm gonna be swayed by other stuff I don't need (shock)


I'd rather get the Tesco deal @ £10

Ferrero Rocher, 42 Pieces, 525g - £10.50 Delivered (Prime exclusive) @ Amazon
Found 23 h, 50 m agoFound 23 h, 50 m ago
Been found cheaper, been found more expensive, but seems a good price at the moment. Especially if you just like the original flavour ones...... like me ....

I think that was for black Friday. I missed the offer then


I got 2 boxes on the 30th November last year for £10!


Yes yes I remember...and free they even tasted better ...those days are gone now ..


I remember I got the 24s for free !! Via Quidco 4 years ago tho ;)


It was actually £5 last year but had to have £20 order for delivery so ordered 4

Ballistix Sport LT 32GB Kit (8GB x 4) DDR4 2400 MT/s £127.99 @ Amazon Temporarily Out of Stock
Found 17th OctFound 17th Oct
Nothing to lose as Amazon won't take money until dispatched... 2400 MT/s Ideal for gamers and performance enthusiasts Digital camo heat spreader available in white, grey and r… Read more

Good price for 32GB of memory. Shame it’s not 2 modules rather than 4, otherwise would be el scorchio.


There was some talk about pairing Ryzen with 3000Mhz+ RAM a wee while back, because it was glitchy with slower stick. Seems to have gone away a bit now, but check it out before you buy.


I've only ever had one retailer honour mistakes in the past but sadly they are now gone - Tesco direct. PS4 Pro with 2 games and extra controller for £200.


Can't see this now ???


Good to know. Won't get my hopes up.

Morrisons The Best Eight Meringue Nests, Pack of 12 - £8.22 (Prime) £12.71 (Non Prime) @ Amazon
Found 17th OctFound 17th Oct
a lot here,but it may suit someone.Product DescriptionMorrisons The Best Meringue Nests. Suitable for vegetarians. Made with free range egg. When William M. Morrison opened his fir… Read more
Get dealGet deal

The price is a little less now, even more of a bargain.


Checked against Morrisons own website - theirs would be double the price plus delivery charge, so this listing is a BARGAIN. Thanks AC, bought. (y)


Checked against Morrisons own website - theirs would be double the price plus delivery charge, so this listing is a BARGAIN. Thanks Op, bought.


cannot get the staff.just noticed the typo (embarrassed) that was the mods by the way. (shock)


hope they do come damaged.freebies. :3

24 Coors light 440ml cans £14.40 Prime / £18.89 Non Prime - amazon
Found 17th OctFound 17th Oct
24 cans of Coors Light only making it only £0.60 a can

Is this always this price on Amazon, great deal . Heat added


At 60p per can this is doable if you drink one to two a day with BBQ a day. Any more makes this sad. Out of all low alcohol beers this closes the list only to win over green Carlsberg which for some reason in the uk is below 4%.


If it's good enough for these guys


I wish we had Coors Banquet available to buy here


Is this like red bull or orange juice, I don't drink alcohol so just wanted to know

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