[Amazon] Various 'Tool Land' DIY items misspriced (eg Pack of 500 cutting discs 83p) @ Amazon

[Amazon] Various 'Tool Land' DIY items misspriced (eg Pack of 500 cutting discs 83p) @ Amazon

Found 5th Nov 2016
Probably incorrect listings, lots of stuff not in-stock, bit there are a few items that are in-stock. If I remember correctly, Amazon refund and might let you keep the item if only 1 is delivered.

Tool Country HE97463 Scraper, 30 mm width (Pack of 100) £1.81




also when u look in description says 1 item in pack

I have had dozens of these speculative orders from amazon and they usually get cancelled after around 3 months, OP is correct in my experience about refunding and keeping the 1 that WILL turn up half a year down the line if you keep the order open if they dont cancel ( when a pack of 100 were in description )

I've ordered seemingly genuine deals and low prices from Amazon in the past and its nothing but bother. Trying to speak to someone at Amazon who understands that a description is incorrect and you havant been sent the correct quantity is impossible. They will offer to send it again. It turns up again like the first and you contact them and they say send them back or on occasions they say keep it and still charge for the first item sent. If you have the time and energy fine, otherwise don't be tempted to go down this avenue.

Order now and we will deliver when back in stock???
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