Amazon video sale (prime members only)

Amazon video sale (prime members only)

Found 29th Mar
Some ridiculously good prices for digital video here. So many movies for £2-4 including really recent ones like life.

In order to see the discounted price, you have to be a prime member, logged in and actually click into each movie (until you do it will only show the non member price)

Robin Hood 1.99
Galaxy quest 2.49
Trading places 2.49
Hot fuzz 1.99
Star trek into darkness 2.49
Life 3.99
Let miserables 2.99
Ted 2 2.99
Nanny mcphee 1.99
Godfather 2.49
Shrek 1.99
How to train your dragon 2.99
10 cloverfield lane 2.49
Coraline 1.99
Ghost in the Shell 2.49
King fu panda 3 2.99

There's honestly too much to list including loads of fast furious, transformers, rocky, rambo etc

Deals may change from monday
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Ps some titles may have recently come off prime inclusion, some may go on in future. The best titles to get always will be those that are less likely to be repeated on TV for free, or that you will genuinely repeat watch all year aroubd (particularly with kids titles)
I missed the previous post, so thanks. Both of you!
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