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Posted 27 February 2023

Amazon Weekly Prime Video Deals (To Buy) From £2.99 27th February 2023 @ Amazon (Updated 1st March 2023)

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About this deal

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

(Updated 1st March 2023)


Orphan First Kill HD £1.99 ( Added 1st March)
Terrifier 2 HD (Added 1st March)
Elevator HD (Added 1st March)
14 Cameras HD (£0.99)
Children Of The Corn 666: Isaacs Return HD (Added 1 March)
What Women Want HD (Added 1 March)
Along Came The Devil HD (£1.99)
Dracula Reborn HD (£1.99)
Summer '03 HD (£1.99)
Gremlin HD (£1.99)
Nocturne HD (£1.99)
The Sonata HD (Added 1 March)
Black Widow (2008) HD (£2.49) (Added 28 Feb)
Area Q HD
House On Haunted Hill (1959) HD (Added Feb 28)
Bad Lieutenant (1992) HD
Children Of The Corn: Revelation HD
Children Of The Corn III: Urban Harvest HD
The Ouija Exorcism HD
The Girl With The Crystal Plumage 4K
The Sausage Party 4K HDR
Red Heat 4K
Body Parts (1991) HD
Matilda SD
The Craft: Legacy SD
The Inbetweeners Movie SD
Searching SD
April Fools Day (1986) HD
The Crow: City Of Angels HD
He Said, She Said (1995) HD
The Buccaneer (1958) HD
Back To The Beach (1987) SD
Lifeguard (1976) HD
The Crow: Wicked Prayer (2005) HD
Machete Kills HD
Racing With The Moon (1984) HD
A New Kind Of Love (1963) HD
A Mighty Heart (2007) HD
The Devil Inside (2012) HD
Proof HD
The Prophecy V-Forsaken HD
The Prophecy IV-Uprising HD
The Prophecy 3-The Ascent HD
The Prophecy 2 HD
The Skull HD
Children Of The Corn IV: The Gathering HD
Things We Lost In The Fire HD
Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs HD
Eighth Grade SD
The Bad News Bears (1976) HD
Prophecy (1979) HD
House Arrest (1996) HD
Posse (1976) HD
The Last Safari (1967) HD
Framed (1975) HD
Carrie (1952) HD
The Perfect Score HD
Dark City (1950) HD
The Whoopee Boys (1986) HD
Dance Flick HD
Union Station (1950) HD
Night Falls On Manhattan (1997) HD
The Honeymooners HD
In Too Deep HD
Renegades HD
Ava HD (Added 28 Feb)
Billie (2020) (Added 28 Feb)
The Forgotten HD (Added 28 Feb)
Step Brothers 4K HDR (Added 28 Feb)
Yes, God, Yes HD (Added 1 March)


Planes, Trains And Automobiles HD (Added 1 March)
Fire In The Sky HD (Added 1 March)
Tomb Raider HD (2018) ( Added 1 March)
Scrooged HD (1988) (Added 1 March)
Do The Right Thing HD (Added 1 March)
Fighting With My Family HD (Added 1 March)
A Simple Favor 4K HDR (Added 1 March)
Ring HD (1998) (Added 1 March)
Ring 2 HD (1999) (Added 1 March)
The Expendables 2 4K HDR (Added 1 March)
Stillwater 4K HDR (Added 1 March)
Six Minutes To Midnight 4K HDR (Added 1 March)
Bridesmaids HD (Added 1 March)
Atomic Blonde 4K HDR (Added 1 March)
First Man 4K HDR (Added 1 March)
Selma HD (Added 1 March)
Churchill HD (Added 1 March)
The Human Centipede 2 SD (Added 1 March)
Pulse HD (Added 1 March)
Jackie HD (Added 1 March)
Trading Places HD (Added 1 March)
Crawl HD (Added 1 March)
Coming To America HD (Added 1 March)
Pokémon Detective Pikachu HD (Added 1 March)
Antebellum 4K HDR (Added 1 March)
Chef (1998) HD (Added 1 March)
Respect (2021) HD (Added 1 March)
The Great Wall 4K HDR (Added 1 March)
Beverly Hills Cop HD (Added 1 March)
The Boss HD (Added 1 March)
The Core HD (Added 1 March)
Mortal Engines 4K HDR (Added 1 March)
Cast Away HD (Added 1 March)
Lucy 4K HDR (Added 1 March)
The Burbs HD (Added 1 March)
Looper HD (Added 1 March)
Mother! HD (Added 1 March)
We Need To Talk About Kevin SD (Added 1 March)
Breakfast At Tiffany's HD (Added 1 March)
The Cabin In The Woods HD (Added 1 March)
Jessabelle HD (Added 1 March)
Waterworld £3.99 4K HDR
Grease HD
Happy Death Day 2U £3.99 4K HDR
Mortal Engines £3.99 4K HDR
Pacific Rim Uprising £3.99 4K HDR
The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard £3.99 4K HDR
Spiral: From The Book Of Saw £3.99 4K HDR
Ghost In The Shell £3.99 4K HDR
Dark Waters £3.99 4K HDR
Truth Or Dare (Unrated Directors Cut) £3.99 4K HDR
Chicago £3.99 HD
Whitney HD
The Warrior (2002) HD
Prague HD
The Hunger Games: Mockinjay Part 1 HD
The Hunger Games: Mockinjay Part 2 HD
American Pie £3.99 HD
Legally Blonde HD
True Grit HD
Dog Day Afternoon £3.99 HD
Bad Neighbours £3.99 HD
The Imposter £3.99 HD
Finding Neverland £3.99 HD
The Big Combo (1955) HD
Hollywood Sex Wars HD
The Great Wall £3.99 HD
Death Race 2 £3.99 HD
The English Patient £3.99 HD
Primal £3.99 HD
Origin Wars £3.99 HD
The Darkness £3.99 HD
Old School £3.99 HD
Witness (1985) £3.99 HD
The Courier £3.99 4K HDR
The Ten Commandments (1956) £3.99 HD
The Edge Of Love £3.99 HD
The High Note £3.99 4K HDR
The Manchurian Candidate £3.99 HD
By The Sea £3.99 HD
Mimic £3.99 HD
World Trade Center £3.99 HD
The Haunting (1999) £3.99 HD
Nashville (1975) £3.99 HD
Ma £3.99 HD
Wuthering Heights (1994) £3.99 HD
Johnny English £3.99 HD
A Beautiful Mind £3.99 HD
Child's Play 3 £3.99 HD
The Snowman £3.99 HD
Black Beauty (1994) £3.99 HD
Winter's Bone £3.99 HD
Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil And Vile £3.99 HD
The Dead Don't Die £3.99 4K HDR
Saw £3.99 HD
Saw 2 £3.99 HD
Barton Fink (1991) £3.99 HD
Crawl £3.99 HD
The Mummy Returns £3.99 HD/ £7.99 4K
No Country For Old Men £3.99 HD
Flight £3.99 HD
The Lighthouse £3.99 HD
Ready Player One £3.99 HD
The Girl With All The Gifts £3.99 HD
Drop Dead Fred £3.99 HD
Pet Sematary (2019) 3.99 HD
The Andromeda Strain £3.99 HD
The War Of The Worlds (1953) £3.99 HD
Les Miserables £3.99 HD
Pi (1998) £3.99 HD
An Officer And A Gentlemen £3.99 HD
Do The Right Thing £3.99 HD
Along Came Polly £3.99 HD
Sin City £3.99 HD
Sin City 2: A Dame To Kill For £3.99 HD
The Day Of The Jackal £3.99 HD
The Machinist £3.99 HD
She's Having A Baby(1988) £3.99 HD
True Grit (2010) £3.99 HD
Best Sellers (2021) £3.99 HD
A Dogs Purpose £3.99 HD
Fatal Attraction £3.99 HD
Eurotrip £3.99 HD
The Parallax View (1974) £3.99 HD
Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow £3.99 HD
Patriot Games £3.99 HD
Little Fish (2021) £3.99 HD
Freedom Writers £3.99 HD
Cold Mountain £3.99 HD
Once Upon A Time In Hollywood (Plus Bonus Content) £3.99 4K HDR
Doom: Annihilation £3.99 HD
Destroyer £3.99 HD
The Sum Of All Fears £3.99 HD
The Kid With A Bike £3.99 HD
Chinatown £3.99 HD
Threesome £3.99 HD
Backstabbing For Beginners £3.99 HD
Dinner For Schmucks £3.99 HD
Beavis And Butt-Head Do America £3.99 HD
Call Me (1988) £3.99 HD
Save The Tiger (1973) £3.99 HD
City Of Men £3.99 HD
Arkansas £3.99 HD
Hide And Seek (2000) £3.99 SD
Dance Of The Dead (2008) £3.99 SD
Elizabethtown £3.99 HD
The Truth £3.99 HD
An Inconvenient Truth £3.99 HD
Reds (1981) £3.99 HD
Young Adult £3.99 HD
No Strings Attached £3.99 HD
Young Ahmed £3.99 HD
Echo Boomer's £3.99 HD
Date & Switch £3.99 HD
We Only Know So Much £3.99 HD
The Secret Garden (1993) £3.99 HD
The Unknown Girl £3.99 HD
The Low Down (2001) £3.99 HD
American Beauty HD
The Blues Brothers HD
Napoleon Dynamite HD
Late Night HD (Added 28 Feb)
Final Destination 5 HD (Added 28 Feb)
Final Destination 2 HD (Added 28 Feb)
Final Destination 3 HD (Added 28 Feb)
Final Destination HD (Added 28 Feb)
Ernest & Celestine HD (Added 28 Feb)
War Of The Worlds (1953) HD (Added 28 Feb)
*batteries not included HD (Added 28 Feb)
Tropic Thunder HD (Added 28 Feb)
The King Of Staten Island 4K HDR (Added 28 Feb)
Truth Or Dare 4K HDR (Added 28 Feb)
Mary Queen Of Scots 4K HDR (Added 28 Feb)

£4.99 (Notable Additions)

Blood Of The Vampire SD (1979) (Added 1 March)
Speed 4K HDR (Added 1 March)
Seven Samurai HD (Added 1 March)
The X-Files HD (1998) (Added 1 March)
Wall Street 4K HDR (Added 1 March)
Summer Of Soul 4K HDR (Added 1 March)
The Old Man & The Gun 4K HDR (Added 1 March)
That’s My Boy 4K HDR (£4.49) (Added 1 March)
Omen III: The Final Conflict HD (Added 1 March)
Omen IV: The Awakening HD (Added 1 March)
Assassins Creed 4K HDR (Added 1 March)
Cleopatra HD (Added 1 March)
Judge Dredd HD (Added 1 March)
From Hell HD (Added 1 March)
Alien vs Predator HD (Added 1 March)
Alien vs Predator Requiem HD (Added 1 March)
Jackass Forever 4K HDR (Added 1 March)
The Revenant 4K HDR (Added 1 March)
Good Will Hunting HD (Added 1 March)
Intern HD (Added 1 March)
Sleeping With The Enemy HD (Added 1 March)
Who Framed Roger Rabbit? 4K HDR (Added 1 March)
Creed II HD (Added 1 March)
The Last Dragon (1985) HD
Red Sparrow 4K HDR (Added 28 Feb)
Orphan First Kill HD
T h e S ound Of Music HD (Added 28 Feb)
Omen II (Added 28 Feb)
The Seventh Seal HD
Aliens HD
Dangerous Minds HD
The Help HD
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey HD
Rocky II HD
Sisters HD
Dead Poets Society HD
Burn, Burn, Burn HD
The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty HD
Bad Times At The El Royale 4K HDR
Bad Boys 4K HDR
Baby Driver 4K HDR
The Ladykillers (1956) 4K HDR
Saving Private Ryan HD
The Predator (2018) 4K HDR
Predator 2 4K HDR
Predators 4K HDR
2012 4K HDR
Hancock 4K HDR
Alpha 4K HDR
The Last Detail (1974) 4K
Elysium 4K HDR
Men In Black 2 4K HDR
Money Monster 4K HDR
Bad Teacher 4K
Concussion 4K HDR
On The Waterfront (1954) 4K
Cowboy (1958) 4K
Underworld: Blood Wars 4K HDR
Taxi Driver 4K
Life Of Pi 4K HDR
Independence Day: Resurgence 4K HDR
Risen 4K HDR
Bohemian Rhapsody 4K HDR
Dracula (1992) 4K
Gattaca 4K HDR
The Patriot 4K HDR
Sense And Sensibility 4K
The Shape Of Water 4K HDR
Last Action Hero 4K HDR
Alien: Covenant HD
Prometheus 4K HDR
The Favourite 4K
Christine 4K HDR
Die Hard 4K HDR
The Way We Were (1973) 4K
My Best Friend's Wedding 4K
They Live 4K HDR
Unbreakable 4K HDR
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri 4K HDR
Who's Harry Crumb? HD
Zathura: A Space Adventure HD
What's Love Got To Do With It? HD
Blind Date (1987) HD
Fright Night 1985) SD
The Bone Collector (1999) HD
Don't Breathe HD
Big Fish 4K HDR
Unbreakable HD
Kung Fu Hustle HD
Rocketman HD
Starman (1984) HD
Single White Female (1992) HD
The Cable Guy HD
White Chicks HD
Stripes (1981) HD
The Fog (2005) HD
Drunken Master (1980) HD
Gothika HD
Flatliners (1990) HD
Roxanne HD
Snatch HD
Cocktail HD
Studio 666 4K
The Shallows 4K HDR
Desperado (1995) HD
Zombieland 4K HDR
Jumanj: The Next Level (With Bonus Content) HD
Panic Room (2002) HD
Beverley Hills Ninja (1997) HD
Vertical Limit (2000) HD
Hudson Hawk (1991) SD
The Witches (2020) HD
Waterloo (1971) HD
Bell, Brook And Candle (1958) HD
The Natural (1984) 4K HDR
The Blue Lagoon (1980) HD
Ghosts Of Mars (2001) HD
Breakfast On Pluto HD
Idle Hands HD
Joe Dirt (2001) HD
Lake Placid (1999) HD
I Know What You Did Last Summer HD
I Still Know What You Did Last Summer HD
Hostel 3 HD
Godzilla (1998) 4K HDR
Anaconda (1997) HD
The One (2001) HD
Rudy (1993) HD
Jerry Maguire 4K
Gladiator (1992) HD
The Poseidon Adventure (1972) HD
James And The Giant Peach (1996) SD
Easy Rider 4K HDR
St. Elmo's Fire HD
Urban Legend HD
The Forgotten HD
The Ugly Truth HD
Awakenings (1991) HD
After Earth 4K HDR
Hook 4K HDR
Seven Years In Tibet SD
Pride HD
Philadelphia HD
Fly Away Home (1996) HD
Chances Are (1989) HD
Where The Wild Things Are HD
Someone To Watch Over Me (1987) HD
Exam HD
XXX (2002) HD
The Patriot (2000) HD
Anger Management HD(y)
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