Amazon {WORDERY}  £8.79 Delivered Haynes. Millennium Falcon Manual: 1977 Onwards (Modified YT-1300 Corellian Freighter) (Owners Workshop Manual) (Hardcover) - sold by Wordery

Amazon {WORDERY} £8.79 Delivered Haynes. Millennium Falcon Manual: 1977 Onwards (Modified YT-1300 Corellian Freighter) (Owners Workshop Manual) (Hardcover) - sold by Wordery

Found 27th Apr 2014
There are a few sellers in the link. Selling for under £10 "Delivered"

The Millennium Falcon gets the "Haynes" treatment! This is a "Haynes Manual" based on the Millennium Falcon, the iconic spaceship piloted by Han Solo and Chewbacca in the original trilogy of "Star Wars" films. Using brand-new, full-colour cutaways, together with other art and photographs, this manual provides the most thorough technical description of the Millennium Falcon available, making it essential reading for all "Star Wars" fans.
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Tend to search the google forums now when my Falcon breaks down, better practical advice than reading a book as I find books can get full of plasma and space
stuff......anyhow.....heat added as good price for the traditionalist..
Voted Hot,

My falcon is being a real PITA recently, the hyperdrive conking out without any notice. With this I might try fixing it myself as NASA are wanting to charge a fortune!
^_______^ You are both kill'n me! Can't stop laughing!
Good one!
Just what I need.
My falcon is a 2001, I think rather than the manula I will trade it in for a Ford Galaxy.m However, over the money with the price!
That will go nicely with my U.S.S Enterprise manual
Tardis manual is oos
People who by this thinking it'll be helpful in refitting a YT-1300 will be sadly disappointed. I'm trying to get rid of mine as a project in progress as it's not earning me anything up on blocks. I'll even throw in the Haynes if you offer a good price.
i just wish it was a little easier to park
Sooooo unreliable, if you were dumb enough to buy this model you'll definitely need a workshop manual for it
I so want to buy this the geek in me is itching for it. The realist in me knows it'll just sit on a shelf until my Firefly breaks down and I make the warp jump to a Falcon
No mention of a flux capacitor anywhere. Is this the version 2.06Ʀ manual?
Does it come with Wookie welding goggles? If not I'll need to pass, otherwise my life debt mechanic will either go blind or go up in smoke when he starts fixing the normal death star dings and tie fighter chips.

Tardis manual is oos

It wasn't next Thursday.
Will be little use for my falcon - I've made a lot of special modifications myself.
Great, mine needs a new condenser, hoping to be fixed in time to make the kessel run!
Do they have one for a Death Star battle station? I'm looking into getting my mechanic to install some form of protection for the thermal exhaust port just in case...

ah you know what, I'll probably just leave it. I mean it's the size of a moon and a 2m wide exhaust port... what's the worst that could happen.

(they actually do…b_0 :p)

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Nice to see that there's a Haynes manual

One minor detail though, the nearest scrapyard for parts is in a galaxy far far away...

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