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PC Engine Mini - £111.13 delivered from Amazon Japan
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Posted 24th AprPosted 24th Apr
I had the Coregrafx version of this on order from Amazon UK but it has been delayed indefinitely due to the Coronavirus. Was overjoyed to find the much more attractive original Jap… Read more

Mine should be here today, was dispatched on Tuesday speedy or what.


Same, mine arrived today. Wont have time to set it up just yet but impressed that this turned up faster than orders i made within the UK lol.


It's arrived today. The outer box was fine, and the inner one was just packed as well at it normally is from Amazon. Though it does seem fine. I'll be testing the console later. Amazingly fast delivery, to say, it only shipped on Monday and it's now Wednesday morning.


I own quite a big collection of PC Engine consoles (a couple of original white PCE's, a couple of Core Grafx, a CDRom2 "Briefcase system", a Duo R & a GT) and loads of HuCards & CD's so I'm not interested in these "Mini's" but it was & still is a wonderful system if you like Shumps (pretty limited if you don't tbh). Instead of buying one of these though I would recommend putting the money towards a MiSTer, then you have a PC Engine (soon to include CD Rom2), Megadrive & Mega CD, Super Famicom/Snes, Neo Geo, SMS, Famicom/NES, Spectrum, C64, Amiga, ST etc... AND arcade cores coming thick & fast (CPS1 just released).


Mine came by DHL and I had a separate email from them with the tracking number on the same day I got the despatch confirmation from Amazon. Had a little play last night and I like it a lot. Flitted between games but there are quite a few I am looking forward to spending more time with...

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy (Switch/PS4) Physical Version with English - £29.63 @ Amazon Japan (inc. shipping & fees)
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Posted 8th Apr 2019Posted 8th Apr 2019
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy (Switch/PS4) Physical Version with English - £29.63 @ Amazon Japan (inc. shipping & fees)
Includes the full English localisation. It will even default to English if used in a UK system and the PS4 version unlocks English trophies. PS4 Link This is out digitally tomo… Read more
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Stardew Valley is only available in Japan on physical I believe


Just arrived! 😁


Ordered Monday uk/Tuesday Japan and it's being delivered today. 4 day delivery is a good service!


Ignore my comment, Amazon look to have completely sold out of their stock and it's only now available via 3rd party.


Bah. Play Asia have it for £36.00 inc. fees. Guess, I'll get it there.

Onimusha: Warlords Limited Collector (Nintendo Switch) from £43.39 & Capcom Belt Classics @ Amazon Japan
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Posted 2nd Feb 2019Posted 2nd Feb 2019
Onimusha: Warlords Limited Collector (Nintendo Switch) from £43.39 & Capcom Belt Classics @ Amazon Japan
Switch Limited Edition included: Game: Onimusha: Warlords Hanging Scroll (H1,000mm x W300mm) Soundtrack CD (23-song) On product page its says 3961 yen On check out page using… Read more

Lazy remakes aren't worth buying imho. Vote with your wallet and go for RE2 Remake instead.


‘Sick?’ Seriously? All games systems get old games rereleased all the time, in the same way old music, films and books are rereleased all the time. You must feel very sick a lot of the time.


Amazon Japan!!!??? And delievers to UK???? Learn something new everyday


PS. Worth noting this is £15.99 digital on both PSN and the eShop.


I hadn’t realised there was a second, never mind a fourth :S Bought the first on the Xbox and never got around to playing it, so this might appeal to people in the same boat. And being 18 years old, there’s a whole new generation of gamers who were in nappies (or the womb) when this was first released.

Japanese Persona 3 Dancing in Moonlight & Persona 5 Dancing in Starlight Limited Edition - £42.29 @
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Posted 8th Nov 2018Posted 8th Nov 2018Shipping from JapanShipping from Japan
Japanese Persona 3 Dancing in Moonlight & Persona 5 Dancing in Starlight Limited Edition - £42.29 @
Comes with some DLC codes as well, including a code for the PS4 version of Persona 4 Dancing All Night (requires a JPN PSN account to redeem). Requires you to create a separate Ja… Read more

I’d usually jump on this but I got p5 dance on release and tbh it’s pretty bad I’d argue P5 is probably my favourite and best game and I liked P4 dance but the P5 one just sucked I assumed it’s because they pushed two games for release at the same time


Yeah I got these perfectly fine and this edition is better than what we are getting here with its full 4 disc soundtrack

Onimusha Warlords (Switch) (Japan Exclusive) £39.36 Including Fees @
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Posted 9th Sep 2018Posted 9th Sep 2018
Onimusha Warlords (Switch) (Japan Exclusive) £39.36 Including Fees @
Expected delivery 23rd December - 25th December Product: ¥ 2,854 Shipping fee / commission: ¥ 1,876 Advance payment such as import tax ¥ 946 Total Order: ¥ 5,676

Yes!! Make this happen capcom, give us a bit of Jubei in 2 as well


Okami did so I imagine this will but I am holding off ordering until it has been confirmed.


I want a port of the one with Jean Reno in!


I am trying to Pre-order the PS4 version off (Where i have imported new games from before) but at checkout it won't let me deliver to my UK address - has anyone else had this issue?


Usual switch game then

PS VITA Minecraft Special Edition £127 + VAT and Postage extra Amazon Japan
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Posted 8th Aug 2018Posted 8th Aug 2018
PS VITA Minecraft Special Edition £127 + VAT and Postage extra Amazon Japan
Includes: White PS Vita embossed with Minecraft and pictures A pre-applied protector Minecraft Pencil case A physical copy of Minecraft Vita (plus downloadable content for it) I t… Read more

Looking for a lime green version from Japan. Any suggestions where I can get one for a good price please.


Fantastic console to own. I have the blue imported from Japan in may this year. Hacked with H-Encore. 256GB micro sd (sd2vita). Works perfect. Holds all my ps1,PSP and vita games. Got around 18gb left, so going to fill the rest today lol


Homebrew scene is great atm with ports being released: Half-life Return to castle wolfenstein Quake 3 Thanks to hardware acceleration being released this year (vitaGL) the scene is really taking off. Although I think it is coming to come to a stage where the developers are going to jump onto the switch homebrew scene (once hardware accerlation is released from a dev)


Lol my bad it was meant for the guy with vega avatar


What i quoted isnt actual an opinion. I'm not sure what you mean by your response!

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PS Vita Console (White) + Minecraft + Pouch + Screen Protector - £141.59 New @ Amazon Japan (inc. Del & Fees)
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Posted 2nd Jun 2018Posted 2nd Jun 2018Shipping from JapanShipping from Japan
PS Vita Console (White) + Minecraft + Pouch + Screen Protector - £141.59 New @ Amazon Japan (inc. Del & Fees)
The price includes both import VAT and delivery (and shipping from Amazon Japan is super speedy too). If you want a brand new Vita console I wouldn't expect it to get much cheaper… Read more
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I think it was around 16,400.


No, not unless you hack it


Can you remap the X and O buttons for the menu?


How much in yen was it?


thanks. I just hope I would be able to get a similar deal by December of this year.

PS Vita Silver With 32GB Memory Card Days Of Play Edition @ Amazon JP - £182.81
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Posted 29th May 2018Posted 29th May 2018
PS Vita Silver With 32GB Memory Card Days Of Play Edition @ Amazon JP - £182.81
Brand New Nice Silver Color & Includes a 32GB Memory Card. The Memory Card Alone Costs £50. Sold & Fulfilled by Amazon Japan. 1 Per Customer. You cant even get these new ou… Read more
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Which firmware does it come with guys?


Mine also arrived today , posted faster than some items in the UK !!!!


Another one received today! (y)


Mine arrived today as well, super fast (y)


Got mine today :) Many thanks OP

Officially Licensed Hori Left Joy Con With Proper D-Pad Dark Blue £34.65 Sold & Fullfilled by Amazon Japan Pre-order Release 31/07:18
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Posted 23rd Mar 2018Posted 23rd Mar 2018
Officially Licensed Hori Left Joy Con With Proper D-Pad Dark Blue £34.65 Sold & Fullfilled by Amazon Japan Pre-order Release 31/07:18
More Info Here Pretty Good Price For a Hori Left Joy-Con… Read more
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You forgot to mention no rumble either. A full description: “Notably, it only works in handheld mode, meaning you can’t slap this and the right Joy-Con into the Joy-Con Grip and play off the TV, nor does it work for local multiplayer. The standard left Joy-Con, with four buttons serving as a D-pad Even playing with it in handheld mode loses more features on the left side: No HD rumble and no gyroscope. And there’s no SL or SR button use, or the Sync or Player LED light, but as these are on the side of the Joy-Con that is docked to the Switch, you wouldn’t use them anyway”


Yeah the exchange rate comes to about £17-£18


of what? This item is not manufactured by Nintendo.


Thanks OP. I'm not gonna buy just yet, but this'll Jake upcoming street fighter 30th anniversary collection more playable


I think they are this op just jumped the gun a bit. I read somewhere that they will cost around£18

Red Joycons (From Mario Odyssey bundle) £71.29 delivered (including import fees) from Amazon Japan
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Posted 11th Mar 2018Posted 11th Mar 2018
Red Joycons (From Mario Odyssey bundle) £71.29 delivered (including import fees) from Amazon Japan
Not a deal for everyone unless you are after these particular joycons. They’re currently only available in Japan and at the moment, they can be imported for around the same price a… Read more

Just because you want that car and pay less than rrp doesn't always make it a deal does it? It's better to pay less obviously but still £70+ for joy cons even if I needed them is still way too much imo.


Value is measured in more ways than price surely you are not that naive EG a Ferrari costs £350,000 way over priced for a car but that’s what they are then woohoo a deal comes along it’s now only £310,000 it the best price it’s ever been is that not a deal? In your argument it’s not a deal because you can get way more for you money if you buy something different. But what if you don’t want something different and you want that car then it’s a great deal just saved myself £40,000 thanks poster have some heat. This site needs to get back to giving heat based on the price of the item not the desirability of a item or it’s value for money.


if its not value for money sure.



So what you are saying is that I should vote every deal cold just because I don’t like it don’t want it or think it’s overpriced. Not based on the fact it’s the best deal available at the time of posting 🤔

amiibo Cloud (Super Smash Bros. Series) ¥1,945 ~£12.91 delivered @ Amazon Japan
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Posted 19th Dec 2017Posted 19th Dec 2017
amiibo Cloud (Super Smash Bros. Series) ¥1,945 ~£12.91 delivered @ Amazon Japan
Sold and fulfilled by Amazon Japan. This is the price if you can pay in JPY without charge. If using Amazon's own exchange rate it's £13.29. *Also available amiibo Bayonetta (Sup… Read more

Has anyone ever had the fee refunded? I havent and I used to buy *TRUCK* loads of Steelbooks from all their global stores. These were all under £15 - never had a single bad label on them other than the Amazon one... Never got a refund.


Cheers, ordered cloud


Easy peasy! Just used the Amazon app, and changed my settings to Japan store, English language. Paid just over £25 for Cloud & Bayonetta delivered, but that included a £5 import fee cover. Since the items come to under £15, I should get the £5 charge refunded! Great post, OP!


Are these popular with collectors? I'd never heard of them.


Do you have to create an account with Amazon Japan? I tried using my UK ones but it keeps saying account not found *Edit* Worked it out. Created an account with normal email address with Amazon Japan. Went to account details and manually entered address. Added 2 Zelda Amiibos and checked out as normal. Delivery date December 28th... Not bad! Thanks OP.

Nintendo Switch Games Bundle(Digital Code): Zelda and Bayonetta 2 on Amazon JP £69.81
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Posted 9th Dec 2017Posted 9th Dec 2017
Nintendo Switch Games Bundle(Digital Code): Zelda and Bayonetta 2 on Amazon JP £69.81
Also have couples bundles can be chosen, but don't know how to search others bundle with search engine on amazon. You can change the language settings in English even in Amazon Ja… Read more
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Try, useful website for comparing prices in EU8)


Voted cold, couldn't get rid of Bayonetta 2 on Wii U for £6. So still paying over the odds


Yeah will do, I was gonna buy it from US eShop for £29 but by time I set up the Switch and the US account it had come off the sale :(


Just keep eyes on the Christmas sale, Still remember M & R had been dropped to £34 on Black Friday


Scrap that, apparently Mario and Rabbids won’t be available til mid January from eShop for Japan which kinda defeats the point haha

Taiko Drum Master PS4 with Drum - £83.46 delivered @ Amazon Japan
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Posted 1st Nov 2017Posted 1st Nov 2017
Taiko Drum Master PS4 with Drum - £83.46 delivered @ Amazon Japan
New release in Asia for Taiko Drum Master and a great price on Amazon Japan. I have ordered from them before and items usually arrive in 3 days (excluding weekends), and import tax… Read more

Umming and arring about this but it's now back up to full price. What's everyone think if the game, no proper reviews yet.


Played this last night, no issues with the drum as far as responsiveness is concerned. What I would say it's it didn't quite sit flat, so I've had to put a like but of blue tack under one of the feet. Other than that, the game is great and it's such an enjoyable change of pace.


It has arrived and it only left Japan yesterday! (horror)


Correction: Japanese version also in English. Gutted at I'm sitting in Tokyo Haneda airport right now and have 2 weeks of putting off buying it because I thought it was only in Japaneese!


From my understanding there are 2 versions, one for Japan which does not have English and one for the rest of Asia that does have English?

Nintendo switch Mario Red joy con's £77 @
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Posted 7th Oct 2017Posted 7th Oct 2017
Nintendo switch Mario Red joy con's £77 @
Only way to get these in UK in via the Mario odyssey bundle With postage and import fees comes to around £77 which isn't too bad considering the other joycon pair packs are about … Read more

You... erm, you know there's Skyrim and Doom being developed for it, right? There are games being made for it that use both controllers... asif they were like a single controller, like a XB1/PS4 pad.


how's anyone gonna play an in depth fps on the switch? Titanic.


How ya gonna play an in-depth FPS on a single Joycon? There, in a nutshell, is your xb1/PS4 vs 1 Joycon comparison shot down in flames. Voted cold btw.


It does not read as that. You're wrong.


yeah i know what they/it/him/her were getting at you dont need to break another posters comments down unless you really want too. And again if you read what i wrote you'll see i'm not crazy about switch pricing. The persons post reads as two controllers for half the price, it does read it again. i cant see it anymore as i muted them.

Switch Snipperclips download code via - £12
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Posted 7th Oct 2017Posted 7th Oct 2017
Switch Snipperclips download code via - £12
Switch eShop is region free but some stores won't process non matching region payment cards and error out, I ran into this today, the solution? create account (can't … Read more
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Snipperclips extra content is actually paid dlc, not free if it's anything like playstation the dlc will also only work with the region you bought it from just a heads up, but it will probably still be cheaper to buy the dlc from japan too, i think. i think the dlc will cost £7.99 irc, and the retail version of snipperclips plus is full price like £30-£4


get Steam World Dig 2, current fave game for the Switch! Not really any region price variation: but well worth it, imo!


I went down the separate accounts route rather than switching mine as figure they'll come in handy later, but this worked a treat! Thanks :) Now if only I could find Mario Kart, Arms and Splatoon sub £30 ;)

jco83 Hi (highfive)


No idea on the update being free or not but that would be sweet... Sonic mania was of the eShop directly just > change region > sign into eShop on switch again > store now Russian > purchased with my debit card, nice and easy compared to .JP store

Aqua Terra 150 M Omega Master Co-Axial 38mm £1270.00 @ Amazon JP
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Posted 26th Jan 2017Posted 26th Jan 2017
Aqua Terra 150 M Omega Master Co-Axial 38mm £1270.00 @ Amazon JP
Same watch in the UK would cost you £3,800 * * Recommended sale price (VAT incl.)… Read more

That's not sold through Amazon though, 'retailers online' aren't accredit tag dealers so be very wary. The also sell swatches lol


​tudor black bay. ;) love the aqua terra range too.


​good price but tag is not as good as people perceive it to be.


​cool story


Hey ho, even if you pay VAT on this, it'll still be cheaper than UK retail. Quartz Omega watches though? For that money, you could get two vintage Omega Quartz; The Dynamic 'Spider' & the Dynamic Polaris. As well as having twice as many watches, each of them is likely to depreciate less over your time of ownership and are infinitely cooler!Seamaster Dynamic 'Spider'.Seamaster Polaris, with crazy titanium and in-laid gold trim, which used a 'secret' production process.

ps4 £206  @ amazon japan
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Posted 29th Sep 2015Posted 29th Sep 2015
ps4 £206 @ amazon japan
can get in jet black and glacial white best price seen has everything PlayStation4 wireless controller one point in the body, monaural headset one point, power cord one point, HDMI… Read more
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They would. But the X and O button would be different. O = Enter X = Back instead of O = Back and X = Enter.


Did you delete and reupload the deal? Import tax will be up the ass for this so its cold from me


you've missed the delivery charge the import duty and the VAT ;)


Amazon won't ship this to the UK.


Won't import tax etc make this just as expensive as getting it from the uk and will a Japanese machine even work here?

Samsung Flip Cover for Galaxy Note 10.1 - White - £5.98 @ Amazon/LaptopOutlet
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Posted 9th Aug 2014Posted 9th Aug 2014
Samsung Flip Cover for Galaxy Note 10.1 - White - £5.98 @ Amazon/LaptopOutlet
Got your new Samsung Note 10.1 referb from the last HotUKDeals then give it some protection: Protect the front of your Galaxy from damage with this genuine Samsung Flip Case. It cl… Read more

Note sure if will fit the Tab 3 as this is designed for the Note 10.1 with a slot for your stylus, and there is no sleep function. Not tried to see if it picks it up with the 'eye' feature that sets the tablet in sleep mode.


will this fit the Samsung Tab 3 which is also 10.1? Does it have the sleep function?




Got one of these for £4.99 from eBay, and I'm disappointed at the magnetic stand, it's ok on the lower angle but the more upright position is not stable enough. Still its worth it, for what I paid.


Use a cream cleanser to clean off.

PS vita 64gb memory card @ (lowest price all time :)  £56.83
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Posted 15th Mar 2014Posted 15th Mar 2014
PS vita 64gb memory card @ (lowest price all time :) £56.83
Cheaper than yetasia by £4. Also a better seller. Price is £50 but £6 p and p

I don't think it's as simple as that this time around. The vita memory cards are crap anyway. Their extremely slow and all they offer from Sony's perspective is enhanced protection techniques.


Yesasia have been selling / exporting games for MANY MANY years. I bought a Japanese Gamecube from them, when it was in the current crop of consoles! I appreciate that they also sell other things, beyond just games, but they are a specialist exporter. They list in various currencies and their site is in English. is the Japanese branch of Amazon. Like, they will be geared to supplying things to their domestic market, which is of course Japan.


i stand corrected.shame there is no competing comps though


The PSP did not use SD Cards as standard, the PSP used Sony's own proprietary Magic Gate Cards aka memory stick /pro /duo etc etc As the new cards are only for the Vita, no one has bothered taking a license from Sony to produce a competing product. E.g. Sandisk or Lexar etc


Please don't try to excuse corporate anti-consumerist behaviour. Trying to protect your own IP is fine. Doing so at the expense of the law abiding customer is not.

Revell USS Enterprise Model Set half price now £4.54 del @ Amazon
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Posted 1st May 2012Posted 1st May 2012
Revell USS Enterprise Model Set half price now £4.54 del @ Amazon
Thought this was a good price for this set 1 :1200 scale Structural Details on Surfaces Highly detailed deck Faithfull reproduction of the original Paints, brush and glue included … Read more
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HOt Hot hot. thx


says 4.54? and this is not star trek :(