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BlacKkKlansman 4K Ultra HD + Blu-ray - £15.26 delivered @
Found 17th JanFound 17th Jan
Great price from (not From visionary filmmaker Spike Lee comes the incredible true story of an American hero. In the early 1970s, Ron Stallworth (John David Was… Read more
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All included in the price.


Yeah they suck!


International shipping fees and import tax?


I appreciate that. My point is that it’s competing against a LOT of very good films at the £15 mark. If you happen to want this film, and you have to have it now, then I guess it’s a hot deal. Otherwise... meh.


Yep, what @dead4red69 said ;)

Far Cry 5 Deluxe Edition (XBox Digital Code) £18 @ Amazon US
Found 17th JanFound 17th Jan
Currently on amazon US you can get the Xbox digital code for $23.10 which is roughly £18. Make up an address in the USA preferably in a state with 0% tax and pay with a fee free ca… Read more
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Clearly there was a better deal somewhere that I missed - my apologies.


... beat me to it.


Gets funnier every time I hear it. Ironically, there's no need to live in <insert country> in order to take advantage.


This is hilarious, have you ever thought about posting it on a load of other deals as well?


Yes it is - as it’s region free content

Nintendo Switch South Park The Stick of Truth (Uncensored) $14.99 (£13 ish) digital Download from Normally £29.99
Found 5th JanFound 5th Jan
Certainly the cheapest available as of now and £29.99 everywhere else to buy and this has the benefit of being uncensored, unlike the European version. Note: you need a US Amazon … Read more

I don't recall it happening very often, there's still some pretty grim stuff that made its way into the European version.


Thanks for pointing this out, yes you’re correct the Europen version is censored and this one isn’t


I heard the European version of this has quite a lot of scenes censored, so another reason to get the US version


To be fair once you’ve downloaded the game it doesn’t care where you’re from. You just end up with another user account linked to your Nintendo Switch. Personally I have three linked accounts from the UK, US and Japanese it’s pretty simple and the only way to download content from other regions wether it be that they’re cheaper or unavailable in your home region.


So we shouldn't bother??... Cause this seems like a good deal but the whole changing region thing seems a bit pointless.

Fifa 19 (Xbox One / Digital) £18.92 @
Found 4th JanFound 4th Jan
Good offer from Amazon :) You need to change the billing address of your UK Amazon account to any USA address. Remember to revert this address back afterwards. Pay using a fee f… Read more
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Has anyone tried this recently?


Any special way I need to redeem this on the Xbox?


Was in cex other day all the big games have release rrp still. (horror)


Awesome deal thanks, i'm now a resident of a Target store in Anchorage, Alaska ;)


Wow. Great price! Why is it that this fifa game is so cheap as through all the previous years they have all held their price maybe 10 pounds (ish) more. Would you say it's all the bad press about EA? :/

Invicta 21323 Men's 'Pro Diver' 47mm Automatic Stainless Steel 200M WR Watch, Silver-Toned £82.31 @ Amazon US (Other Invictas In Post)
Found 30th Dec 2018Found 30th Dec 2018
These are being discussed on Watchuseek at the moment - still decent prices even with the extra charges for us in the UK. All have the Seiko NH35A Automatic movement. I like thi… Read more
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Ordered one to alienate the snobs!


The Invicta Men's 8926 Pro Diver Collection Automatic Watch is a few £ cheaper today (£56.98).


I personally love G-shocks. but mine has Sapphire glass, solar powered, carbon fibre, even has an app where you can sync up and get the most accurate time to the second via internet servers


You will if it’s posted on here


It's because Invicta is a US company selling mainly to the (vast) US middle market. Let's just say that those buyers prefer overstatement to understatement. I like them for what they are - except for their bright yellow boxes which are pretty vomit inducing!

Fist of The North Star: Lost Paradise (PS4) £23.07 Delivered @ Amazon
Found 29th Dec 2018Found 29th Dec 2018
Cheapest price for this game - where in the UK its hovering around the £34-35 mark. The price includes the delivery and import charges - assuming ofcourse you'd pay with a charge f… Read more
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You are already drunk!


Many thanks OP!


Why is it that I can't see the words 'fist' and 'star' in the same sentence without sniggering? I'm a 42 year old man for the love of god!!!


excellent.thanks OP. worked out £22.09 for me.been after this game for a while but it seems UK prices are unrealistic (£35+ while this game is much cheaper in other countries)


Someone may correct me but I believe you can only use DLC from the US PlayStation store with this? So you need to have a US account and buy it that way. Luckily it's only cosmetic stuff for this I think so it's not a huge issue.

Fist of The North Star: Lost Paradise (PS4) £23.95 Delivered @
Found 26th Dec 2018Found 26th Dec 2018
Much cheaper than buying from the UK stores. It is currently hovering around £35 in the UK. Apparently a good game but I don't own it... yet. Price quoted includes delivery expense… Read more

Vgchartz isnt most accurate source you know


Its in stoxk on amazon etc


Dang, nevermind. Thanks for the help.


You don’t now, it’s sold out.


However do I get it for this price?

Ryobi brushless drill (tool only) £40.91 @ Amazon US
Found 24th Dec 2018Found 24th Dec 2018
Just ordered one of these extremely cheap via Amazon international normally £70+ in the uk. expected delivery 7-11 jan Great buy for the Ryobi lovers with a collection of batterys.

You can buy them on eBay, I’ve currently got one being shipped won it on bid for £76 (party) but yes they have some amazing tool, I’d love the 15 gauge nailer and all the brushless they have they have combo deals at Black Friday like 4 brushless tools plus 2 free for $299 🙈 shocking


9ah battery is £62 at home depot. I need that for my lawn mower! Shame they don't ship here like Amazon.


Yeah I'm sure it will be fine. Amazon probably give you a refund anyway if it breaks. I never even knew 6 and 9ah batts existed!


I know, they have a much better choice of tools also. Including the 6.0ah batteries and the 9.0ah. The European lot just don’t seem to cut it. And nope no warranty but at that price and being Ryobi it should cover its cost. Mine came today as well (y)


Looks good. I am American originally and whenever I go back am amazed at how cheap the Ryobi stuff is. I got 2x 4.0ah batteries from Home Depot for $60 last trip. Only thing I'd watch out for is you won't be covered under the warranty which is a 3 year one in the EU.

Garmin Forerunner 235 £136 @
Found 24th Dec 2018Found 24th Dec 2018
Absolute steal for this watch and the cheapest it has ever been. Use a US billing address at checkout if you are having issues ordering. Also pay using a fee free card for the chea… Read more
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Showing as $249.99 is it expired?


Too complicated a question to answer with yes or no. It all depends on what you want from your watch and then which fitbit you are comparing it with. However, in general fitbits are good at tracking steps but Garmins (including this one) are better for tracking sporting activities like running, cycling and swimming.




Way better


Better than a fitbit?

The Big Lebowski 20th Anniversary Limited Edition 4K Ultra HD + Blu-ray + Digital £35.69 delivered from Amazon US (Region Free)
Found 23rd Dec 2018Found 23rd Dec 2018
This includes all import fees paid upfront. Price above is with a fee free card and paying in dollars. If you decide to pay in GBP, it is £37.16 (again, no charges upon delivery. A… Read more



Hot. Would be great it they did one with a White Russian kit!


Wow good deal, heat added (y)


Heat just for the movie...probably one of the best movies I have ever watched :-)


Am i the only one round here......

Mega man 11 (Switch) £23.12 ($29.05) @
Found 22nd Dec 2018Found 22nd Dec 2018
Shipping and import fees included Mines arriving from Jan 4th - Jan 9th Recommend using a fee free card i.e Revolut

And this is a mobile phone-standard game that would be at home on a Gameboy. Demand only keeps the price high but not on other platforms. Limited playability for the money. Give them your money, but they're not having mine. Have a great Christmas.


Over thirty years since the Gameboy launched. Nearly two years since the Switch launched. Still we have people posting stuff like this. Genuinely amazing.


They bought a switch. They knew it would be like this. They get to take the game on the bus/train with them. It comes with two wireless controllers that dock. There's no adverts. It is exactly what everyone thought it would be. Why ask this question every single time a switch offer comes up?


I thought I saw it in there. Must be going crazy!


PS4/XBO maybe The Switch version is US only

Titanfall 2 PC £3.93 Online Game Code at Amazon US with fee free card
Found 22nd Dec 2018Found 22nd Dec 2018
£3.93 using fee free card. You’ll need to add a US billing address, however you can log into Amazon US using your usual U.K. account.
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Not billing address, however a delivery address yes


Are you using a US billing address on purchase?


Doesn't work for me. Trried everything, including VPNing to my US virtual PC and paying on It rejects every attempt.


F**k.... Might have just bought two by accident. First try the payment screen just hanged and said please don't refresh or close the screen. So after 10 minutes I just closed it. Went to purchase again and it went through straight away. Now got two orders in my account both saying "Pending Verification". Yeah two went through. Going to give the second one to a family member.


Great game, great price :)

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege - Complete Edition [Online Game Code] £21 approx @ Amazon US
Shipping from United StatesShipping from United StatesFound 22nd Dec 2018Found 22nd Dec 2018
$27 is around 21£. This is a sick price. This included all current operators and dlc released so far. You will get a digital code that is region free and redeemable on uPlay platfo… Read more

tried activating and says in wrong area so probably do need vpn


Can Confirm, you Don't need a vpn to activate :)


Forgot to add you might need VPN to activate this.


Cracking Price :)


Probably worth noting it's for the PC , great price

Star Wars Battlefront II [PC / Online Game Code] £3.50 @ Amazon US
Found 20th Dec 2018Found 20th Dec 2018
Great price, use a US billing address at checkout (you can use your UK account to purchase however). Jump into the boots of an elite special forces soldier, equally lethal on th… Read more
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Be wary of doing this to buy (changing countries) if you have amazon household, or child profiles stored on your kindle tablets Whilst it removed my other half, it wasn't much of a problem to re add her once I set my country also removed both her, and my childs accounts from my kindle tablets. For my childs account, this also resulted in it deleting her photos and videos!! (ok they were just her messing about and were only achieving eating space - but not the point)


Is it easy enough to find lobbies on PC? Interested in picking this up but only if there are still active players EDIT: Just went ahead and bought it, it's only £3.50 so even if the community is small I still have the campain.


So..... it’s now included in Origin Access. My wish came true!!


Hoping this is included in origin access soon. Want to complete the single player after the limited SP progress in the 10hr demo. I was enjoying SP.


Set up a new Amazon account with fake USA address and paid with Revolut card £3.86 for this so more than happy.

Grand Theft Auto V - Xbox One [Digital Code] @ Amazon US
Found 19th Dec 2018Found 19th Dec 2018
As the title says Grand Theft Auto V - Xbox One [Digital Code] 14.99 US Dollars works out about £11.87

Thanks for the Deal, love this game :)


Obviously gone up in price then.


Same for me :(


This is showing as $29.99 for me?


I got the offer but was not able to get the $15 back with the Twitch sub

The Sims 4 [Origin Code] £3.95 @
Found 19th Dec 2018Found 19th Dec 2018
You must use a US billing address at checkout. Pay using a fee free card for the cheapest price.
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Does anyone know if these codes are region free? So if I bought this would I then be able to buy and use UK expansion pack codes?


Use a proxy such as windscribe and set your location as the US. Windscribe have free accounts.


sorry if it's a dumb question, but did you change the default address in the options. I added a US one and it still wouldn't let me buy till I set my default to US.


I've changed my address to a US one and it still won't allow me to buy it... any tips?


Will this work on iMac?

Blade Strangers £27.77 / Code of Princess EX (Switch) £29.30 @
Found 18th Dec 2018Found 18th Dec 2018
inc Shipping and Import Fees £53.28 for both on the same order saving £3.79 This is more of a deal for collectors as its pretty niche. Blade Strangers actually requires Prime bu… Read more

switch is region free ;) but I don't know which country is the cheapest. You can buy a Switch from Canada and it'll work with games both from Japan on accessories bougth in europe


I travel to the US and Canada frequently, where is the cheapest to buy a switch? Can I buy a Switch cheaper elsewhere, and the games etc. will work? Curious as a switch console in Canada would be about £220 just looking quickly online tonight. I also travel to the Far East/Tokyo.


Silly me! I totally forgot the console you’re collecting on.(cheeky) I better go to sleep.:{


Your a PS4 collector I buy Switch (:I


Dude why don’t you order from VGP?! It’s only around £20 Delivered from them. Or at least it was when I preordered. Here. Still same price. It’s 30 Canadian dollars which works around £18.

Bloodborne - PlayStation 4 [Digital Code] £6.37 @
Found 14th Dec 2018Found 14th Dec 2018
Use an American billing address at checkout if you are having issues purchasing. As the game is from , the code will need to be redeemed on a US PS account. If you do… Read more
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Nothing wrong with my maths either. It says £6.37 and Free as pointed out by Mashhhh smart ass.




Seen as it's free I'll order 10...


£6.37 > free. That's simply maths. I believe that english was your stronger side.


Free or £6.37?

ALEX Toys Craft My First Sewing Kit £9.90 Amazon USA $7.20 shipping
Found 13th Dec 2018Found 13th Dec 2018
In stock on December 16, 2018. List Price:$35.00 With Deal:$9.90 You Save:$25.10 (72%) Foster creativity and skills that can grow to an exciting hobby or an extraordinary care… Read more
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You're welcome. Good luck with your deals. (y)


i have edited it thanks for telling me about it


You should put the cost of the shipping in the title. That’s what most people do. ;)


True cost is around £13.50


still a great x-mas gift and it's still not £35 for the kit and then shipping

[PC] Battlefield V [Online Game Code] - £23.76 -
Found 13th Dec 2018Found 13th Dec 2018
About £7.50 cheaper than CDKeys. You will need a US address on file on your Amazon account to make digital purchases from the store front. I'd suggest an Alaskan address to avoi… Read more
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I had my 2 new accounts specifically created for that blocked just after failed payment though. Can’t get it...


Back on!


Rats! They’ve taken it down now. (mad)


Nice find OP. Bought BF1 the other week, cheap hotdeal, did not really enjoy it. Played this last night and had more fun in 1 1/2 hours compared to 20 in BF1. Early days yet though. However, I do find the artistic licence with history a bit grating.


Cheers used the starbucks as someone else mentioned it, and a clarity card, then went to amazon messages/game library to get the code :)