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Ballistix BLS2K8G4D30BESBK 16 GB Kit (8 GB x 2) DDR4 3000 MT/s £82.43 delivered @ Amazon Spain (£77.89 with fee free card)
Found 6 h, 42 m agoFound 6 h, 42 m ago
Ballistix BLS2K8G4D30BESBK 16 GB Kit (8 GB x 2) DDR4 3000 MT/s £77.89 delivered @ Amazon Spain Amazon UK £118.99 Currently out of stock but can pre-order for later delivery. (Am… Read more

Great value OP, Heat


"Tempted even though I don't need anymore right now", I took this as you buying it for your PC. I see that I should have not jumped to conclusion. However I was purely trying to prevent a potential buyer from making a mistake. Sorry to be a helpful member.


Nope, not got a clue why you quoted me as I wasn't asking for advice at all... if you'd like to re-read my post from earlier, maybe you could point out where I asked for advice or seemed like I wanted new RAM? The reason I said I might be tempted by these if you must know is for another system that I might build, so nothing to do with mixing RAM types and timings etc.


Don't pretend you don't know I quoted the right person. If you know what you are looking for, why imply that you are tempted to get these. I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure that you could have timing and overclock issues if you were trying to get the most out of your RAM. If I'm talking BS, maybe you should enlighten me, isn't that what older people are supposed to do?


interested in your current ram if you decide to sell :)

OnePlus 6 6GB 64GB Mirror Black £412.73 (£395 @Amazon Spain using A Fee Free Card) (£300 Used Grade B @ CEX)
Found 22 h, 10 m agoFound 22 h, 10 m ago
Another couple of great prices, £395 from amazon Spain (with a fee free card if you have one) (otherwise add around a tenner) which is the cheapest I've seen it new from the EU /UK… Read more

Is this covered by oneplus or amazon warranty?


Waiting for 6t 8gb or Note 9 at this price 😁


Happy to sell my 128gb great condition for£350


Naa..... Hahaha


Might have to return the mix 3 when it arrives <3

Bose QuietComfort 35 II Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones £230 @
Found 18th JanFound 18th Jan
These headphones need no introduction on this site - but at £ 237 delivered when purchased with a fee-free credit card from Amazon Spain, it's a significant saving on the £329 pri… Read more

Weird reply. Most of these invaded and all fought to the the death for their way of life and right to the land. The only migrants were the Anglo Saxons and back then Britain had a low sparse population.


I'm sure the Picts, Celts, Romans, Anglo Saxons and Norman's said the same.


Headphones arrived at 10:00 and I've just picked them up and put them on charge - first impressions are that this is a quality piece of kit!


Yeah it's great being dictated to by a bunch of unelected foreign bureaucrats and having our small island over run with Eastern Europeans pushing our tax run services to their limit. I'm not against immigration but it has to be controlled, go anywhere in the UK even small villages and you walk around and you will hear people passing speaking in foreign languages. I understand that being the case in London but even in the middle of nowhere villages it is the case! I currently live in a small market town and it's crazy.



Denon DHT-S514 - £208.76 @ Amazon Spain
Found 15th JanFound 15th Jan
2.1-Channel Configuration 69W Total Power Output Dual Tweeters and Mid-Range Speakers Bluetooth Music Streaming Wireless Subwoofer with Dual Woofers 1 x HDMI-In / 1 x HDMI-Out… Read more
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Need some help. Have amazon prime. A delivery charge is still being levied - that adds about €18. How did OP get this item delivered for free (to get £208.76)? I live in Greater London.


"Mmmm Danon'e" That's all I heard when I read that brand name.


What's the warranty situation? Does Amazon UK honour anything or is it back to Spain?


Yeah not bad for a refurbished soundbar. The rating that made up the 180w is nowhere near a normal households in-use scenario. Front 45W/ch (1kHz, 6ohms, 10% THD) Subwoofer 90W (100Hz, 3ohms, 10% THD) The Denon has 2 tweeters and 2 midrange drivers plus the 2 low frequency drivers on the sub. I can imagine this sounding much clearer for a start.


Well this is just an example:

Logitech Harmony all in one remote for smart home & multimedia devices includes hub. Alexa compatible. Amazon Spain £74.07
14/02/2019Expires on 14/02/2019Found 15th JanFound 15th Jan
It works with your own universe: TV, tuner, gaming console, AV receiver, and also lights, locks and intelligent thermostats and even Alexa to control multimedia devices easily by v… Read more
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Just ordered, it came to EUR 84.09 with 2 day delivery.


No duty to pay, as we're in the Eu for a bit longer, then kiss goodbye to these deals.


Google translate....


Also, is duty etc covered or will that go on top etc?


Basically getting the remote for £5 compared to amazon uk. Anyone know how to make the spain site english? Lol

Onkyo TX-RZ3100-B £1220 @ Amazon Spain
Found 15th JanFound 15th Jan
Power Output All Channels 200W/Ch (6O, 1kHz, 1% THD, 1 Channel Driven, IEC) 340W/Ch (6O, 1kHz, 10% THD, 1 Channel Driven, JEITA) Dynamic Power 320W (3O, Front) 270W (4O, Front… Read more
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I didn't atually make the joke, so....


That sofa better be leather...


If you have to laugh at your own jokes.....


Sorry newb. I didn't say it was funny! (it is though)


If you have to explain......

Xiaomi Redmi 6A 5.45 "Dual SIM 4G 2GB 16GB 3000mAh Gold - Smartphone 2GB 16GB £89.15 @ Amazon Spain
Found 14th JanFound 14th Jan
Good little price paying in euros with a fee free card, that's a revolut and such like, otherwise just buy from the UK (lol) Functions and details Diagonal of the screen: 5.45 "… Read more

Coosty phone for the money but using a 6t at the moment very hard to beat :)


£149.98 32gb Ebuyer? As long as she is happy with 32gb?


Yep was thinking the same prices if you would (y)


Xiaomi redmi Note 5? Or 6 pro?


​meizu are a xiaomi competitor and sell phones with similar spec for similar prices, if they came to uk, it would be good competition for xiaomi

Samsung 860 Evo 4TB SSD - £489 Delivered @ Amazon Spain
Found 8th JanFound 8th Jan
Posted last week and got very hot but now even cheaper. This is a great price for a 4TB SSD. Includes delivery cost to UK. Add to basket and it shows 544 Euros inc delivery cost t… Read more
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Last I read it's around 7% for most SSD's. Mostly Enterprise ones might allocate more because of their heavier (intended) workloads.


Why 18 months? I want it at that price NOW!


Not sure the percentage, but your loose like 800GB SSD Over-Provisioning wont you at 20% ? or is it not that much these days.


I agree


To be fair, 500 quid is a lot for storage.

Samsung Galaxy S8, Smartphone Free (5.8 ", 4GB RAM, 64GB, 12MP / Spanish Version: Includes Samsung Pay £346 @ Amazon Spain
Found 8th JanFound 8th Jan
Still not a bad price for a new one, to get this price you need to pay in euros with a fee free card. Box contents Smartphone USB Cable Earphone Ejection Pin USB Power Ad… Read more

Yeah, Samsung covers eu wide.


Can you still use the warranty in the UK if you buy from Spain. My current S8 charge port stopped working properly and it seems a common problem but as it was 7 months old I managed to get it fixed by samsung repair under the warranty. Would this still work with a phone purchased in Spain?


S10 will be announced soon. if you can hold off, then do as this should drop more as retailers try to shift remaining stock and people also trade last years s9 in for an upgrade.


Have this phone, can attest to its excellent battery life - always finish the day with 10-15% even after heavy use


Great price, I purchased one from amazon Germany last year and the Samsung pay isn't working due to regional make and model I was told.

BOSE QuietComfort QC35 II Wireless Bluetooth Noise-Cancelling Headphones - £243 delivered @ Amazon Spain
Found 3rd JanFound 3rd Jan
Now that most major retailers have conveniently all gone back up to £329 (no price fixing there eh?) Seems like a good price. Another €4-ish for delivery to UK.

Bought them and arrived in quick time.Good deal.


I'm on my second pair that I ordered!


English wording on the front. Multi language on the back - as per the UK pair I bought.


Did they come with English on the packaging or Spanish?


Anyone who’s ordered think this is worth it? Considering getting a pair as it’s currently the cheapest price but unsure if I’ll want to keep them and don’t know how easy returns are with Amazon Spain.

Philips Hue white & colour ambience starter kit, 2 bulbs & bridge £66.99. Includes delivery from Amazon Spain.
Found 2nd JanFound 2nd Jan
On at Currys at £135.99 Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance Starter Kit 2 Bulbs and Bridge E27, 9.5 W, White (compatible with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Google Assistant) F… Read more
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I paid £69.07 which still seems pretty damn good. Not sure how you'd get it for £66.99...but thanks original poster.


Paid in £ using a MasterCard.


Did you pay in £ or €? I paid in € using a few free card.


132 euros



Philips hue colour lightstrip 2m & plug & 1m extra extension strip. £59.09 including delivery from Amazon Spain
Found 1st JanFound 1st Jan
Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance - Pack of Lightstrip Plus, strip LED light 2 meters with plug and extension of 1 meter, Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Google … Read more
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Just used the plug mate. Straight out of the box cowboy style (y) I did come across a chap on eBay selling these though if you are looking some ideas.


Did you put the light strip in a diffuser or is it straight out the box? We’re getting our kitchen done and I’m looking to get these installed under the wall cupboards but will probably house them in a diffuser first


Merci, Monsieurs.


I think I know the type you mean as I’ve upgraded my light switches to the ones that integrate the remote dimmer this week. The solution for the switch covers work for what Curious-Infidel is trying to achieve as it’s a plug socket he wants to prevent being turned off rather than a light switch.


Why spend £4 on that when you can get a proper switch cover for £6 on eBay? Type Philips hue switch cover

Samsung 860 EVO SSD 4 TB  @ Amazon Spain
Found 1st JanFound 1st Jan
Samsung 860 EVO SSD 4 TB . 5 year warranty . Amazon Spain 549 euro which is around 499 pounds. Use multicurency card to avoid bank fees. Samsung website about this SSD here
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Is there any code for NHS and Samsung ssd?


The correct way to do that is software raid via SATA ports. At that point Linux (and I assume Windows) will do TRIM and such automatically.


£350Million for NHS Australian Points Based System Many believed them.....that's what is really annoying


Amiga 500+ and there scsi hard drives, good times and happy memories.


Paid £350 for a 50MB drive+interface for my Amiga 500+ I also remember paying over £50 for a 1GB sd-card. I have a 970 NVMe Evo 512GB and a 2TB ssd, bought both two weeks ago, still in the box, waiting to go into a new AMD build.

Sony SEL50F18F E Mount Full Frame 50 mm F1.8 Prime Lens by Sony £153 Amazon Spain
31/01/2019Starts at 31/01/2019Found 1st JanFound 1st Jan
Although this has been advertised an rrp of £280 the standard price now is £179 everywhere. On ebay people are paying £165 secondhand with no warranty. The lens gets great reviews… Read more
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Thanks op.


picked up for 145 on black friday from amazon uk considering returning though - not finding myself using it so much


If undecided its worth looking at reviews from after the firmware on lens and camera were updated. The main criticism of the lens initially was speed of af - the firmware improved this. Its still a cheap lens so don't expect £1000 lens responsiveness but image quality compares very well with its peers


I really enjoyed this lens when I had my Sony system, autofocus was a bit patchy in low light but I loved the images I got from it.


The stabilised version is only for cropped (APS-C), this is full frame.

Sony WH-1000XM3 - £270 @ Amazon Spain
Shipping from SpainShipping from SpainFound 31st Dec 2018Found 31st Dec 2018
Sony headphones WH-1000XM3

Having updated my 1000xm3's today I'm disappointed to find I can't ask Alexa to play music from Spotify. Also, if I press the button and just say "Play Metallica", it responds with "Shuffling music by Metallica on Amazon Music", yet nothing plays at all. In addition to this, there seems to be an introduction of hiss and a background noise of what sounds like distant traffic (even though I can hear nothing at all without the headphones on) when using Active Noise Cancellation, which was previously stellar. The potency of the noise cancelling is noticeably weaker since updating too, which is a huge kick in the knqckers. Familiar auditory environments which were previously rendered almost entirely silent are now notedly more audible. I've checked that the noise cancelling slider is left-most, and indeed it is. I've factory reset the headphones, and this had made no difference at all. This v4.1.1 update is very much a downgrade as it stands. I'm gutted! Anyone else noticed this?


Tried them properly today, I am impressed and will order them end of the month.


Then you contact with seller and describe your problem. If is the seller then they will send you the new ones (you'll have to ship faulty ones back to them) or refund the money. But they are not available anymore with this price from 2th January at and it's also out of stock currently.


Anyone know what happens if you purchase from amazon Spain and they end up going faulty?


Just got them and can confirm they're in English for the voice prompts and assistant.

Bose QuietComfort 35 ii Wireless headphones with Noise Cancellation - £240.07 delivered @ Amazon ES
Found 31st Dec 2018Found 31st Dec 2018
Total cost comes to 267.42€ Delivered, converting that to GBP (outside of Amazon) is £240.07. Make sure to pay in Euros and I wish you the best of luck navigating Spanish Amazon (y… Read more

Great find! Thanks! Also the Bose Revolve Plus speaker can be bought from them at around £201 (incl UK delivery).


Agreed. Use these everyday on the London Underground and they’re fantastic. Have missed my stop several times due to the ANC being so effective and me being half asleep!


Wait for Bluetooth 5.0 version of these or Sony mx3s as they are to be announced at CES in the new year. (nerd)


Thanks, just grabbed the last one (y)


Bought a pair from Amazon Italy 12 months ago and in the process of arranging a return through BOSE, no issues whatsoever, Amazon globally are an authorised reseller, it doesn't matter which country they were bought from. Hope this helps.... and the headphones are excellent by the way.

UE2 Roll portable bluetooth speaker - PRIME - £34.15 @ Amazon ES
Shipping from SpainShipping from SpainFound 29th Dec 2018Found 29th Dec 2018
Cheapest I have seen. Shipping from Spain early January, can't see the total amount in sterling but around 35 quid. You need Amazon Prime for this

How did you get round the spanish billing address?

BS_Man need Spanish address though?


Wish I'd got a black one last year. They were around £45 from Amazon for a while. Now discontinued and totally out of stock for a good price/direct. I don't think I can push myself to that design. Shame they didn't do nice basic knitted designs like they do for the UE Boom etc. I currently have a blue one. The colour is a bit bright, but it's a great speaker. Would be great to pair it with another. I think it's better to get the smaller speakers and pair them than get one large one personally.


It’s Spanish amazon probably reason


Got my daughter a wonder boom speaker for Christmas, not the same model though. It sounds fab. Heat from me.

Gigabyte Radeon RX Vega 64 + Tom Clancy's The Division 2 + Resident Evil 2 + Devil May Cry 5 £391.95 @ Amazon Spain
Found 29th Dec 2018Found 29th Dec 2018
Use a fee free card for the cheapest price. Great price, especially as it includes 3 games which are yet to be released. I believe they will email you a code for your games when th… Read more
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theres some big announcement in 2 weeks. and innitial estimates were Q1 of 2019. so anything from 3 weeks to 3 months.


When will they be releasing new GPU’s?


amazon isnt an affiliated seller so you wont get the 3 free games. ive heard the fan issues have been fixed but dont take my word on it. i know no one asked, but i was looking at a vega 64 and ive decided to hold off a few more months and wait for their new cards to come out and see what it does to the prices.


I'm running the Sapphire version myself of this... it's got some serious heat generation. You better have a nice pretty big case with nice cable management as well as multiple fans. When gaming temp will stay around 60-65C on default settings. However if u force fan upto 2800rpm before you start gaming it will stay in between 45-55c in gaming.


hmm very tempting, just reading reviews seems the gigabyte version has some fan issues, only thing holding me back

Suunto - Core All Black - Outdoor watch for all altitudes, submersible (30 m), with altimeter, barometer - Black £93 @ Amazon Spain
Found 29th Dec 2018Found 29th Dec 2018
*pay in euros with a fee free card to get this low price, otherwise add around £8 - £10* Currently In a flash deal on the amazon Spain website, one of the, if not the cheapest pri… Read more

Is this deal still active? Price seems to have increased to €124.


Nice to see I wasn't the only one drawn to this watch through the Equalizer! Have zero need for any features on this watch, it's just aesthetically pleasing :D


I doubt you would make much, if any, profit on this. Even Suunto themselves are doing it for £125 now.


Buy it and find out.


Will this sell nicely on eBay?