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OPPO Reno2 Z Smartphone 8GB + 128GB Luminous Black Smartphone - £218.90 / £210.63 Fee Free Card @ Amazon Italy
Posted 23 h, 48 m agoPosted 23 h, 48 m agoShipping from ItalyShipping from Italy
Save € 9.05 at checkout Best price paying with a monzo or such like Oppo reno2 z. Screen size: 16.5cm (6.5 "), display resolution: 2340 x 1080 pixels, display type: amoled. Proc… Read more

Poco F2 Pro 6GB+128GB was posted on here fee days ago for £290 8+256 here


X50 5G, under £400 for me. Poco f2 Pro is the superior choice at that price though


X50 5G or X50 pro? What does one consider the price bracket of mid range, £400 - £500? I was thinking of the poco F2 pro in this price range. Thanks.


Realme X50 for me.


What is your top mid ranger Monsieur Switch

Logitech MX Master 3 Advanced Wireless Mouse - £73.35 delivered @ Amazon Italy
Posted 10th AugPosted 10th AugShipping from ItalyShipping from Italy
Scroll 1000 Lines in One Second: the MagSpeed scrolling system is so precise and fast that it allows you to stop on a single pixel and scroll 1000 lines per second and in silence … Read more

To be fair I have the original, and the buttons are such a horrible shape and size that's it's near impossible to use the right one, this can only be an improvement


I'm a huge fan of the Craft keyboard and been tempted to go with the mouse for that reason, good to hear it's work well for you.


I was gonna wait for prime day but £75 is a good deal... I can remember spending a fiver on mice and a tenner on keyboards back in the 90s little ridiculous now , but we have RGB :D


The student deal is better if you can get a code.


Bought this for work (graphic / Web designer) back in Oct 2019 in grey to go with the Logitech Craft keyboard. Absolutely brilliant bits of kit! Logitech flow was excellent to use when moving to a new PC & I've got my mobile & tablet set up to effortlessly switch between them all on both the keyboard & mouse. I've used top notch Logitech mice for many years & always the best brand for the type of work I do, but the MX3 has been perfect and a step up. Wireless charging while on a mouse pad would be a dream but Usb-c charging is fine & infrequent. Wouldn't use anything else now.

Intex Explorer K2 Kayak, 2-Person Inflatable Kayak Set with Aluminum Oars and High Output Air Pump £123.96 @ Amazon Italy
Posted 9th AugPosted 9th AugShipping from ItalyShipping from Italy don't have this is stock BUT are taking advanced orders which usually means they are expecting stock soon. Its not guaranteed but worth a punt if you want this boat this … Read more
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Yes but i think my sideline was more elegant and funny than most! But thanks for the lesson on canoeing even though i have been doing it for 30 years! There is a difference to sea kayaking, hardcore whitewater canoeing and paddling around the shoreline in an unstable and quite frightening (especially for little kids) rubber canoe - 32 of these have been swept out to sea this year in Cornwall alone - at least think about it! (mad)


Not yet


Price gone up due to large orders from the Calais area....


But two kids woggles and tie them around your waste. Sorted. Otherwise learn to swim?


I ordered another Sevylor model from Amazon and it appeared to have been shipped across from Amazon Germany, box was absolutely battered and kayak damaged when it arrived I suspect it had been kicking about a warehouse for yonks rather than happening transit but it went straight back that said these kayaks are good fun, yes they will be cheaper in off season, but is that when you are going to want to use.

TP-Link Deco M5 Gigabit Whole Home WiFi System - Triple Pack - £102.21 Delivered (£98 w/ fee free card) @ Amazon Italy
357° Expired
Posted 9th AugPosted 9th Aug
Nice offer for these excellent mesh network devices from TP-Link - cost is £102.21 delivered from Amazon Italy or approx £98 using a fee free card . Amazon UK price is £179.2… Read more

Assuming I need an adapter, I came across these when searching for solid connecting ones in Ireland. Check your local satellite sellers. A lot of those devices need them.


Just thinking, might be a bit cheeky but once mine arrives from Amazon Spain do you think I can ask Amazon UK for an exchange by telling them I expected UK plugs?


Yeah I saw them - thanks. I'd prefer the ones where the EU prongs fit inside the UK adapter which means the setup looks neater as it sits more flush to the socket. However I'm not sure they'll fit. Someone in this thread linked some.


The adapters I posted in the link above is 3 for £3.50..can possibly get these in pound land also


Mine despatched from Spain this morning. Best get some adapters soon

realme 6 Smartphone 4GB + 64GB 90hz Helio G90T White - £179.48 / £173 Fee Free Card @ Amazon Italy
Posted 9th AugPosted 9th AugShipping from ItalyShipping from Italy
€9 automatically applies at checkout people :) (y) 1. The 119 ° super wide angle lens data is the hardware module data, the actual field of view will be slightly smaller after… Read more

So about £220 for the 8gb 128gb model?


It is a looker mind.


Nice.🔥 Love the glossy white looks.


Ebay is your best bet


Just ordered the 8gb 128gb version from AliExpress for £181. I know I'll have to wait 8 weeks though

Motorola Moto G8 Power 5000 mAh Dual SIM 64GB Expandable Smartphone - £181.18 / £174.50 Fee Free Card @ Amazon Italy
Posted 8th AugPosted 8th AugShipping from ItalyShipping from Italy
€9.96 Applies At Checkout :) (y) Paying with a Monzo card or such like, nets you this for the princely sum of £174.70 Up to three days battery: 5000mAh battery that lasts up … Read more

Better battery life and processor


Sorry to hijack this thread and I think it's been asked before. Note 9 is slightly better than the 8t, much not much in it?


Good price Heat Added


The 9s doesn't have NFC, The note 9 does.


I'll take a looky, many thanks. NFC is a prerequisite though and that seems missing on many Chinese handsets.

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LG Velvet 6GB/128GB 5G smartphone, colour "Illusion Sunset" £462.76 from Amazon Italy
Posted 7th AugPosted 7th AugShipping from ItalyShipping from Italy
LG Velvet 5G from Amazon Italy, not sure but seems like a good deal...? LG Velvet smartphone 5G con vetro ricurvo (curved glass), Display OLED 6.8'', Sensore 48MP, Batteria 4300mA… Read more

As a bundle deal 462 is great but its selling just the handset. Currently the LG motorola edge(lite) are my favourite mid rangers but the price of the nord and moto 5g are hard to ignore


This phone has a dual screen case and pen support. It's not a bad shout if you can get it all as a bundle deal.


It's mid range, bit plenty fast enough to seem to be a top tier in most tasks. Obviously in taxing games, with all details on, you'll certainly notice the difference. But it will still perform admirably, and is no slow coach!


Good price in relation to it's launch price. So heat added. But overpriced from LG. You can get a Mi 10 Lite or Moto G 5G Plus for £130 less and get a very similar package


Thanks - reading some of the reviews - some critics say it is a bit laggy but that seems to be down to LG's software optimisation rather than the chipset.

Redeemer Enhanced Edition for the Nintendo Switch £12.44 delivered from Amazon Italy
110° Expired
Posted 6th AugPosted 6th Aug
Good price, includes standard delivery to the UK. Only place I can find it in stock at the moment in the UK is also Amazon for £29.99. The cover will be in Italian but for the pr… Read more

Thanks again for spotting this fella...legend (y)


Yep me too, Amazon clearly just shipped it from the UK depot instead of flying it over from Italy. (y)


Received mine today, looks the same as a UK version, all cover text in English rather than Italian. But it seems they have now run out of stock...


Heat added


Ordered, thanks! (y)

Disgaea 1 Complete (Nintendo Switch / PS4) £16.25 Delivered @ Amazon Italy
Posted 6th AugPosted 6th AugShipping from ItalyShipping from Italy
Great price. The Overlord is dead. The Netherworld is in turmoil. Time to kick some ass! Netherworld Prince Laharl awakens to fight for his throne and it's up to him and some unli… Read more

It's a great game, but it takes a bit of time to figure out all its systems. There's a lot to take in, and I recommend a guide on GameFAQs or something to ease in. Well worth the price at NISA Europe. I have over 100 hours on my Switch play through, and hadn't finished everything, but my backlog demanded I play something else!


£25.48 with postage. :)


It's about £22 on Switch direct from Nisa Europe at the moment.


hopefully nisa reprints these in some capacity.. I have 4 & 5 at least though. Still going through both of those


Damn. Let's hope the UK version drops soon...

Huawei P40 Lite 5g Midnight Black 6.5 "6gb / 128gb Dual Sim Smartphone - £303.78 / £294 Fee Free Card @ Amazon Italy
41° Expired
Posted 6th AugPosted 6th AugShipping from ItalyShipping from Italy
Good price for the 5 gangster, temporarily out if stock though :) (y) Operating System: Android Open Source 10.01 + EMUI 10.0.1 Camera: 64 MP Main Sensor? 1.8 + 8 MP Ultra… Read more

FYI - this is a Huawei Mobile Services device with no Google Apps I think there has been a mix up once again, they are showing the wrong device, this is the P40 lite standard. The Hauwei UK site has this at £250 This is the P40 lite 5G..

DC 4K HDR Boxset - Aquaman, Shazam, Wonder Woman, Batman Vs Superman, Man of Steel, Justice League, Suicide Squad £41.42 @ Amazon Italy
Posted 6th AugPosted 6th AugShipping from ItalyShipping from Italy
DC Films 4K HDR + Blu-Ray Collection. £42.41 DELIVERED This is a fantastic deal for 7 brilliant DC Films, all Ultimate 4K HDR editions. When you work this out it works out… Read more
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Thanks. Out for delivery today :D


I thought Aquaman was the worst. It's pure pants.


True 4K would imply that the master derives from a DI of 4K or above, an upscale would would mean that the content is from something lower than 4K (in most cases a lot of films with lots of special effects are finished in 2K). All the movies are in 2160p regardless. But don't let that put you off buying something!


What do you mean by true 4k vs 4k upscale?


It's not going to make any real difference in the quality, some 2K upscales look better than true 4K masters and vice versa, in nearly every case, a 2K upscale with WGC and HDR (with superior compression) will outshine its Blu-ray on a decent set-up. Don't base your buying decision on whether a UHD derives from a 2K digital intermediate or a 4K one, it's a waste of time. If you're only buying the latter you're cutting off your nose to spitite your face, especially at this price.

Nolan Collection 7 Films (4k Ultra HD + Blu-ray) - £57.95 (£28.40 When Buy 5 or more Titles) @ Amazon Italy
Posted 5th AugPosted 5th Aug
Back in stock and even cheaper Get it for £28.40 (50% ) when buying 5 or more from the 50% of promotion offer below You can get the Nolan 7 film collection 4k box set and 4 ha… Read more
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Thank you have ordered a bunch! It was worrying the description saying only Italian, but looked on the back cover pics and they do say Inglese so all good.


Gotta love those skinny (but not too skinny) Amaray cases they use :)


European discs. In fact, most of them are IDENTICAL to UK ones. BBFC certificates on the discs and everything.


I can confirm all these Italian disc have English menu's and audio intact the Nolan set has the UK 4k Disc I have many Italian Imports


I asked the question in the last deal about languages on the other deals with this one "I am just curious of the language factor here, the Nolan collection seems fine but nearly all the others suggest Italian audio only including most of the Harry Potter films (I only found one with English audio)?" Has anyone got any disks from them that say Italian audio only Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts duo etc? Is there an English track too?

realme X2 Pro Smartphone 12 GB RAM and 256 GB Super AMOLED Dual Sim 90hz Lunar White - £434.01 / £420 Fee Free Card @ Amazon Italy
Posted 5th AugPosted 5th AugShipping from ItalyShipping from Italy
Reduced on amazon Italy, the Realme x2 Pro, apart from the couple of extra camera features on the X3 (More a side grade) this is an super Amoled panel, instead of LCD on the X3 B… Read more

Just cancelled my order for a OP Nord for this phone, as fate decided that Amazon UK would have a delay in launch. Must say this phone is the best I've had. The reviews do not do this justice with how fast it is. The main and ultra wide cam sensors are brilliant. It does suffer badly in low light with a lot of noise in the images though.


This is a cool deal, Switchy. The P30 Pro looks good too, is the screen amoled? Damn, so many excellent phones to choose from :{ I'm still rockin' the Mate 10 Pro, be interesting to read your review - when will this be available to we, your public? :D 8)


No, I don't mind a heavy phone, feels well built, problem I had was I was comparing it side by side with the oneplus 7t which I had at the time, and the 7t won hands down in most areas, mainly camera.


Did you give up on the f2 because of the weight? I'm trying to move to the f2 from the p20 pro, but I am really missing the p20's physical button and light weight. F2 is good, but noticeably heavier.


Neither,pixel 4a 😁

1TB SanDisk SSD Plus Sata III Internal SSD - £82.04 delivered (£79 w/ fee free card) @ Amazon Italy
708° Expired
Posted 4th AugPosted 4th Aug
1TB SanDisk SSD Plus Sata III Internal SSD for £82.04 delivered (£79 w/ fee free card) @ Amazon Italy. SanDisk SSD 1TB Plus Sata III Internal SSD Boost your laptop perfor… Read more

Or the same lol Sandisk have always been notorious with not being 100% clear what they use in their SSDs. Well the SSD Plus has always been a lottery with regards to what’s in it anyway,


Yes, it is high demand in the UK. But companies should already knew this. Instead of meeting consumer demands by having more items in stock, they put prices up. If you compare electronics and computing in the EU and the US, it's much cheaper over there. Are the whole EU and the US put together buy less electronics from the UK so prices are cheaper over there! Companies here are being greedy and that is the problem with high prices.


The 1Tb has 256Mb Nanya DDR3 i believe so I assume the 2Tb has 512Mb??


Nothing about the UK is a rip off when it comes to consumer electronics, the fact is that demand is higher in the UK which pushes up prices in a market where memory chips have gone from being in a state of over supply to under supply....


The western digital ssd I bought from at the weekend was dispatched from Spain anyway. Just buy where it’s cheapest.

Nolan's Collection 7 4k Blu-ray 21 Disc £57.95 @ Amazon Italy (£28.40) When Buy 5 Titles))
245° Expired
Posted 1st AugPosted 1st Aug
Get 50% of this item when buying 5 or more from the 50% of promotion Discover the 5x50% promotion on Warner titles in 4K UHD format and on the most beloved Boxset : buy 5 titles… Read more
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Back in stock and even cheaper


Yeah but isn't it cheaper?


I am just curious of the language factor here, the Nolan collection seems fine but nearly all the others suggest Italian audio only including most of the Harry Potter films (I only found one with English audio)?


That filmography is absolutely stunning, I wonder if Nolan can leave a lasting legacy that surprises Spielberg and Scorses. While Spielberg has crafted some wonderful films, none of them are cerebral as Inception/Interstellar.


Bonus disc. Plus they all come with a bluray. Most often 4k discs are vanilla.

Samsung Galaxy Buds+ ( Plus ) Wireless Earphones - £99.95 / £94.35 with Fee Free Card @ Amazon Italy
581° Expired
Posted 1st AugPosted 1st AugShipping from ItalyShipping from Italy
Wowza, £98 or £95 for the plus variant (shock) The Galaxy Buds + earphones have a maximum autonomy of 11 hours of playback and 22 hours of total autonomy; in addition, with 3… Read more

€113 now.. I presume they were less as that seems to be ~£102 now? Edit: looks like €102.90 is still available but with a 1-2 month wait


Will you still be able to register for warranty? Also do you just go through the pages reading in Italian too purchase? (lol) thanks


Have these and the sound is great but I have found that I struggle with how deep they go into my ears is an issue.


Yes, but are really heavy


Cheers mate

Crucial BX500 2 TB CT2000BX500SSD1 up to 540 MB/s Internal SSD £154.76 delivered @ Amazon Italy
Posted 31st JulPosted 31st JulShipping from ItalyShipping from Italy
Seems like a good price for this SSD at Amazon Italy. You can utilise your UK Amazon account details to purchase :) Features - Boot up faster; load files quicker; improve over… Read more
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Cheapest price per gb for 2TB of SSD storage


Thinking the same, i've already got a 1tb nvme drive for boot and two 4tb hdd's for storage, but im wanting to get a big ssd for the games i mostly play


As far as comparing with other ssds, how would using this as a drive to install games on fair out do you think?


Quite the opposite, I wouldn't have a DRAM less drive as an external. Copying large files Is most often going to happen with an external, which is when you'll notice it. This will be fine as a boot device.


Not necessarily. As an everyday boot drive I doubt lack of DRAM would make a difference. Most people won't be making heavy random writes so the difference will be negligible.

Kingston A2000 1TB SSD NVMe M.2 PCIe Gen3 x4 3D NAND TLC 2,200/2000MB/s £96.91 (£94 fee free) delivered @ Amazon Italy
Posted 31st JulPosted 31st JulShipping from ItalyShipping from Italy
Kingston A2000 1TB SSD NVMe M.2 PCIe Gen3 x4 3D NAND TLC 2,200/2000MB/s £96.91 (£94 fee free) delivered @ Amazon Italy Description Kingston’s A2000 NVMe PCIe SSD is an aff… Read more

from best to worst it goes SLC, MLC, TLC, QLC you might wanna check this out which should also help you:




Which is better tlc? Or the other one


It's cheap and does the job properly (y) happy to help (highfive)


Nice one. Nearly pulled the trigger at £104 on Amazon UK on this so you saved me £8. The review I read of this talked really highly of it

Huawei Nova 5t 6gb/128GB Dual Sim £246.36/£239.20 Fee Free Card - Sold by Smart Tech Electronics and Fulfilled by Amazon
Posted 30th JulPosted 30th JulShipping from ItalyShipping from Italy
With one of the biggest screen-to-body ratios around, the all-new Huawei Nova 5T takes smartphone design to the limit. Embedding the front camera within the screen expands the fiel… Read more
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Yeah mate will 48MP in theory should give more quality as there are 4 times as many pixels. But like you should you might only see this if you pixel peep (zooming in). In short it's a cracking phone. If you can get a mini tripod, night mode pics give a nice high contrast type effect.


Thanks for the explanation man 👌🏻 Cameras really aren't my thing. I thought it was maybe defaulting to the 12MP to save storage space. I've took shots of the same thing with both and they look similar. Couldn't really see any difference other than the 48MP being clearer when zoomed in. I'll probably stick to that.


48mp - 0.8um pixel size 12mp - 1.6um pixel size but at 12mp resolution only. Larger pixel = more light More light = higher quality photo. Buttttt if you use 48mp mode in perfect lighting then you WILL get better quality. But equally if you use 12MP in good lighting it will be just as good but less ability to zoom in.


How come the 12MP is better?


12MP pixel binned should* be better, but 48AI tales multiple photos and takes the best bits and merges them. I know what you mean.

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