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AmazonCommercial 2000 Count Manual Ranging Digital Multimeter - £10.49 @ Amazon

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About this deal

  • Auto-ranging handheld digital multimeter for taking voltage and frequency measurements
  • Measuring functions: AC/DCV, DCA, diode/continuity test, and resistance/battery test
  • Backlit LCD display with measurement saving function
  • Includes 600V AC/DC, 10A DC, and manual ranging and data hold
  • Included components: test leads, 9V battery, user manual
  • User manual is provided in 6 different languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch(Netherlands)
Amazon More details at Amazon
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    Doesn't have auto-off so if you're anything like me it'll eat through PP3 batteries.

    I'd spend a few quid more on one with auto-ranging and auto-off.
    This is the one I have. Nearly twice the price but it's an excellent meter. amazon.co.uk/gp/…c=1
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    Do any of the mentioned multi-meters have easily replaced glass "quick blow" fuses? Through my own stupidity I blew the fuse on a modern multimeter, only to find it was a surface mount fuse, which was extremely difficult to source a replacement for.
    Any modern decent meter should have ceramic HRC fuses that are user replaceable.I am sure this model has those. Glass fuses are pretty much old school and not used as when they fail they can shatter and throw glass bits all over the place (but are much easier to check visually for a failure of course!) - so you might need another meter to check the ceramic fuses!

    This appears to be made be CEM in India, (who sell to other companies who re-badge)
    I am sure this has 2 ceramnic, user replaceable fuses.

    Here's a video on the next model up (which I suspect is pretty similar in build)
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    I agree about not having an auto-off function. It is easy to overlook turning it off manually when concentrating on the readings, then next time it is needed the battery is flat, and a new battery has to be sourced. Auto-off is one of the first things I check when buying a multimeter. I suppose you could tape a new PP3 battery to the case, that way it would remind you to turn it off, and be a backup if you did forget. (edited)
    I don't know why you're so worried about auto-off. I'm sure it will turn itself off once the battery runs out
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    Great little meter, I'm sure it's the same as one RS Components sell ' RS12' (which is a rebadged something else) but they sell for nearer £30 - I've got a couple of the RS branded versions and they work well for basic testing and are fairly durable and compact.
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    I keep telling myself to get one of these instead of lumping around 3kg overkill tester in not so demanding situations.
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    Anytime wanting to recommend me something to last for years.....

    Easy to use, read about about smart or auto functions ? Definitely! Backlit and a decent sounding beep as mine is very quiet. Rechargeable or AA batteries .Extras like crocodile clips are bonus but can't afford fluke so 20 quid plus maybe up to 50 even ....recommendations accepted. Appreciated .Thanks (edited)
    Bside S11. Bought from AliExpress from Bside official for 20ish. Took about 10 days to arrive. Pretty accurate, nice big backlit screen, easy to use, lithium rechargeable battery,, led torch, bumper cover , updated leads, ncv, case. Only thing it doesn't have that I'll be getting is Croc clips.
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    I've got a cheap Aneng multimeter, seems pretty accurate and had a lot of good reviews when I bought it a few years ago. Auto ranging, true RMS, supposedly measures up to 999.9 volts for those with a death wish. Costs a bit more but you can find the Aneng An8008 for around £20 on ebay. (edited)

    thanks for the reply
    Seen this brand mentioned before.
    Anyone with knowledge recommend anything similar or cheaper to beat it ? (edited)
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    Meh. Avo 8 is all I need to say.