At Least Half-price Blu-rays
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Found 25th Oct 2010
At least 50% off, some more, e.g. Lord Of The Rings Trilogy (Theatrical Version) ~75% off (RRP £75, now £17.93).

782 titles to choose from, so I'm not going to attempt to list them!

Direct link to advanced search:…1a/?ie=UTF8&rh=n:383380011,p_75:50-100,p_n_binding_browse-bin:383380011


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Well I thought it looked like a good collection of deals, all in one place and plenty of Xmas present ideas. Judging by the plummeting temperature, obviously not! I must be doing something wrong.

There are some reasonably good buys there, why so cold?

Voted hot!


There are some reasonably good buys there, why so cold?Voted hot!

I think the problem some people might have is that a lot of these items have already been posted separately on here.

Just posting a search results page, doesn't cut it.

I prefer deals with everything in one place - just would be nice to have a list of a few titles (rather than having to go through the 782 results manually) that are cheaper than elsewhere

Haven't voted but more chance of a deal like this being hot if you put a bit of work into it by listing some of the highlights from the sale and show some price comparisons from elsewhere to show that these items are a good price. It's too general otherwise, hence the cold votes. And just to annoy you even more, someone will probably come along and post some of the individual items and they'll get more heat!
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