€104.63 +€5.25 P&P Ultra 3D SanDisk SSD black 500gb
216°Expired €104.63 +€5.25 P&P Ultra 3D SanDisk SSD black 500gb

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NB £97.11 is a currency convertion...

Read up to 550 MB/s, Write up to 525 MB/s.

There's €5.25 for p&p but if your are already ordering or perhaps buy some other thing(s) cheap.

I found it under deals, so don't know how long it's for.
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If Amazon Currency Converter is Enabled.

Items: EUR 105,50
Postage & Packing: EUR 5,52
(Order Total: EUR 111,02)

Payment Total: GBP 100.98

Amazon UK is selling for GBP 110.20.
Where do u get 105.50?

R it's the conversion fee

€111.02=£97.11 via amazon echo.

Thanks updated.
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Can some enlightened individual tell me why this is cold?
suckerpunch13 h, 54 m ago

Can some enlightened individual tell me why this is cold?

Because for a little more you can get the Crucial MX500 or Samsung Evo 850. Both of which are better made, faster and have longer warranties.

Its a good drive but people buying a premium priced SSD will be opting for the the other better drives.

I would think if they can reduce the price to £95 it will sell well. For the £5 difference of the crucial I would buy the crucial. With a £10 difference it would be a difficult choice. It is better than a budget drive, but its warranty is the same as for the budget drives.

I have 2 crucial drives BX300 and MX500 and 2 of the Sandisk ultra IIs, which perform almost the same as this drive. Even the older BX300 outperforms this.
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