Ambi Pur 3volution compatible refills in the 99p store

Ambi Pur 3volution compatible refills in the 99p store

Found 12th Dec 2013
In the 99p stores you can get these replica ambi pur 3volution refills. They are the same fit, same quality and great fragrances. There are 3 different varieties in store. Genuine 3volution refills are £3-6 normally so this is very affordable if you have the 3volution plug in.
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These are useless in my opinion don't even smell!!!
Was not impressed when I bought these, very little fragrance on highest setting.
Mine is great and I've got the oil all over my hand and it smells strong. Anyway only 99p.
I agree with comments useless no wonder it's cheap
full of chemicals and never smells of anything natural gross
I tried these and they was rubbish.
I've tried these and although I found them to be strong the smell made me feel sick!!
the ambi pur ones are only £3 in tesco and make a bigger difference.
these 99p ones are not that fragrant at all.
Rubbish, don't buy that! It's useless
I have them as well from poundland. At first I couldn't smell it at all but the last few days there have been some bursts from it, better than paying a fiver
not very good Savers do the original double pack £4.49
False economy - I tried these and they only last a week or 2 and they are not very strong. I gave up and went back to the real thing. Nice try OP but if you are trying to save cash you will spend more in the long run on these.
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