Ambi Pur 3volution Refill - £1.99 Each @ Savers

Ambi Pur 3volution Refill - £1.99 Each @ Savers

Found 7th Apr 2010Made hot 8th Apr 2010
All the Ambi Pur 3volution Refills are currently on special offer at a £1.99 each.

These incluse the new National Geographic Fragrances:

Alaska Glacier Bay
Nevada Desert Essence
Japan Rituals
Fresh New Day
Heavenly Flowers
Relaxing Countryside


Nice one, will head in today. Home Bargains also have the actual units for £3.99, which aint bad. Think thats with a winter vanilla fragrance.

Grabbed a few, ta.

Japan Rituals!!
Harakiri (ritual suicide)

The best ones of these in the universe are oriental dreams but I don't know what sort of a demon possesses these people into not making it apart from one week a year....

It only comes out in the summer time and then I need to wait for it to go down in price or on offer somewhere to stock up on it.

NOT FAIR. (if anyone knows where I can buy oriental dreams, please tell me and I will love you forever).

If you can't get to a Savers they also had these half price in my local Sainsbury's today - I think they were about £2.40 or so, not as good as Savers but a reasonable alternative.

non left in my local one today - fully empty shelf

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if you go to the barkingside one, they literally have a massive stack of these, must be about 150 of each variety.
Right next tot he 29p Volvic Water.

Bargains galore.
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