Ambrosia Custard 500g Carton pack 50p @ Asda

Ambrosia Custard 500g Carton pack 50p @ Asda

Found 16th Aug 2016Made hot 16th Aug 2016
According to mysupermarket 75p has been the lowest this has been in the past year. 75p would have been 50% more than it's current price of 50p. I have got 400g cans of Ambrosia for 50p but never 500g cartons.
Seems like good value and ideal for stocking up.


Nice find. Ambrosia Devon custard with hot Bramley apple pie; gorgeous. Thanks op heat added.

bought some today and some fruit cake. will be scoffing it all later!

me to bought some with Swiss roll yum tum

it's actually a 465g carton , and by the way this was posted before ​

The cartons I bought for 50p were definitely 500g each ...
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