Ambrosia Devon Custard 750G £1 @ Tesco

Ambrosia Devon Custard 750G £1 @ Tesco

Found 12th Dec 2017Edited by:"roehampton"
Half price at Tesco. Was £2. In the good old time it used to be 1kg for that price but now it seems that we get less for the same price. That way it doesn't feel that prices are going up.
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Couldn’t believe it when we bought this fir the first time in ages and it’s another brand to shrink the size. Just means we won’t buy it now the larger size was big enough for 4 but no point buying it when one doesn’t feed all of you and not buying two. :
Too much sugar for me, prefer to make our own from custard powder
IanRC21 m ago

Too much sugar for me, prefer to make our own from custard powder

Couldn't agree more. Sadly, Tesco seem to have stopped their own brand custard powder so I'll have to make do with Bird's.
Just picked up a couple of these today, lovely hot with bananas on a cold day to warm you up
.... bit expensive?

I remember these being two for £1 at B&M around six months ago.
Edited by: "smiggy" 12th Dec 2017
Same price is Asda ..... but heat added as good price
Sadly yet another food item shrinking in size,no wonder our food bill is increasing unlike our wages of course.
Same price in pretty much all shops this time of year they're always £1

Yeah sucks they're smaller but what alternative is there? tried ASDAs own, not too good.. Lidl is alright but still not the same.
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