AMD 6000+ x2 3.00ghz CPU £139 del with google chckout

AMD 6000+ x2 3.00ghz CPU £139 del with google chckout

Found 16th May 2007
AMD 6000+ x2 dual core cpu.3.00ghz with 2x1mb L2 cache.
use google checkout to get it for £139 delivererd. ( quidco for another 0.1% back)…202
- amancalledchip


Nice find, cheers.

really wish i'd known am2 was going to come out so soon after purchasing my 939 motherboard...!
ebuyer only see one x2 939 processer, a lowely 3800 x2 for £72 (£62 after gc)

ok rant over...

Thought you might like some info on this chip - so click ]here for a BCHARDWARE review of this processor and to see how it stacks up against Intel Core 2 Duo E6600.

Youll also find the following chart ( ]http//ww…et/ helpful for comparing performance of the current stock of processorts out there;

Nice price but I'd rather have the E6600 for around the same price. Perhaps a nice upgrade if you already have an AM2 Motherboard.

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i always go to tomshardware for benchmarking.
There you can match individual CPU's against each other testing them across 30+ different programs.
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