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Posted 28 August 2022

AMD 6700 - Ryzen 5600G - 16GB - 1TB (No O/S) Gaming System at £791.84 at AWD-IT

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About this deal

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

  • Deepcool Matrexx 40
  • Powercolor Radeon RX 6700 Fighter 10GB Graphics Card
  • Gigabyte B450M-S2H Micro ATX Motherboard
  • AMD Ryzen 5 5600G 6 Core 4.4Ghz
  • AMD Wraith Prism RGB Cooler
  • Adata Hunter 3200mhz 16GB (2x8)
  • Corsair CX650M 650W Bronze Modular
  • Crucial P2 1TB NVME M.2 SSD

Price: 791.84

Fantastic price on the above prebuilt featuring: an AMD 6700

It features the 5600G which undercuts the prime X version at a nice fair price which is suited and booted for the budget B450 Motherboard, alot of folks are happy to boost to 5600X on the B450 Platform, but many have that mind set of X=B550M, which combined 40+30 = £70 and if u are budget tight, then that means dropping the 6700 back down to the 6600 or loosing it somewhere else, if ur happy to do B450 via X... is £30

for what exactly:

5600G VS 5600X (3060) as a guide.

#but if u want it, both options are on site or one of them.

plus when the dust settles upon resell value, the G will out weigh the X, due to having back up vega graphics, which has more possibility's of breaking the GPU one way, and the rest of the system elsewhere alone.

History, 4600G sells better then 3600
and 3200G sellers better then a 3100

Rather then just another system on fleabay: NO GPU!.

The Deep cool case is a budget case like the rest of the system but offers fantastic airflow to performance for the small buck & however ive topped up the cooler from the standard stock cooler to the RGB AMD Prism

for less then £800 bucks, its one of the best non Nvidia Graphics Prebuilt deals on the market.

infact there is no system builder in the entire uk, which offers the AMD 6700 in a prebuilt like this anywhere near this cost, so if ur happy to jump off the Nvidia band waggon and desire a more afford 6700 and desire an MATX build, then this is the link u need.

If your looking for a nice Keyboard / Mouse set, then check out the keyboard Tab as they have the

ASUS TUF SET at £39.99 which for the price is cracking, im not going to state its a half price deal as the original price is a joke, oops i did.... ah well.

and if ur looking for a monitor, there is some nice reductions on site for AWD own brand X compared to their usual site price, but if one does suit ur taste then ask away and i can compare it to the nearest rival for u.

+30 5600x
+40 B550M
+15 GOLD 750W
ATX CASE -5/+5
+40 32GB TEAM
AWD-IT More details at AWD-IT
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  1. Avatar
    Good Morning Sarden,
    Thank you for another great post, really appreciate the knowledge you share.
    I'm looking to finally replace my 11 year old rig which tbf was an absolute beast when purchased (mobo gigabyte X79s-up5, i7 3970x, 32gb hyper X blu DDR3 ram, gtx 690 Sli, PSU cm m2 silent pro 1000w)
    Looking for best deal for the following and figured you are the best person to ask:

    Amd 5800X3D (best CPU for escape from Tarkov my primary game)
    Gtx 1080
    1tb Samsung pro M2 nvme
    Liquid cooler needs to have the screen for showing temps etc
    32 GB ram at 3600mhz min
    1000w min psu
    Decent airflow case
    Not too fussed about RGB lighting, just need functionality & performance at best price.
    1440p 27 inch monitor with gsync, min 144hz & low ms response

    Will be financing the purchase over a year or 2

    I know And will be announcing Zen 4 soon and possibly another high cache CPU but guess will be on DDR 5, more money more problems for new 1st gen gear??

    My old rig is still in good condition as wasn't really used for a 6 year period, any recommendations on where I can sell to claw some funds back?

    Any help or recommendations would be greatly appreciated

    Thank you and take care mate
    ill come back to you laters on the 3080 Spec, because ill be going over high ends shortly again and will have the bare in mind the finance.

    #thoughts on intel 12700K? then 5800x3d (obvious something u looked into more then me on that game). im thinking of a ccl deal ive seen which has 127000/12700k and they do 0% for 12 months.

    selling wise:

    Gumtree/ ebay / sphock and these


    just ensure u photo it with ur name...

    discord.gg/CRc…fEe (selling section)
    discord.me/ukg…ers (market section) (edited)
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    Would this be a good machine for both gaming and video editing?
    Can you video edit on an AMD complete system yeah, but an Nvidia card would trump it, so personal more aim at heading towards an RTX3060+ System.

    #illcome back which is the best for it, as my tabs are all in 3070 atm.

    is the £800 budget ur looking at? (edited)
  3. Avatar
    Hii chaps

    Any QS il reply in the morning..

    Decorating day order by the Mrs. And now I'm off to the pub.
    You are one of the few people I do not know that I would buy drink or 3 for down the pub
    Excellent work as ever
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    Quite a lot to unpack, here. Why is the R5 5600X the go-to choice for many of us and not the R5 5600G? Hope this helps someone.

    The 5600X is fairly significantly better than the 5600G if you're doing things like Blender workloads, compression/decompression and so on, and in some games, even at 1080P, the R5 5600G performs a little worse than even the older R5 3600, which as Hardware Unboxed put it was 'troubling'.

    Why does the 5600G look pretty good in the UDF Tech video, above, but not so good in Hardware Unboxed, etc, reviews?

    That's because Luke of UDF Tech, sensibly, has paired them with a RTX 3060 rather than something more powerful like an RTX 3060TI/RX 6700 or the RTX2080TI and above That Tim in the Hardware Unboxed review pairs them with, along with another more powerful graphics card; if you're just pairing either CPU with a RTX 3060, that sometimes 10% performance difference between the two CPUs is barely, if at all, noticeable.

    As Tim in the Hardware Unboxed review points out, the on-average 14% difference between the 5600G and the 5600X in games at 1080p (and that's only when using an expensive graphics card!), shrinks to around half at, around 7% when using sometimes like a 3060TI/3070, at 1080P. Obviously he recommends going for the 5600X over the 5600G but I think a good case can be made for the 5600G in budget boxes where you don't necessarily plan to upgrade the graphics card to something much more powerful than an RTX 3060.

    If you're own a tight budge that uses a RTX 3060 or lower, you can put together a a really nice cheap-sh gaming rig around the R5 5600G and a cheaper-than-B550 motherboard in the form of the B450; the R5 5600G doesn't support PCI-Express 4.0 for faster storage options, anyway, which the R5 5600X does when paired with a suitable B550 motherboard, so less of a reason to shell out for a more expensive B550 motherboard if trying to save money the R5 5600G route. Also, if your dedicated graphics card dies on you, as long as the motherboard has a graphics out (many HP that use the 5600G computers don't!) you can still use the R5 5600G's integrated graphics to game at low settings as a stopgap. With the R5 5600X, you can't do anything until you buy a new graphics card!

    Re the integrated graphics, keep in mind there have been driver improvements since this Hardware Unboxed video was made. Also, when he's talking about 10th and 11th gen Intel CPUs, keep in mind the significantly better-performing twelvth-gen Intel CPUs hadn't been released, yet.

    Hope this helps someone. x

    Would this deal give me an uplift from an 8400/1070 rig or should I wait a bit longer. I was thinking of a 3060ti or 3070 next as I've always been a Nvidia user.

    Willing to change team and the games I play are CPU intensive. At least I think they are. My CPU is always at 100% and my GPU at approx 80% (edited)
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    Hi Sarden,
    Thank you for your swift response and help it is appreciated.
    EFT unfortunately is still in beta stage so poorly optimized, it's massively cpu intensive and doesn't benefit from hyper threading or more cores so the 5800X3D is literally the best CPU for the game currently.

    I can buy outright if there are better deals but prefer to spread costs if possible.

    Thank you for the suggestions on best place to sell my old gear too, very helpful.

    Have a good day
  6. Avatar
    *gtx 3080
  7. Avatar
    Hey @sarden84 I’ve got roughly £1200-£1400 to spend on a machine. Anything you’ve seen you can recommend. I came to this based on one of your other deals.

    Thanks in advance!

    Certain aspects I'd change being a self builder with current deals, come back to u by morning.
  8. Avatar
    Original poster clearly has never bought from AWD. Check out there reviews. Shocking company that I've personally bought from.and added my experience in there reviews. Terrible