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Posted 6 December 2022

AMD Ryzen 5, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD, NVIDIA TX 3060, Gaming Desktop PC at Costco - £699.98 at checkout (membership required) @ Costco

Shared by sarden84
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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

  • AMD Ryzen 5 4500 Processor
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Graphics 8GB Ram version.
  • 16GB RAM 3200mhz
  • 1TB NVMe
  • Windows 11 Home
  • X= Mesh Black ARGB Tempered Glass
  • B450 Motherboard
  • 600W PSU (Cm/Aero cool)
  • 600Mbps WIFI

Last batch sold out. back in stock.

As stated last time it is abit of a odd muffin this one, it has that "shy" 4500 paired with the new generation RTX3060 8GB but at £699.99 its on the money and is great for people unwilling to consider an AMD system, and desire that RTX MINECRAFT MACHINE

which i know (after speaking to so many) Mum's/dads its the desire.
and that is why many places are charging the earth for RTX3060 systems atm.

so ur going to get maybe someone go, eh 4500 without looking at the much wider bigger picture

One of the misfits of Youtube is the $129 vs $104 but that is self build, that is US Market, & didnt take into account Motherboards at the time, but in the uk and months later, the CPU is £75 for the 4500 while the 12100F is at around £100 - how the tables has changed.

but what is worse is the people who will be buying the two in a prebuilt system, as we are talking £800+ in all other fields equal for that 12100F + 3060 machine & that is something YouTube does not tell you.

So this at £699.99 even despite having 8GB 3060 & that 4500 is a very respectful deal for RTX Wanna'beas.

another comment could be head for 5600 what is only a £60 more CPU, but in systems, we are again talking £100 more and clearly suited for upgrade laters so u can add in a new GPU, then u got to consider the higher cost of watts in the PSU, and if u dont have the extra spends over £699... something has to give that would be the GPU, and i.e for example is a 12100F+3050 at only 18 less so 5600 would be even more!.

Good deal for parents and atm, that is the wrap.

PS: Snowed atm with some personal things with a deadline to get done, so ill be back Wednesday evening, but if i get 2secs u know me if i can.
Costco More details at Costco
You will need a Costco membership to purchase this item.

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    Saw this last night and thought it looked like a good deal since it sold out in BF. People will need to think if they go for this or the better 6750XT system you posted yesterday which is £140+ more. They also seem to have a decent monitor on offer that would be a great fit with this. (edited)
    If someone happy to jump of the RTX (lightening)
    have the higher buck, then no brainer 6750XT

    / will go though a mega soon, with recap what we got.

    ive just got so much on atm. half this n that atm.
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    How would Football Manager run on this? I currently have AMD Athlon Quad Core processor(runs at 3.2ghz I think with 8gb Ram. My graphics rating is 3 out of 5 stars. Nvidea 1050 Ti 4gb. I think my current issue is the processor being slow. My computer is 8 years old. Any advice please?
    This is more than up for Football Manager. Yes, I guess your CPU is the main issue. The graphics card is not great but I doubt it would struggle with FM.
    You could argue this is overkill for FM but if you have the pennies, it’s a good deal.
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    I’m running a 4100 cpu no issues
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    I got one of these for my son from a previous post.
    To me it looks like a good deal and decent enough for 1080p gaming.
    I fired it up and put steam games he plays on it, they all work fine.
    Mine came with a 750w PSU
    When he grows and it begins to slow, I'll end up putting a 5800X3D in it, as that's a top end AM4 when they're nice and cheap, along with a 3080. (edited)
    RTX 3060 can do high settings at 1440p on lots of modern FPS, if you don't mind the fans kicking in!

    Edit: my comment is about the RTX 3060 12GB, I can't vouch for the 8GB version but it's performance is lower than the original with more VRAM (edited)
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    8GB 3060 is a scam with unexpectedly worse performance, be aware of that...
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    Cheers @sarden84

    Ordered this on Monday for my 12 year old son for his Xmas. He games on an Xbox Series S and has mentioned in the past about a gaming PC so thought this would be a great introduction to PC Gaming without breaking the bank. He'll also be able to use it for some school work.

    Just hoping it arrives in time for Xmas 🥵 (edited)
    Last day by AWD for Xmas orders.
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    Informative and helpful as always, thanks sarden x
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    I missed out on last bundle as wasn’t paid! What’s this 1 like? costco.co.uk/TVs…878
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    Hi bit of a pc newbie. But looking to upgrade from ps4 to pc. Instead of getting a PS5. Games we play in house are mainly cod, Minecraft and lad might play farming simulator and fortnight. Would this be suitable for this to perform well or is there something better. This would be my budget spend ideally. Thank you
    Id personally say this is never going to offer similar graphics performance to a PS5. You would need to spend considerably more - maybe 1.5k + to get PS5 performance. This system is a great fit if they are looking to play Minecraft and looking for good mid-range gaming performance. It’s will also play Farming sim and Fortnight as decent frame rates. The RX3060 seems very popular. The next step up on this stay with the RX line is likely the Hellfire build using 3070 but that’s £999. If you have slightly more then AMD do offer the 6570XT which is also listed in a deal. That’s in the middle price wise at £840 but I have a feeling the RX cards support some additional features in Minecraft so the 3060 or 3070 maybe better options. This deal is certainly popular as sold out 2 weeks ago on Black Friday. Remember you need a half decent monitor along with keyboard/mouse so that may add £250+ to the overall cost.
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    Which one of these two for basic Minecraft please?
    Neither, type in 5600G and scan for my name and u will see plenty of better options on 5600G

    ur budget max £400 or £450? (edited)
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    Thanks @sarden84 I ordered this for my son for Christmas after much deliberation over this and other recent offers. A great upgrade on his Ryzen 5 3500U laptop from 2019.

    Thanks for posting as I would never have otherwise looked at Costco.
    What will your son play? Just out of interest on this?
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    Order still live.

    Just ordered for the kids.

    See how it goes and for the price I cannot complain.

    Cheers Sarden84!
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    @sarden84 This may help other people. Costco have added to the description "Order by the 16th December for Pre Christmas Delivery" bauble.
    Thank you, must be running the costco a little longer.

    just got this off AWD-it direct.
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