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Posted 12 November 2022

AMD Ryzen 5 5600G - £114.18 via Amazon EU on Amazon

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Update 2
Update - price drop from £119.83 to £114.18 on 06/12

Great APU on a budget!
Great price for those of us who cannot get the slightly better deals on eBay as we live in Northern Ireland
Amazon More details at Amazon
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Update 1
Now £119.83
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    Remember this deal is especially good for those of us who don't have have a dedicated GPU. Oh and think of the savings on electricity
    When your upgrading in future, selling a vega+MB combo are great quick resells. (edited)
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    Worth an upgrade over my 3600?
    No, 3600 is powerful enough. 5600g is not much an upgrade from 3600.

    5600G has IGPU, only PCI-E 3.0
    3600 has PCI-E 4.0 and larger L3 cache.

    Unless you want to use the IGPU of 5600G, otherwise, there is not much point to upgrade from 3600 to 5600G. (edited)
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    Just built a gaming system with this cpu and a rog strix b450-f gaming ii motherboard, 16gb vengeance ram,can add a gpu later once the kids have got used to a pc from playstation
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    What's Amazon EU?
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    Ordered and due for delivery tomorrow... Select Amazon EU seller for best price.. I think EU just means Jeff makes more profit?
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    Tempting. I've got a 4600G in mine so this would be a slight bump I suppose for a decent price.
    Do you have a dedicated graphics card or just use the onboard @Conkers816 ?
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    What would be considered an upgrade from a 3600x?
    In my opinion, current Ryzen 5 5500, 5600, 5600G, 5600X are not worth upgrading from 3600X.

    But if you go higher current generation Ryzen 7 or 9, they cost a lot more. Again whether they worth the cost is a personal opinion.

    If I were you, I would keep 3600X, it is perfert usable and powerful enough, unless you really need something more powerful for some reasons. (edited)
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    Having a 4790 and already been advised this would be a decent upgrade, I know would require new mobo etc but having a evga 1070 card would this be worth doing from a 4790 and also do people prefer the ryzens rather then the new Intel cpus looking to start upgrading that's all thanks
    Since you have a dedicated graphics card I would go with a 5600 and a b550 motherboard which will do you good just like your old 4790
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    Thanks for taking the time to share this @redronification
    Hey thanks for the thanks
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    Would this cpu be good for sim racing games rfactor 2 assetto corsa etc as I've mentioned I do have the evga 1070 card as well currently with the 4790 cpu
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    This or the Ryzen 7 5700g for £190? Debating between the 2 cpus
    Your call. The 5700G is more powerful but the GPU difference is less dramatic given the price.

    It's a good CPU/GPU but value for money the 5600G has an edge at this price.