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AMD Ryzen 7 5700X Desktop Processor (8-core/16-thread, 36MB cache, up to 4.6GHz max boost) - £184.53 @ Amazon

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About this deal

About this item
  • 8 cores, 16 threads, 4.6 GHz boost clock, 65W TDP, Max Operating Temp 90°C
  • Unlocked for Overclocking: Yes
  • *OS Support: Windows 11 - 64-Bit Edition, Windows 10 - 64-Bit Edition, RHEL x86 64-Bit, Ubuntu x86 64-Bit *Operating System (OS) support will vary by manufacturer.
  • Compatible with 500 and 400 chipset Series AM4 motherboards
  • In the box (AMD Ryzen CPU, Bezel sticker, Instructions/warranty sheet, BIOS insert)
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    Forgive my ignorance, do I just need to buy a monitor if I buy this so my son can play steam games m, access the internet for school work etc?
    There's 7 components to a PC you'll need, unless you buy a CPU with integrated graphics - this option would be fine for most children.

    1. Motherboard - CPU (this 5800X is a CPU), RAM (lightning fast memory sticks), NVMe SSD (super fast storage drives), and GPU (graphics card) go onto the motherboard, the biggest electrical component of a PC.
    2. CPU - The processing chip. Either Intel or AMD and some come with a cooler which they all need. This doesn't come with a cooler so you'll need an extra purchase.
    3. GPU - Graphcis card, the most expensive component generally if it's a gaming PC.
    4. RAM - Memory Sticks, come in different brands, frequency speeds and timings, also colours. They generally come in pairs.
    5. Storage - NVMe SSD, SSD, HHD are all types from fast to slowest generally. They come in all brands and all sizes.
    6. PSU - Power supply, depending on what CPU and GPU you buy, you may only need 500W which is cheaper than say a 1000W. They come with all the cables you need to power everything. They come in many different brands but the better brands will be more reliable and come with 10 years warranty.
    7. Case - Essential, unless you want exposed electronics and wires on display. They also come in different brands, sizes, colours, RGB fans etc.

    You'll need a monitor, keyboard, and a mouse to play games - maybe a controller too, don't forget a desk and chair but cardboard boxes and a floor would work the same.

    It probably would be easier to buy a laptop because someone could only make suggestions on what to buy with a given budget, which is only useful to you if you know how to build one, or know somebody who does. Most local PC repair shops would for a small fee for like £50. I'd personally charge £100 and go to them and install Windows and set it all up.

    A prebuild is essentially a laptop without a monitor, but much bigger and generally cheaper than a laptop (not always). Try finding a chap called @sarden84 as he normally posts loads of decent prebuild deals.

    Laptops are generally overpriced, and due to the lack of airflow the components don't last as long due to overheating. This is not always true, but the cost of replacing laptops every few years or sooner usually works out more than buying a PC and replacing individual components I listed above.

    Hope it helps, good luck - and don't get swindled.

    If you want to watch somebody build a really expensive beautiful build then check this out - I bet you'll be able to guess what most of the parts are now. It is scary to build it first time, but it isn't that difficult in the grand scheme of things!
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    I'm still using an Intel I5-6600K - I'm getting the urge to upgrade the guts of the machine now. Not sure what to buy, or even if it's a good time to buy.
    Bit of a tricky one, the non-X variants of the brand new Ryzen 7000 series are very good value (particularly when efficiency is factored in, which I’m conscious of given energy prices), but the required upgrades to motherboards (AM5) and RAM (DDR5) are still prohibitively expensive IMO. Hence me biting at this, a last gen part but still a massive upgrade for me (I’m on an OG Ryzen 1600). This works with my old cheap b350 board after a BIOS flash, which is a bit nuts. AMD have confirmed ongoing support for AM4 chipsets for the foreseeable despite them technically being last gen now.
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    Building a PC for the first time but don't know whether to get this or a 5600 which can be had for £130. PC will primarily be used for gaming and I know right now most games don't benefit from additional 2 cores but I feel like I'd be able to keep the 5700x going longer than the 5600. I also plan to play cyberpunk a lot but don't know whether the additional 2 cores will be a benefit.

    Seems like the 5600X beats the 5700X in some games, couldn't explain why.

    They don't seem much different - but since both are cheap get whichever suits you best. I only play games currently, and the 5600 wasn't released when I got mine. I wanted the more efficient CPU which was the 5600X. I know it's only 10-20W different, but over a long period of time that money saved can go towards future upgrades

    Better test with a 3090, but doesn't have Cyberpunk in the list...

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    Anyone with a 3070 and 2700 upgraded to this? Tempted to upgrade to increase life my system
    If it's for gaming 5600x is more than enough albeit it's only slightly cheaper.

    Some handful of games prefer the 5800x3D though which is more money.

    Personally I'm in the group of spend as little as possible on the CPU as it makes barely any real difference when gaming. At best a few % so I went with the 5600x and I've had a 3060, 3070, 3080 and a 3080ti in the same system.

    The 3070 doesn't need a beefy CPU before it becomes the bottleneck. 5600X is also easier to cool and will help prolong the life of your system with better thermals.
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    It seems a fair few knowlegable people on here. Perhaps someone could advise... I've an aging i5-6600k, doing great but had a 2070 for a couple years and the CPU bottle necks on certain CPU intensive games especially Metro Exodus. I'm tempted to upgrade but so hard to decide which way to go --- 12600k, 13600k, or go with an AMD setup, prices are all over the place at the moment and whatever I choose it's new Motherboard time, though I'll probably stick with DDR4 for now for cost reasons.

    I suppose the biggest question is whats the best CPU to match up with an EVGA 2070?
    Could you switch out the CPU on it's own into your current build without needing a motherboard change? I'm not sure which one you have to hard for me to say.

    AMD however allow you upgrades to whatever you want on most given boards, not only that they're generally much less power hungry. Since you're not trying to beat world records whilst playing a game it is sensible to consider price to performance including power draw at the same time. I have had Intel most of my PC life which is over 20 years, and roughly 1 year with AMD. I have to recommend AMD to you here and even a 3600X would be fine for a 2070.

    My recommendation for you would be a decent mid range B550 motherboard and a Ryzen 5600.

    My reasoning would be even if you wanted to upgrade the GPU to say a 3080 then the 5600 would be fine. If you say wanted to upgrade the CPU to a 5950X or a 5800X3D in the future then the same motherboard would be fine.

    If you are too loyal to Intel, then again I would lean more towards the less power hungry ones like say a 12400F. This won't give you as much performance as a 5600/5600X would give though. If you feel you do more processing work loads then sure you can consider the 13600K which is rated highly amongst many people, but you'll need to fork out 2-3x the money on the CPU, a cooler, and it'll be pulling 2-3x the power draw - it doesn't make sense for a 2070 in my opinion (but my opinion is irrelevant to your needs).
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    Excellent price but I'm waiting for £139.99 or less
    I mean you could wait until robotic rainbow unicorns can fly as well if you want...

    I don't know why comments like this annoy me, you're free to comment whatever you like. Why would you go onto any deal, and literally make a statement to suggest it's too expensive and you're going to wait.

    Like who cares about what you're doing with your money, just be honest and admit you'll never buy this - and even if that's the case, who cares?

    Imagine if you owned your own shop, and everyone kept walking in and out yelling "I'm coming back when everything is half price!" Just stop. (edited)
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    Just buy a computer that has at least been through some sort of quality control. (edited)
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    Paid £210 for this during BF. Paired it with my 3060 Ti and 32GB DDR4 on a X570S Tomahawk Max mobo and it's been running like an absolute dream!
    98-100% GPU usage in games and 5% on the CPU.
    12K score on 3DMark Time Spy.
    The 5% comment made me laugh

    I'm sure you got 5700X and 32GB RAM for other reasons. The 5600X and my 3080 Strix work wonders for me, and I rarely see over 30% CPU load.
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    Ryzen 5600 sold directly by Amazon dropped to £119.99 but I'm too lazy to create a deal 😜 (edited)
    You got link? Can't see that
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    Gone up now
    Still available. You would have to choose the seller as Amazon.
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    This is a really good sweet spot for pcs that do content creation as well as gaming. You have to spend a fair bit more to step up any further. Heat.
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    was going get a 5 for under £100, I play RTS games on a 4K monitor with a GTX970, is it worth getting this over the 5?
    No, the 970 will 100% bottleneck any half modern CPU, so unless you have very near notions of upgrading the GTX970, then the 5600 or 5600G and save the money to put towards a newer GPU or just save it...
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    What's the difference vs 5600x?

    Friend wants a build and this could work perfectly in budget. I want to give him my old 5600x as mine can't hit 240fps on my target games. Does this give sufficient gaming improvements?

    Games I target are Tac FPS (Valorant etc) which rely heavily on single core power.
    My brother has a 5600 and a 3060 Ti and says he gets over 700 FPS in Valorant on max settings - in 1080p...

    I take it, you're not talking about 1080p?

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    This or an open box 5800X3D for £280?
    Where did you see that?
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    mmm.... if i sell my 3700x this is very tempting although its not a massive upgrade
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