Unfortunately, this deal has expired 30 November 2022.
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Posted 30 November 2022

AMD Ryzen 7 5800X Processor (8C/16T, 36MB Cache, Up to 4.7 GHz Max Boost) - £191.20 @ Amazon

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About this deal

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Update 1
Reduced from £199.04 to £191.20

Delivery at no extra cost for Prime members. Cheapest I've seen yet for those that would want it on Amazon

Also Uncharted included free

AMD Uncharted bundle Buy a qualifying Ryzen AMD product from Amazon on Amazon.co.uk and receive a redemption code for UNCHARTED™: Legacy of Thieves Collection . Offered by Amazon.co.uk (Terms and Conditions apply). See more products in this promotion

(Look for 'other sellers' on the Amazon page and you will see the deal being sold directly by Amazon)
Amazon More details at Amazon
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    Told people this would be £200! If you don’t get the uncharted bundle request a part refund from Amazon. I managed to get £44.99 back because of the lack of game code provided!
    I would actually secretly hope this happened to me because I don't care for the game which would've made it a £155 purchase instead lucky you
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    £191.20 now @Gibbs_UK
  3. Avatar
    Also Uncharted included free, gotta be worth another £10 or so to someone

    Can't sell unless someone trusts giving there steam login information to you.

    AMD has a tool that detects the 5800x is installed then you create a rewards account..then link steam to it. This adds the game to your library.
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    5800x over 5700x even though the 5700x has lower tdp?
    Only £12 difference. Better of with 5800x.
  5. Avatar
    Shows £269 for me, what am I doing wrong? Ignore, just clicked the other link and it shows as the bundle game (edited)
    other sellers Amazon
  6. Avatar
    Don't forget to add MasterCard for £10 extra off 😁
  7. Avatar
    I don't see the it available for £199.04
    it unfortunately just sold out. sorry
  8. Avatar
    Back but now £240 (edited)
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    I guess I'm building an AMD gaming PC now then.
    Just need... Everything else except a monitor, mouse and keyboard now.
    Got the previous Amazon deal for 185
    + NZXT H1 case 99 (comes with 650W PSU + AIO)
    + B550i AORUS Pro AX for 163 - not a great price
    + 3060 ti for 325 ( like new from eBay)

    Let’s see how they all fit together!
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    ordered thanks OP, was waiting for the 3D but prices are taking too long
    No problem
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    How do you get this for £191.20?
    I think it's expired now, was just about to pull the plug and it's gone.
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    No cooler with either the 5700x or 5800x?

    Edit: Cynical of them to drop to this price straight after Black Friday and Cyber Monday btw (edited)
    Nope you have to buy your own CPU cooler
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    Where are all the Intel deals..
    True I don't see them very often at all
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    uncharted bundle, what does it mean? :/
    Buy a qualifying Ryzen AMD product from Amazon on Amazon.co.uk and receive a redemption code for UNCHARTED™: Legacy of Thieves Collection . Offered by Amazon.co.uk (Terms and Conditions apply). (terms and conditions apply)
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    gone up
    48886183-XL3nT.jpgcheck other sellers on Amazon (edited)
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    Any decent motherboards for 5800x ideally under 300?
    MSI X570 Tomahawk
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    The 5800x3d and 5900x prices need to come down!!
    yes please! I said I wasn't going to buy a 5800x3d but I really didnt realise just how good it was and now I have a 5700x. if the price is right I'll probably upgrade again although I really don't need to
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    Nice deal. If I don't think 5800xd. I think I'll wait a little longer.
  19. Avatar
    Thanks OP, bitten!

    How do you get the game code?
    Glad I could help I assume they'll just email the code to you probably
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    I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, I've clicked into other sellers and still can't see it for 199.04 (although on the other sellers bit before I click it, it says 199.04 and then when I click in cheapest in 237)

    Edit: removed screenshots as they are the same as post above (edited)
    just sold out. sorry
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    Unfortunately seems to be expired now.
    yep literally just sold out
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    Now back for £191.20!
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    This is £191.20 for me under other sellers.
    You my friend are a star. Just saw this too and ordered. Thanks for the shout. What a price for this processor. Plus cex are offering £113 cash for my ryzen 5 5600x so at this price it's a no brainer. (edited)
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    Best air cooler to go with this under 50 notes?
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    Will be rerturning my 5800x still sealed on the ££225 amazon eu deal a couple of weeks back. Tempted by this but as i'm starting a new build i'm probably better going am5. It looks like the new 7600x might be a good option just to get me on the platform, at the least cost with upgrade potential down the road. (edited)
    The problem is with the price of the motherboard and ddr5 at the moment, works out much more expensive when I did the sums
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    I continue to be tempted to upgrade from my 3570k, 16gb ram, gtx1070.

    Not in a rush (waited this long ). Is it worth waiting (5800x3D, or new gen RAM & motherboards to come down) a bit longer?

    Aiming for 1440p. It'll be new everything, other than mouse, keyboard and some casefans. Have a 650w psu which may need replacing, depending on what gpu comes in.

    It seems like the end of AM4 is where the value is and would cover me for a good few years?
    DDR5 is overrated at the moment. Only would buy it if it was matched price to ddr4. Consider 12400f + good GPU
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    back on at 199! Just bought, thanks
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    Anyone else not receive the uncharted code? customer service are beyond useless, first rep couldn't do anything so transferred me to a supposed specialised department, second disconnected, third asking the same questions over and over and asking for screenshots of a now expired promotion to see the terms and conditions, 45 minutes up to now with no progress, despite providing the promotion link and order number, a monkey would give better results

    Eventually got the manager to agree to a £30 refund, which is about what it's worth, so £161 for a new 5800x, sounds good to me (edited)
    I received no code and no cpu yet either, though expect it within the next couple days. Does the code usually arrive after/with the chip?
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    Did anyone manage to get the uncharted game redemption email?
    Yeah mine came automatically, dispatched on the 3rd and code email on the 4th. Email subject “Benefit Confirmation for your Order *Order Number*” (edited)