Unfortunately, this deal has expired 30 January 2023.
Posted 29 January 2023

AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D processor (base clock: 3.4GHz, max. power clock: up to 4.5GHz, 8 cores, L3-cache 96MB, socket AM4) £334 @ Amazon Germany

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Decent price for this top gaming CPU.
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  1. toge's avatar
    At least 3 users here have had their 5800x3d stolen by Amazon employees whilst in transit when buying from Amazon Europe so please buy with caution .

    My first unit got stolen, my 2nd one was marked as delivered but never received it, got a refund eventually.

    My units where bought from amazon.fr but shipped out of Germany (edited)
    Solee's avatar
    Had some stuff stolen in the past, highly recommend if you're opening anything of value. Record yourself opening the outer box while it's sealed and check the product.

    It's a pain to have to do, but worth it if anything goes wrong.
  2. TheRaider's avatar
    Too much for a 8 core in 2023
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    The Raider bot is back with the usual face palm reply, He craps only the letters I N T E & L
  3. Hinch87's avatar
    Missed out on the Amazon FR deal, last week.. which is annoying. But managed to get in an order for one of these. Cheers OP
    Not a massive upgrade over the 5600X but with a quick resell, this should be enough for my needs for the next few years; skipping AM5 altogether.

    Btw, its ever so slightly cheaper now at £303.69. (edited)
  4. Dacra's avatar
    Tempted to sell my 5600x and get this, but doubt I'd notice the difference. Still tempted though!

    Paired with 3080ti.
    MoleUK's avatar
    You would likely see a small improvement yeah.That cache can break through some barriers.

    Unless you're playing sim games or into VR, where you would see a substantial improvement. (edited)
  5. radical's avatar
    Price dropped slightly (£303.69) (edited)
    RockstarRobbo's avatar
  6. fishleg003's avatar
    Been watching this closely doesn't seem worth it to me save yourself £150 plus £50-150 on a cooler and get a 5600x then with the £300 saved put that into GPU. Your pc will run way cooler, use less power and you probably won't even notice the difference. Struggling to see the use case for these for the average gamer. 5600 here with a 6800 GPU doesn't miss a beat and I mainly play 1440p wide-screen so I'm pushing it quite hard as well. Possibly in the future I'd pop one of these in but not sure it would ever be worth it.
    RockstarRobbo's avatar
    That's fair enough mate whatever you are happy with doing 😄
  7. Fergout's avatar
    Wonder if you get Company of Heroes 3? Probably not. Bought from Ebuyer and got that and Uncharted included with mine. On another note would this pair ok with a 4090?
    mattymofo's avatar
    I have a 5600x with a 4090 and it's incredible do this could only be even better.
  8. ScoobyZ's avatar
    Good price but will likely drop when the 7800x3D comes out.
    DrRocket's avatar
    Will probably drop again what the 9800x3D comes out. And probably again when the 11800x3D is released. It might experience a nostalgic comeback then, but rest assured, it'll drop when the 13800x3D is out.
  9. MrPieUK's avatar
    Have some vouchers stored in my UK account. Good price but need it to be UK for me (edited)
  10. delvey1987's avatar
    £335 and free delivery from scan, but you get company of heroes 3 included which has to be worth £30. HUKD don't allow scan (likely due to financial reasons )
  11. aesgan's avatar
    I got my 5600 still in box and tempted to return to get this... But finding it very hard to justify a difference from 135 gbp to 303 gbp between the two... Plus cooler
  12. RockstarRobbo's avatar
    Now £273.76 with auto applied 10 percent.
  13. ResveZ's avatar
    I was on the fence still owning a 3900X but a 10% voucher showed up on the page.
    Total with postage and import fees: €307.15, charged £269.75 on Revolut.
    RockstarRobbo's avatar
    Just updated and couldn't believe it haha. Enjoy.
  14. ShadowPuppetRapBattle's avatar
    I just ordered this one from Amazon UK for £329.42 although strangely its jumped up to £332.59 now.

  15. Fergout's avatar
    Shows as £245 for me no code. Has price changed again?
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